Inaugural Subscription Pricing ExtendedInaugural Subscription Pricing Extended


TERA’s official launch day is right around the corner and our subscription management system will go live soon! This system will allow you to set up and manage your billing and subscription plan on your En Masse account page. We’ll follow up with a news post when it’s live along with instructions on how to use it.tera gold  is our company’s principally business in our company future’s sustainable development  strategic,and our professional will finish any customer’s prdominantly via dungeons , grinding,plus pvp which will launched shortly after tera released

We’ll also be extending the availability of inaugural subscription pricing. All TERA community members who select a subscription plan by May 31 at 11:59 PM Pacific will be able to lock in discounted rates of up to 40% off the monthly subscription. Extending the deadline by a month will make sure that all of our founding players get to take advantage of rates as low as $8.95 per month. Once you select a discounted subscription plan, that monthly rate is yours to keep for as long as you keep it. 

The Jotun ProfiledThe Jotun Profiled

The latest profile of some of the other sentient races in Guild Wars 2 is now live on the official site. This time the giant-like beings called the jotun are the subject of the article.We have more than 5 years of experience and can easily pass that on to our customers.We provide the cheapest Guild Wars 2 gold all the servers and the first class service to our loyal and reliable customers. We have available stock of Guild Wars 2 gold on most of the servers, so that we can do a really instant way of delivery. We understand what our buyers need so we offer an instant way of delivery

The blog posts lays out the details on the jotun’s recent history, society and religion. In addition, the development team gives some “Behind the Scenes” information about the jotun, about their tragic history and making them more than “just the bad guys with big clubs”. For Guild Wars 2, they have been gifted more intelligence, more society and history than they were originally given in Guild Wars.

Check out the concept art:


NA Digital Editions Sell OutNA Digital Editions Sell Out

The Guild Wars 2 Facebook page has been updated with the news that all keys for the digital edition of the game in North America have been sold. According to the post, the number of keys available was limited to ensure that participants would have a smooth, lag-free experience.The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the guild wars 2 Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitive price for players to buy guild wars 2 gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions and meet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.We have sold out of keys for digital distribution in North America. GameStop and Best Buy still have stock available.

We limit sales to ensure we have enough capacity for our customers. We’re likely to have capacity available after the initial crunch at the start of the weekend. Players who purchase when we’re able to resume digital sales at will still be able to play for the remainder of the weekend.



Final Fantasy XIV : Latest Producer Letter PublishedFinal Fantasy XIV : Latest Producer Letter Published


The latest producer’s letter has been published on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone. In it, players are given the usual laundry list of things the dev team is busy working on and the approximate timeline when those changes are due to go into effect.our prestigious company will fullfill any FFXIV  gold transaction with fast delivery,any fraudulent misrepresensation or fake statement will exterminated from our company,any customer who purchase FFXIV  gold will obtain extra 5%-10% gold as the remuneration for frequently purchase

The letter also announces that the v1.20 patch will be delayed for approximately ten days due to the Dark Moogle Battle (name subject to change) taking too many resources. The team is actively seeking ways to reduce the pull on resources and a more precise date for patch deployment will be announced soon. Players are told, however, that this slight delay will not affect the deployment of patches from v1.21 on forward.



The Old Republic : Bonus Series? Or Troll Series? You Decide!The Old Republic : Bonus Series? Or Troll Series? You Decide!



We take a look at BioWare’s “bonus series” questlines and whether or not they can really be considered a “bonus” in this week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic column.


Imagine this: you’ve spent significant hours completing all the content on a particular planet, including your class story, the sidequests, the heroics, and you’ve just finished out the planet’s “world arc” and feel pretty good about the conclusion. You’ve enjoyed the planet thus far, but you’re really feeling that urge to just get off and move on at this point, especially to find out what happens in the next leg of your story. So, you head to the spaceport, satisfied with yourself and ready to go, only to be ambushed by what I can only describe is a troll of an NPC who surprises you with more (and supposedly urgent) stuff to do. The first time this happens you won’t think anything of it at first. Oh, one final quest to finish things off here, right? No big deal.Our team provide professional swtor gold, Power Leveling service and services for many other online games .It’s not wrong to choose us to buy swtor gold. we would do our best to help you enjoy your game,our company  is the professional and efficient which leading MMORPG service company. We has been engaged in online game virtual items exchange for 6 years and has gained a lot of experiences



Is There a Place for Pay to Win?Is There a Place for Pay to Win?

Revenue generation in free to play games is a critical component of a game’s overall success. But what is the best way to achieve that? Find out in The Free Zone and then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

In reality, what we have is a situation where F2P designers have to decide on another aspect of game balance. What degree of advantage will they provide through how much spending in the item shop? This is a question without a universal answer. Do they want to focus on achieving a higher percentage of paying users or on attracting whales? These two things aren’t mutually exclusive, but when we look at the bottom line, 100,000 users spending an average of $5 per month generate the same revenue as 10,000 paying $50.Doing buiness with illegal site might get your account banned. Now you can skip all these hazards and place your order from here. A ton of Safe WoW Gold is ready for you.
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diablo 3 control improvementdiablo 3 control improvement


The issue of a “force movement” key came up months ago, as fans noted the difficulty of moving around on crowded screens without accidentally clicking an enemy and stopping to

shoot, rather than running to a location. At the time Bashiok said the devs liked the idea enough to implement it, and now he’s confirmed that such a feature is in the game.

Instead, or in addition to this, I think they need an alternative to putting a skill on the LMB. (Easiest fix would be to add an optional hotkey instead of LMB.) I saw numerous

complaints about the current UI in beta first reactions threads, and many fans singled out the way D3 forces you to stick a skill on the left click as a major flaw in the

controls. Left click skills are generally fine for melee attackers, but for the WD, Wiz, and DH, who almost always have a ranged skill on their LMB, it’s a terrible control

system.our prestigious company will fullfill any diablo 3 gold transaction with fast delivery,any fraudulent misrepresensation or fake statement will exterminated from our

company,any customer who purchase D3 gold will obtain extra 5%-10% gold as the remuneration for frequently purchase

In other control news, players have long-noted that clicking repeatedly will give you faster attacks than holding down the mouse button. This has been widely-assumed to be a

bug, though it’s been fun to make jokes that a Diablo title should always reward the player for excessive clicking. Bashiok replied to a tweet about it, confirming that it’s a

bug on the fix it list 

The War Back in WarcraftThe War Back in Warcraft


Possibly the most exciting aspect of World Warcraft’s next expansion is currently overshadowed by Pandaren Monks. War is coming back to Azeroth, and in this week’s WoW Factor, we wonder how it will affect the game and whether it will be enough to draw in those who gave up on WoW long ago.

World of Warcraft may be getting old. But that doesn’t stop it from carrying the most relevance and weight in the industry, even well into its 7th year dominating the scene. It carries not only the most subscriptions, but is easily the highest selling western MMORPG of all time, and remains the most widely known game outside of our small sect of the videogame culture and fandom. So why then, as if I didn’t just state the answer, do we continue to knock it and act as though everything it has accomplished is terrible for the industry and the genre? I just can’t seem to wrap my head around this notion.




Mass Effect: The MMORPG?Mass Effect: The MMORPG? writer Bill Murphy muses about the idea of a Bioware MMO built off of one of the studio’s own unique franchises, Mass Effect.

BioWare has been a company known for its role-playing fare for nearly two decades now. There are precious few developers more revered for their ability to craft a rich and compelling game-world that players love to visit time and time again. From the Baldur’s Gate series on, BioWare has become so well known for their role-playing experiences that in recent times players have been wondering when they’re going to do something different than their usual epic tales in the choose your own adventure vein.

With the exception of their first foray into handheld gaming (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood), BioWare has made nothing but single-player console and PC role-playing experiences since 2000. The critically acclaimed MDK2 was the last time the Canadian powerhouse delved into a different genre. Surely they’ve combined several types of gameplay in some of their offerings. The recently released Mass Effect 2 is more a third-person shooter with role-playing trappings than its prequel was, playing very much like Gears of War with its heavy reliance on cover mechanics.



What if… Dark Age of Camelot 2What if… Dark Age of Camelot 2’s Garrett Fuller writes this article about the possibility of a follow-up to Mythic’s first RvR MMO, and what he would like to see included therein.

In many polls on many sites the one game that always comes up for sequel is Dark Age of Camelot. Launched in the pre-WoW era of 2001 DAOC was one of the hottest MMOs before the mainstream hit. Even though Ultima Online really set the ground work for PvP combat, Dark Age of Camelot perfected it and gave it meaning. A game that now lists in the history of MMO players, you hear it referenced many times as a “we wish” or “more like Dark Age of Camelot.” Yet somehow the industry lost touch with a game that had a solid player base, a strong PvP system, and some great ideas that never made it into the latter half of the decade. So the question remains; what if Dark Age of Camelot had a sequel?

Imagine the perfect storm, Mythic is now part of Bioware all under the umbrella of EA. In a meeting somewhere among the corporate office someone decides that DAOC should be given its due again. The game having launched in 2001 with its highest numbers in the pre-WoW era of 2002-2003, is now due for a sequel. EA approves, Bioware approves, and Mythic goes to work.