Make a Difference: Evil Chicken vs Chocatrice

As soon as this year’s Easter update was confirmed, the arguments began, Will it be the Evil Chicken or the Chocatrice who reigns supreme this Easter? The debate escalated pretty quickly and as a result, two J-Mods have bet their dignity on the outcome. Mod Sabre is a big fan of the Evil Chicken and is sure that, come the end of Easter, the Chocatrice will be the NPC with the most egg on its face. Meanwhile, Paul M strongly believes that, after years of poultry-based abuse, the Evil Chicken has it coming, and ultimately the Chocatrice will be crowned King of Easter. Who wins? You decide!

Whatever happens, one thing is sure: one of these J-mods will face the humiliating forfeit of spending a full 24hrs in Mod Sammy’s bunny suit. Fortunately, thanks to the magic of video, it won’t just be shop assistants, fellow J-mods and, inevitably, the local traffic police who get to witness this tragic sight of a grown man in a smelly 3rd hand rabbit suit – we’ll film it all for your viewing pleasure too! Voting takes place the old-fashioned way: by hunting down Easter eggs, pointing your Eggsterminator and food-processing chicks in the name of your chosen candidate. The NPC with the most support wins. On Monday April 16, we’ll do the maths and bring you the results as we check support all across RuneScape. Meanwhile, both J-Mods will be campaigning for your support and have created Campaign HQ threads to try and tempt you to their camp. Mod Sabre’s poultry effort is here, while Paul M’s steamroller of a campaign starts here!

Behind the scenes is a sneak peek at the planned game updates which we hope to launch in the coming month. This is, however, only a plan, not a promise that a particular update will be released in a particular way or at a particular time. To get you the highest quality updates as quickly as possible, we usually keep on tweaking and testing right up until the moment before release, so, sometimes, things change or take a bit longer than expected. We aren’t afraid to change our plan if necessary, as we will never launch an update before it is ready. 

Lore Corner: Reviewing Sword of Justice #1 and #2Lore Corner: Reviewing Sword of Justice #1 and #2

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a gamer, one who happens to appreciate when a developer doesn’t just treat lore as an afterthought, but rather as the back-bone of their game universe. This is one of the reasons I have long been a fan of Blizzard. They have always done a great a job of helping gamers immerse themselves in the games they play, whether its through ground breaking cinematics, artwork, novels, comics, and web fiction, or just the missions and quests that are part of the game play itself. As Blizzard has matured as a company there has been an explosion of lore pieces made available to fans of all of the Blizzard’s gaming universes, and Diablo is no exception to this.

Perhaps it’s just that I’m starving for a release date, but I find myself devouring every piece of Diablo lore I can get my hands on. Back in December I had the pleasure of reviewing the Book of Cain for D3DB. It was like a delicious lore-feast, but sadly as with any feast I eventually grew hungry again. A few weeks ago a box showed up on my doorstep from containing every Diablo novel I could find, and yet still it is not enough. Its likely that the only thing that will really satisfy the hunger is getting my hands on my very own copy of Diablo 3, because let’s be honest, the beta is just a tiny appetizer before the main course.

In yet another attempt to whet my Diablo appetite I decided to pick up issue #1 and #2 of DC Comics five part Diablo comic series, called “the Sword of Justice”. I know that Christoffski posted a brief review on Diablo #1 in November), but I figured since I was reading them both anyways why not post a review of the two of them together. I wouldn’t consider myself an avid comic book collector, in fact I haven’t owned a paper copy of a comic book since I was a teenager. But who needs paper copies when you have the internet. For a very reasonable $1.99 each I bought the first two standard 22-page issues of this series from This is on the upper range of what DC Comics typically go for on this site, but really that’s a small price to pay for the few brief minutes that you can forget that Diablo 3 remains out of reach.

Note: I will be going into some depth on story elements in these two issues. Some may interpret these as spoilers, so I recommend reading the comics prior to finishing this article if you’re adverse to those.

The first issue takes the reader from an introduction to the grand scale of the underlying conflict between the Angels of the High Heavens and the Demons of the Burning Hells, and then plunges us into the unfolding story of the protagonist, a rather unassuming lad named Jacob. After the first few pages, the reader is left with the sense that we are diving into this story mid-way through the action. Not a bad place to start I’d say. The protagonist is compelled onwards and rather hap-hazardly discovers (or is he drawn to discover it?) a mysterious angelic sword bathed in light. This of course is the Sword of Justice, the namesake of the five-issue series and the weapon of the Arch Angel Tyrael.

That’s really as far as the story advances in the first issue. The remaining pages take us back in time so that we can discover how Jacob came to be in his current predicament, an outlaw of sorts, chased by his own countrymen. We are also introduced to a decidedly different barbarian culture than what we are familiar with from our past adventures in Sanctuary. There is something rather sinister at work among the barbarians since the fall of their sacred Mount Arreat. While we aren’t given much details, it compelled me to pick up the next issue to see what else I could learn.

Issue #2 does not disappoint. In the opening pages we get a taste of what plagues the men of the north.

Even Jacobs own people, who are described as being NOT barbarians, seem to be suffering from a dreadful force of some kind, an affliction of blood. In a rather dark but intriguing scene we discover why Jacob has left his home, being forced into combat with his own father. Then, just like that we are back in the present and are introduced to a woman who seems likely to be Jacob’s constant companion throughout this unfolding story. Whether this wizard, named Shanar, truly means well for Jacob is open to debate. I certainly was left with the sense that she was not telling young Jacob everything. Regardless her introduction does serve to inform the reader of some more grandious lore behind the Diablo universe, the Crystal Arch. First discussed in the Book of Cain, this artifact of perfect beauty resides in the High Heavens and resonates with a song that not only brings Angels into being but also somehow can shape the paths of humans. Again I was highly intrigued and can’t wait to find out more.

But before we can find out more Jacob’s past catches up with him and his pursuant countrymen attack. It seems they too possess this strange affliction of blood that drives them to act like wild beasts more than civilized men. Jacob takes up the Sword of Justice to defend himself but is reluctant to kill any of his attackers and ends up being captured and forced to witness more of his countrymen’s depravity. Luckily he is rescued by Shanar and the chase continues. I particularly appreciated the blast from the past as Jacob and Shanar flee through the black marsh, stumbling upon the ruins of the Forgotten Tower (of Diablo 2 fame). In typical comic book cliff hanger fashion, the final page introduces us to a new unforeseen foe. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out more.

Aside from a decently interesting storyline both issues feature an art style that does a great job of evoking a sense of the menacing dark tones that make the Diablo franchise what it is. The angular and brusque line art of Joseph Lacroix and the very Diablo-ish color palette employed by Dave Stewart somehow stand set apart from Blizzard’s usual artistic style yet still manage to feel very Diablo. Both artists also did a fantastic job of portraying the infiltration of the sinister affliction of the Barbarians upon the men of the north, and left me wanting to know more.

If issues one and two are any indication, I think “The Sword of Justice” series will be both a highly entertaining read and also a great medium for advancing the lore of the Diablo franchise. So on both counts I applaud Blizzard and DC Comics. My only worry is that with only 3 more issues it seems like there is a lot of ground to cover to bring this story to completion. Of course who is to say that the story of Tyrael’s sword will end with this comic series? There is after all some upcoming web fiction; promised to the community in D3DB’s interview in December with Micky Neilson (a Senior Writer at Blizzard), who as it happens also had a hand in the Sword of Justice series. And of course there is always the impending release date announcement of a certain video game that is sure to be chalk full of lore goodies. I will not be surprised at all to see references to the Sword of Justice as we play through Diablo 3. But for now, we will just have to wait for another issue, left with a foreboding verse to tide us over and leave us wondering: 

Wintersday in July RewardsWintersday in July Rewards

ArenaNet, NCsoft and the Guild Wars team take part in various industry-related events over the course of every year. But aside from industry events such as E3 and various trade shows, the Guild Wars Team is also directly involved with the fans. This section will share recent news of our fan-related events, contests, and other activities.Wintersday in July Three Week Sale Begins Today 5 July 2012
Visit the NCsoft store every week to take advantage of new sale items. Learn more about the Guild Wars Wintersday in July 2012 celebration here.
  Celebrate the Dragon Festival this Weekend 28 June 2012
Summer in Cantha brings the Dragon Festival, that annual celebration of the rebirth of the Empire of the Dragon from the devastation of the Jade Wind. Travel to Cantha and join the festivities in the Shing Jea Monastery from June 28th to July 1st. You’ll find games of chance, rollerbeetle races, holiday quests and treats, and a visit from the Emperor himself!

Explore the wonders of the Dragon Festival here!

join Our Seventh Anniversary Celebration! 23 April 2012
To celebrate the seventh anniversary of Guild Wars, we’re hosting an in-game party—and you’re invited! Two weeks full of games, sugary treats, and anniversary surprises starts at noon Pacific on April 24. Check out our anniversary page for more details!

 Experience the final chapter of Winds of Change! 9 February 2012
Battle for the fate of Cantha in the final chapter of Winds of Change, a sweeping saga that features new quests, history-making battles, and Canthan costumes! Learn more at our Winds of Change page! 

alley of the Four Windsalley of the Four Winds

                In the golden and green fields of the Valley of the Four Winds, Pandaria sees to the hunger and thirst of its people. Sizeable corn and lotus crops are watered by ingenious agricultural advances and cared for by the Tillers, Pandaren farmers who feed a growing empire. Farms, ranches and marketplaces dot a land of rolling plains and vine-covered boughs.
                It is here that Brewmaster Chen Stormstout arrives after a life spent traveling, first on the Wandering Isle and then throughout Kalimdor. Alongside Alliance and Horde explorers, he’ll discover the ancestral home of the Stormstout for the first time, and strive to live up to his family’s name and legacy of peerless brewing. But not all is idyllic within the Valley. The ravenous appetites of long-toothed Virmen and simian Hozen endanger crops and farmers alike…and threaten the entire continent with starvation. If you can stop these animalistic pillagers, you’ll be able to grab a plow and a shovel and cultivate Pandaria’s fallow farmlands once again. Meanwhile, as farmers worry over their harvests and the hunger in their bellies, the great wall built to keep the violent Mantid race out of the Valley begins to show its first cracks… 

Mists of Pandaria Launches September 25, 2012 – Pre-Sales NOW OPEN Mists of Pandaria Launches September 25, 2012 – Pre-Sales NOW OPEN


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Diablo 3’s Player Count Dives By 65% According To Gametrics

There have been rumors that Diablo III’s headcount has been shrinking…that in-game players are slowly and surely dropping out of the game and not coming back. First, forum goers reported that public game counts seemed to be dwindling and that it was harder and harder to find a public game to join. Fans brushed it off. After the forum rumors there were reports about Diablo III’s player base diving based on a snapshot from Xfire, but most gamers didn’t take the stats seriously since it was Xfire. After that, Xfire released official chart data based on rough data sampling and comparison statistics clearly showing that the player base was indeed dropping off rapidly. Fanatics continued to brush it off.

After forum goers raised suspicions about dwindling player numbers and Xfire released stats showing a decrease in player usage, a third source has jumped into the picture affirming that the player base is indeed dropping off fast. Korea Times is reporting that research firm Gametrics has seen a massive drop-off from Diablo III’s player base, with the game only occupying 13.39% of the usage at internet cafes, effectively moving Blizzard’s game in third place behind Riot Games’ League of Legends and NCSoft’s Blade & Soul.

While 13.39% is still a very formidable number that many publishers wish they had, take into consideration that Gametrics originally recorded a massive 39.41% usage rate at internet cafes on May 24th, a week after the launch of Diablo III, which occurred on May 15th, according to This Is Game. The declivity of game usage and drop-off rate are almost identical to Xfire’s stats. Kim Min-kyu, a cultural content professor atAjouUniversityshared his views on the game’s descent from the mountaintop after seeing the numerical decline, saying…“Diablo3’s place is shaky,” …. “It is hard to believe that it was made by the people who created World of Warcraft and the StarCraft series. The poor content is really unexpected.” Simply put, both Gametrics and Xfire are both reporting close to a 65% drop-off rate of the player base from Diablo III. 

Active skills can also be upgraded with extra effects

Most of these features are improvements, though some pose strict barriers on gameplay and technical issues unfortunately keep it off the pedestal of perfection. You could build a single-player Witch Doctor with a focus on summoning pets to pull aggro, rapid Mana generation, and life leaching skills, while at the same time playing a second Witch Doctor more suited for multiplayer, performing bolstering rituals on allies and hexes on enemies, making them easier to pick off by your team. This, however, only becomes a luxury after gaining dozens of levels and unlocking all the skills, which until then is a frustratingly linear progression. There are both active and passive skills, which are unlocked at the appropriate levels.

There is no choice in which skill you choose; it’s one specific power per level. You are only allowed to slot a certain number of skills, and the slots themselves only unlock after reaching a specific level. But once everything is finally open and available, customizing and finding the perfect loadout requires a welcome bit of strategy and experimentation. Active skills can also be upgraded with extra effects by attaching runes to them, allowing even more options to personalize your character. And the runes don’t just add statistical bonuses, they also affect the visuals of the powers, making for some dramatic onscreen animations.

Equipping your character will feel familiar to anyone recently coming off of Diablo II or any other grid-based inventory game, but Diablo III adds some MMO-like features to the formula. The potency of each piece is labeled with a specific color, and equipment sets can be sought after for extra bonuses when worn together. You can build your pool of money to buy new pieces in town, or even go into the persistent Auction House and purchase equipment from other players using in-game currency or real money. The House itself is a point of contention, with a very vocal opposition, but it is completely optional and functions outside the campaign so it can be avoid altogether if you so desire. It’s well-laid-out, and finding specific items is simple, as well as keeping track of bids and sold items. The real-money auction was not live at the time of this review, so I unfortunately could not critique it. 

Cataclysm is live and many players are coming back to the game

It’s an exciting new future ahead! Stay tuned for lots of more Wow Cataclysm Archaeology news in the coming weeks! We can only imagine the different possibilities which each Path of Titans will open for players of Warcraft, and each class and race will be able to analyze and choose their own story related to their strengths, racial and desires. With more players and hiking tours, and tackled a difficult one to conquer the peak, to wow gold the famous attractions took a photograph. Besides face to face purchasing, we also provide you the online shopping and ordering in advance.

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Worgen mostly related to appearance and animalistic tendencies


As we mentioned earlier, the attacking faction is having a pretty tough time winning control of Tol Barad — and we’re OK with that, at least in theory. However, once finally implemented in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta, it became clear that it was a shadow of its former intended functionality. It is Blizzard’s plan that there will be fewer and fewer ‘clone’ builds between the same class in WoW Cataclysm, and more and more individuality and expressionism. Mana has been removed from hunters in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. We are glad to hear from you. Worgen racials will mostly be related to their appearance and animalistic tendencies.

 Each of the paths has an interesting name, which I will list here simply for information’s sake. And holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers. Earlier, we attempted to temporarily address the issue by offering a far better reward to the winning attackers: Honor Points awarded for successfully attacking were increased tenfold, but that was such a great incentive that it ultimately undermined the spirit of competition. The Blizzard has basically given everyone a new game, and most that I talk to just want the new race wow gold.    Perhaps. Anyway, keep it here for more WoW Cataclysm info and news!

 This lore has been fleshed out by in game vignettes, history written online on the Blizzard site and also in literature published by Vivendi, Blizzard’s parent company. Since then we’ve devised mechanics that help ensure equal team sizes, and we’ve taken Wintergrasp’s lessons to heart when we designed Tol Barad. You can also choose to socket all Str, Agi, Stam, or Int gems. Info has reported some very big changes about wow cataclysm stats changes in the new World of Warcraft expansion.  Serenity has a lot of uses since its instant cast, mana efficient, and quite strong. We want encounters to be fun, and for most players, that includes both rewards and risks. If you want to get sufficient wow gold, you’d better make yourself familiar with all the items you want to buy and resell. if you have any questions about the different professions or skills in Cataclysm then get in touch with us right now and we’ll try to answer them. 

WoW Cataclysm, Hunters and rogues hold their breath

In the latest changes, they altered the stats on the Acorn of the Daughter Tree Enjoy your stay at this website and contribute to the forum if you have time! There will be big changes surrounding the talents of pets, especially those which affect their abilities etc. Provided it isn’t midnight and you are not geared up in ICC Raid loot, it can be worth taking a few minutes to go hit up the Auction House and see if there are any level 80 “green” equipment upgrades for your character that you can buy. It is Blizzard’s plan that there will be fewer and fewer ‘clone’ builds between the same class in WoW Cataclysm, and more and more individuality wow gold and expressionism.

WoW Cataclysm stat – Attack power removed – Hunters and rogues hold their breath as AP has also been removed from all items, replaced by its relative, agility. Agility in WoW Cataclysm will once again be the King of stats for melee classes, so look forward to lots of fights between classes in future. oblins are well known for their racial ability, making money. They are also famous for wow gold – in the same way as gnomes they own their own branch of World of Warcraft engineering (Goblin Engineering) and have some of the most amazing inventions in the game. After the recent release of the novel ‘Rise of the Lich King’, Brack points out that the story and lore in that book closely follows that of the upcoming game, and it is likely that this pattern will continue in the future.

We were lucky enough to be able to beta test the original World of Warcraft and the structure was strict – we provided feedback on a monthly or weekly basis to the developers who tweaked the game several times before wiping all of the characters from all of the servers and starting again. It’s also incredibly hard to pick up quickly, for wow gold, most especially when I’m playing melee and I’m in the thick of things, I make far worse positioning calls than I do on my warlock. Surely hardcore gamers will leave because they will burn out, never to return? Not so, says Brack. Cheap wow gold is provide on our website.