Guild Wars 2 : Phase 4 Details RevealedGuild Wars 2 : Phase 4 Details Revealed

The ArenaNet blog has been updated with the news that Phase 4 of the Mad King Halloween event will kick off today and the times/details are now live on the site.
Once Phase 4 starts, the Ascent to Madness dungeon will no longer be available – but you will still be able to enter the Mad King’s realm, including the Labyrinth, the Clocktower, Reaper’s Rumble and Lunatic Inquisition.

Also make sure that you will “Attend the Party” in Lion’s Arch once Phase 4 starts, and do not worry: It is a non-stop party, so swing by any time you want!

Grab all the details on the Guild Wars 2 site.






Masters of mechanical mayhem, engineers love to tinker with explosives, elixirs, and all manner of hazardous gadgets. They can take control of an area by placing turrets, support their allies with alchemic weaponry, or lay waste to foes with a wide array of mines, bombs, and grenades.

Engineers are walking arsenals that carry everything they need to dominate the battlefield. They can enhance their offensive and defensive power with special kits and turrets.

When engineers activate weapon kits, they equip themselves with specialized weapons that can turn the tide of battle. For example, a flamethrower kit provides engineers with a range of fiery attacks and skills.


When engineers equip these special utility kits, they don a backpack that replaces their current weapon skills with a set of more specialized skills. For example, a bomb kit allows engineers to deploy bombs with a variety of effects ranging from smoke to concussion and fire.

Engineers can also deploy turrets, immobile devices that help defend and control an area. For example, engineers can plant thumper turrets to cause damage to all foes in the area, or a healing turret that regenerates the health of nearby allies. Engineers can pack up and move turrets at will, and only one of each type can exist at a time


Autumn Wind to Bring Big ChangesAutumn Wind to Bring Big Changes

Allods Online will be updating soon with the Autumn Wind content upgrade. The patch will bring some big changes to the game including an overhauled user interface, a revamp of the Xadaganian female and additions to crafting and the popular skirmish system.

A large list of improvements storms into Allods Online this month with a variety of user interface changes. Summon Astral ships instantly when entering the hanger, sort the Deposit Box at the click of a button with newly implemented sorting options, and gain instant access to abilities with the combined and re-ordered Action Bar. Quest Icons have also been introduced, letting users know which quests are repeatable, important, optional, or dungeon based.  Plus support classes will find monitoring their party’s buffs and debuffs much easier with the new UI order, ranking each by duration and importance.



Oversoul: New PvP Battle Card MMO AnnouncedOversoul: New PvP Battle Card MMO Announced


Indie developer, Artix Entertainment has announced that its new ‘battle card’ MMO, Oversoul, will commence a public beta phase beginning October 31st.

Oversoul is an all new PVP MMORPG with unique gameplay that uses a system of battlecards to battle against opponents. The battles are strategic, so players won’t be able to use just any card against any opponent. Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses and it’s up to the players to find out what they are and use their battlecards effectively to win the fight. Players who successfully win against one opponent will find that the same strategy will often fail against other opponents.


Closed Beta Registrations BeginClosed Beta Registrations Begin

Gazillion Entertainment has announced that closed beta registrations are now being accepted for the just-started testing cycle for Marvel Heroes. Stephen Reid has also published an FAQ for potential testers about what they can expect for the selection process.

Notice I did say ‘testing’ and not ‘play a demo’ or ‘play the game early’. When we say ‘Closed Beta’ it means that you’re testing unfinished software. Marvel Heroes is still in active development, and everyone who applies for Closed Beta should realize, quite simply, that it’s not done. We hope you’ll enjoy playing, but we also hope you’ll help us make the game even better with great constructive feedback and dedicated testing. Taking part in a Closed Beta can sometimes be more like work than play – but it’s a unique chance to see a game taking shape, and to get an insight into development.

We still know many of you are excited to get into Closed Beta and help us test. We just need a little more information from you to make that happen. Let’s break down the next few steps.


Guild Wars 2 : A Treat, or a Trick?Guild Wars 2 : A Treat, or a Trick?


Now that Halloween is near upon us, ArenaNet has pulled out all the tricks and treats for players in Guild Wars 2. We’ve got a nifty preview and a few thoughts to share about the Mad King. See what you think and then leave your ideas in the comments.
The first thing a player would always notice in the original game would be the decorations.  It was always fun to see ghosts and candy corn monsters running around town, causing all sorts of mischief.  Pumpkins, candles, cauldrons and other decorations would litter a town, giving you the Halloween feel.  Guild Wars 2 does the same thing, but really sells it.  Candles float, Quagans run around in costumes, bats hand upside down watching as you walk beneath them.  The best part is the change to the mystic forge, switching it to look like a giant cauldron. The effect is just what the event needs to tie the visuals together.

Read more of David North’s Guild Wars 2: A Treat, or a Trick?



Closed Beta 4 Cuts the MustardClosed Beta 4 Cuts the Mustard

The final closed beta event for Petroglyph’s End of Nations is here. The staff over at has been toiling around inside its many game modes, and they’ve got their staff’s first impressions to share. Check it out at

The first thing that impressed me about End of Nations was not the friendly UI, or integrated videos to teach me, nor even the ease of getting straight into the action. It was the menu. Yep, the menu threw me back to the days when I played Defcon, a game over nuclear war and consisted of a map of the world in the style of some 80’s console. The main menu in EON offers the blue glow of the world with lit up areas of events and a dashboard seamlessly melding in at the top. I wonder what this says about me when I get excited over something so trivial.


Mabar’s Endless Night ScreensMabar’s Endless Night Screens



Turbine has released eleven new screenshots from the Dungeons and Dragons Online Halloween event, Mabar’s Endless Night. You can check out all the ghosts and ghouls in our Dungeons & Dragons Online screenshot gallery.


An increase of Mabar magic has seeped through the depths of Delera’s Graveyard. Mix the enhanced magic with the Mabar Plane and the result is GIANT! The undead are now bigger than ever!


Put them to rest (again) and you earn the chance to receive coveted ritual items such as a Chipped Skull, Burn-out-Black Opal and more. Turn in ritual items for ghastly prizes from the Night-Trader, as you move one step closer to unlocking the second half of this ghoulish event – The Summoning Chamber!


Halloween Event DetailedHalloween Event Detailed

ArenaNet has updated the official Guild Wars 2 site with a new post called “The Shadow of the Mad King”. The post details Halloween thrills and chills in Tyria. There will be new items for sale in the Black Lion Trading post, festive decor around the game world, special PvP events, new mini-dungeons and bosses and much more.

Halloween has a long history in Tyria, and in times past was always marked by the spirit of Mad King Thorn cavorting among the people unleashing his own brand of insanity. However, it’s been over 250 years since he was last seen, and for most people he is merely a figure of folklore. Despite this, rumors persist among the populace that something wicked this way comes.



The Comprehensive PreviewThe Comprehensive Preview

Elder Scrolls Online. Those three words do some strange things to the gaming populace. They both titillate our dreams of an online Tamriel, and fill us with trepidation on what could go wrong with such a venture.  When the game was unveiled and previewed at E3 2012, many worried that it wouldn’t live up to the Elder Scrolls name it carries. Well it just so happens that we were invited to the Maryland offices of Zenimax Online Studios to learn about the current status of the game’s development, it’s plans for the future, and more importantly? We played the thing… for three freakin’ hours straight. Three glorious hours that flew by in what seemed minutes. When the devs told us we could get lunch? We stayed put. When they told us the building was on fire? We didn’t flinch. [READ: The building did not actually catch fire.]

Elder Scrolls Online is still in pre-alpha stages, but what we played for hours was enough to make one thing certain: it’s more than worthy of the Elder Scrolls name.