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Player Armour, Gnomes and Clan Fealty
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This official news post is copyrighted by Jagex. It is a direct quote from the RuneScape website.
This update was added on 6 March 2012.

Armour Graphical Update

Our biggest equipment update yet is here! As previewed at RuneFest 2011 , and building on the improvements already seen in the Barrows update and the Troll Warzone, we’re proud to present our latest batch of graphical improvements to armour and shields. Taking into account your feedback from Runefest and the forums, everything from adamant to Zuriel’s has been spruced up to look distinct (take a look at an addy platebody next to a rune platebody), full of character and just plain amazing. Read on for full details of the gear we’ve revamped:

Neitzhelm thumb
Dhide art thumb

White armour, including initiate and proselyte.
Black armour, including elite, trimmed, gold-trimmed and heraldic.
Mithril armour.
Adamant armour, including trimmed, gold-trimmed and heraldic.
Rune armour, including trimmed, gold-trimmed, heraldic, gilded and all god-specific variants.
Dragon armour, including trimmed, ornate and corrupt.
Torva armour.
Bandos armour.
Barbarian Assault fighter’s torso.
Warrior, Berserker and Neitiznot helms.
Varrock armour, all tiers.


Studded leather.
Dragonhide: green, blue, red and black, and all blessed variants.
Armadyl armour.
Robin Hood hat.
Ava’s equipment.

Zuriel thumb

Mystic robes, including light and dark variants.
Enchanted robes.
Infinity robes, including all elemental variants.
Zuriel’s equipment.

General Use/Non-specific:

Void Knight’s gear, including style-specific headgear and elite variants.
Slayer Helmet, including full variant.

We’ve made each set look more imposing as the level requirements rise, and we’ve gone out of our way to make many of the rarer variants stand out. What are you waiting for? Go and check out your bank!

Gnome on the Range
Gnometree thumb

Gnome-related content is also given a fresh coat of creosote today, with a complete rework of gnome NPC models, chatheads and environments. Curved, stylised wooden architecture now pervades the Gnome Stronghold; lush, verdant topiary marks the borders of the Tree Gnome Village; and the top level of the Grand Tree really is a sight to behold, with some amazing lighting effects and a tremendous view. Each gnomish chathead and NPC model has been given a new level of detail too, so make sure to book in some face-time with these diminutive denizens of the forest.

Of course, this is all part of our ongoing efforts to overhaul the game’s look – be sure to continue giving us your feedback on RuneScape’s visuals on the forums. 

Spin and Win on the Squeal of Fortune!

Feeling lucky? We’re proud to present the Squeal of Fortune: a game of chance available to free players once daily, and members twice per day. There are some fantastic prizes on offer: some exclusive; some powerful; and some…well…nutritious, at least. Everyone’s a winner, and it’s quick and easy to play every day!
Gobhat thumb

As soon as you log in, you’ll be greeted by Yelps, the host of Squeal of Fortune. Interact with him to start things spinning, and then hit the big, red button see what you’ve won.

Each time you play, you’ll see a selection of items to win, randomly chosen from Yelps’s huge stash of loot. There’ll always be a grand prize, such as a godsword, some dragon equipment, a hefty XP lamp or an eye-watering number of GP, so there’s a chance to win big every time.

There’s also a range of exclusive items that can only be obtained through Squeal of Fortune, including a goblin hat, demonic horns and some amazing head tattoos.
There are many practical prizes on offer to help you on your adventures too, including gems, coins, arrows and magic runes. Even if you don’t get that shiny swag you had your eye on, there’ll always be tomorrow – and you can never have too many cabbages.

Good luck, and have fun!

Further Details

To play, log into the game, and click the interface icon that appears on-screen. You can drag this anywhere on the screen, and it will appear in that position whenever you log in. The button will disappear for the day once you used your available spins.
Members can spin twice per day, and free players once. This resets at midnight, GMT/BST.
Please note that many of the more illustrious items to be won in Squeal of Fortune are non-tradable.
Take a look at our forum FAQ if you have further questions. 

Dominion Tower Boss – Sunfreet

One of the highlights of Runefest 2011 was the A Character Is Born insider session, where our intrepid artists collaborated with a hall full of RuneScape fans to create a new monster, the Sunfreet, to be featured in the Dominion Tower.
The beast has now manifested within the tower, and can be faced in Special Mode. This flying monstrosity rains fire from above before closing for the kill with teeth, claws and its lethal tail; at combat level 530, the Sunfreet is sure to test the toughest of you. There’s also an easier encounter, featuring a level 80 Sunfreet. This fight is an opportunity for everyone, even those without the skills or completed quests usually required, to try some hands-on Dominion Tower action.

Those defeating the high-level Sunfreet will have the achievement recorded on their dominion marker, and the marker will change visually to commemorate the victory. While there are no rewards for defeating the easier version, it’s a great way for lower levelled players to see what’s in store once they meet the requirements.

Since the Dominion Tower has launched, we’ve received a wealth of feedback from you on how to improve the content. Accordingly, we’ve made the following changes:

You can now carry multiple sets of goliath, swift and spellcaster gloves. No more trekking back to the tower halfway through a Slayer task! The gloves also last longer before they degrade.
Where a fight requires access to the standard spellbook for elemental spells, such as the dagannoth mothers, your spellbook will automatically switch to the standard book when the fight begins. It will switch back afterwards.
Power-up items can now be exchanged for XP books. Have a surplus of scorpion meat or a proliferation of potions? Simply click the ‘exchange’ option on your reward chest to convert any unwanted consumables therein to tomes of XP.
Better and more varied spectator angles are available. There are now more ways to view the action, and the camera will track the combatant by default.
Adamant arrows and bolts will no longer appear as rewards, meaning better loot, more often.
It’s now possible to skip taunt and victory cutscenes, so you can get right into the action or straight on to your next match.
We’ve upped the conversion rate of dominion factor-to-XP to a level that we feel is competitive. We’ll be keeping an eye on this in the near future and tweaking if necessary, but we hope the extra XP will be icing on the cake of the awesome combat and rewards available in the tower.
We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to join the discussion on the forums. 

RuneScape Interview

Consisting of humble but sturdy gray stone buildings Lumbridge is a quiet community ruled by Duke Horatio from an impressive castle that has protected it for generations. Located on the River Lum, its economy is primarily based on agriculture. Just to the north, many citizens work their farms to produce grain, which the town’s windmill grinds into flour for much of the nearby environs. Farther in that direction is Varrock, the capital of Misthalin, where King Roald resides. Heading west leads to Draynor village. A gloomy swamp lies southward, its twisted mangrove trees adding to the overall dreariness. Those who choose to travel east will find a tollgate to a major desert settlement, Al Kharid. Before departing at all, however, it’s worth your while to look around. You’ll probably want to obtain some training, and perhaps a decent weapon too.

Jagex’ RuneScape, takes place within the fantasy-themed world of Gielinor, where Lumbridge is the first town new arrivals see. Despite very little exposure in game publications, the java-based massively multiplayer title has attained truly exceptional popularity; with about a million paying accounts, it’s usually ranked second among subscription offerings. Actually, the user base is much larger since another five million are said to be active at least every couple of weeks on a free to play basis. We’ve been watching the project for a fair number of years, since not long after beta began in 2001. So, when the company became more receptive to interviews after the release of a High Detail version this summer, we were quick to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about this intriguing endeavor by putting a set of questions to the team. 

GameCity Announces Jagex Director Commentary

Nottingham, UK. GameCity and the National Videogame Archive are proud to announce Runescape : The Director Commentary – taking place at GameCity Squared.

Jagex will be making a rare public appearance to give a privileged, unique insight into both the Jagex history and culture – and the development of one of the most successful MMO’s of all time.

Christoph Vietzke, Head of RuneScape said, “I am looking forward to being a part of GameCity in Nottingham and talking about how we manage to keep our MMO, RuneScape, as successful as it is. As a company that concentrates on making great games rather than advertising campaigns, Jagex stands as example that there is room in the games industry for independent developers. I hope that some of our experiences can help other independent developers to be successful and that’s why I happily accepted the invitation to this great event.”

The event follows the success of Goldeneye : The Director Commentary, held at GameCity Three, and builds on the festival’s reputation for delivering exclusive and accessible videogame culture events.

“For a developer of the calibre of Jagex to be taking the time to explore their work with the GameCity audience and the National Videogame Archive is both an index of how far games have travelled as a cultural medium, and the impact that the festival is having. We’re incredibly excited that Jagex have chosen to share their insights and inner workings with the GameCity audience”, said festival Director Iain Simons.

About GameCity
GameCity is the UK’s best-loved gaming event, attracting international speakers like Alexei Pajitnov, creator of Tetris and Keita Takahashi, the man behind the Katamari Damacy phenomenon, as well as exclusive game premieres, debates in Indian restaurants and amazing music events. A five-day festival which takes gaming out into the streets, shops and cinemas of Nottingham, it’s about finding out what a videogame festival could be.

About Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Trent University is lead partner and supporter of Nottingham’s annual GameCity festival. Its Centre for Contemporary Play brings together inter-disciplinary projects and expertise from across the university, encouraging knowledge transfer and partnerships with the gaming industry.

About the National Videogame Archive
The NVA has been created in a bid to preserve the history of a global industry now worth an estimated £22bn. Formed by academics at Nottingham Trent University and working in partnership with the National Media Museum in Bradford, the archive will recognise the significant contributions made by videogames to the diversity of popular culture across the globe.

The new archive will be housed at the National Media Museum and will be managed, steered and researched in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University’s Centre for Contemporary Play. The Centre draws on academic strengths across a range of disciplines, including psychology, cultural studies, art and design and computer science. In addition to hardware and code, it will encompass the wider cultural phenomenon of videogames by documenting advertising campaigns, magazine reviews, artwork and the communities that sustain them – the overall aim being to collect, celebrate and preserve this vital cultural form for future generations.

The Centre for Contemporary Play, Nottingham Trent University
The Centre brings together inter-disciplinary projects from across Nottingham Trent University with an interest in gaming – encouraging knowledge transfer between the university and the gaming industry. The Centre for Contemporary Play is responsible for the running of the annual GameCity festival.

National Media Museum, Bradford
The National Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire opened as the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in 1983 and has since become one of the most visited UK museums outside London. The museum houses permanent galleries, temporary exhibition spaces and three cinema theatres including IMAX. The National Media Museum is part of the National Museums of Science and Industry (NMSI) family. 

Going Mobile

Kids these days with their iBerries and Google Mandroids, they’ve got it easy. Back in the day, if you wanted to log into an MMO, you had to dial-up the internet. That’s right, you had to manually call an internet and ask it to come to your house so that you could check your newsgroups. You certainly didn’t have an internet in a “sell-phone”. But now that they are mass-producing tiny, portable internets, you can watch a funny cat video from anywhere! But portable internets aren’t just for sharing the latest “you might be a redneck if” jokes, no sir.
The potential for interconnectivity between mobile devices and persistent-world games opens up a world of options. From simply showing off your pimped out character to your friends, to placing, monitoring and bidding on in-game auctions and chatting with online friends, you can fill the last few untainted crevices of your life with MMO goo. World of Warcraft already has an armory application for the iPhone, but it lacks any in-game interaction. Our wild prediction is that it will eventually be possible to rout in-game messages, mail, guild and personal alerts, and other information directly to your phone number, at least until 2017 when Apple develops the iMplant – the world’s first brainular phone.

As for mobile MMOs themselves, expect to see a greater emphasis on GPS-functions, the likely addition of voice chat, and an attempted increase in sophistication which will fail miserably, as playing a game that requires prolonged attention — and a stable internet connection — on a mobile device still won’t be pleasant.

Yes, the next ten years will hold a lot of exciting things for the three percent of us who survive the mole-man uprising. Social interaction is going to become a staple of many games whether you like it or not, and for those who don’t, there’s always solitaire. 

Dagannoth Kings

The Dagannoth Kings are some of the most dangerous monsters in Runescape, due to the multi-combat nature of their lair. You will be under constant attack at all times, and even the most experienced players can die in seconds. You should never attempt to fight the kings with items you are not willing to risk losing.
Waterbirth Island is the place where Fremennik warriors go to fight the infestation of dagannoth that threatens their city and harbour. While the island itself is interesting for various reasons, this guide focuses on the three bosses located in the island depths. For more information on Waterbirth Island, check out our Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

The island has many monsters that can be extremely dangerous, including Dagannoth, Giant rock crabs, Rock lobsters, and Wallasalki.

The Dagannoth Kings are three bosses, each using a specific style from the combat triangle, and provide one of the most consistent ways of making money in the game. Rex attacks with melee, Supreme attacks with ranged, and Prime attacks with magic. While dangerous, the profit is well worth the risk.

The lair is a round piece of land surrounded by a monster-filled moat. The kings only wander in specific areas of the islet, so it is possible to avoid attacks by certain kings for the most part, provided you step carefully, but you’ll eventually be spotted. If they spot you, all Kings can follow you to any part of the islet, where they won’t stop attacking you until you kill them, leave, or die.

The Dagannoth Kings count towards a Dagannoth slayer assignment. A Full slayer helmet or Slayer helmet can be used in any of the following set-ups to get the usual slayer task boosts.
Waterbirth Island hosts a pleasant combination of low-level and high-level boss hunting. The simplest way to kill the Dagannoth Kings is killing only one king and avoiding the others. Of all kings, Rex is the easiest to kill without taking a lot of damage. Killing only Prime or Supreme is not viably worth it and also quite hard to do as their spawns are quite close, potentially getting you attacked by up to all 3 kings at once.
This gear emphasizes magic damage and defence. With Rex being both weak to magic, and immune to range and melee damage, you want to focus on magic defence from the Spinolyp attacks, and magic attack to kill Rex off as quickly as possible. You will have to wait between Rex spawns. It is recommended that you take a partner to get Supreme and perhaps Prime off you at least for the first kill, because there is only a small chance of getting into the lair without getting one or both aggressive towards you. After that you can solo or share the room with a hybrid.

Which spell you choose should depend on what you want more: magic experience or money. The Polypore staff is usually the cheapest spell as a whole to usewhile if you want experience more, use Storm of Armadyl with an Armadyl battlestaff. If you use a polypore staff you can be on any spellbook, allowing you to use blood barrage from the ancient spellbook, for healing, or Waterbirth teleport from the Lunar spellbook, for quick banking. Rex has a weakness to fire spells too, so using your best fire spell (fire surge or bloodfire barrage) is extremely effective.

The suicider is a partner whose only job is to provide the mage with a safe entrance to the King’s Lair. Their job consists entirely of entering the lair, killing Supreme as fast as possible, then killing Prime if he gets on the mage, and then teleporting out. To do this easily it’s suggested to bring the following:

Some armour focusing on offence (see Prime and Supreme hybrid gear below).
A powerful melee and ranged weapon (such as an Upgraded Balmung and a Crystal bow
A prayer potion.
One dose each of super/extreme attack, strength and ranged potion.
Teleport to house tablet.
Some Rocktail.
Overall this is a very easy thing to do and you shouldn’t worry too much about what you bring provided you have enough food. 

Chaos Dwarf Battlefield Guide

The Chaos Dwarf Battlefield is an underground cavern filled with menacing Red Axe Chaos Dwarves in perpetual battle with Keldagrim’s Black Guard. Players can choose a side amongst the confusion and join in on the fight, with potential for great rewards! You must have completed the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest to access this area.
The chaos dwarves occupy the western half of the battlefield, continually attacking the persistent and determined Black Guard troops. They have superior weaponry and numbers, making them a fearsome enemy you do not want to engage unprepared. There are multiple methods of attacking the chaos dwarf monsters, one which exploits their varying aggression behaviours, and another that focuses on killing as many monsters as fast as possible. Before these are explained, it is important to note that upon entering the battlefield, no monsters are aggressive towards you, as you have not shown favor towards a particular side. Once you attack a dwarf, that dwarf’s entire army will become aggressive to you. This applies to both the Black Guard and chaos dwarf forces. The critical exception, however, is that the chaos dwogres may be attacked without arousing the suspicion of the rest of their army. The melee praying method takes advantage of this. The blood barrage method attempts to deal sufficient damage to keep your character’s life points at a safe level while he or she takes on the full force of the chaos dwarf army.

To summarize, here are the fundamental rules to remember about fighting here:

Attacking a dwogre will cause only the dwogre to target you.
Attacking a chaos hand cannoneer or chaos dwarf will turn the entire chaos army aggressive for about fifteen minutes.
Attacking any Black Guard member will turn their entire army aggressive for about fifteen minutes.
If at any point you would like to reset your aggression status, you should leave the battlefield, log out, and log back in.
One should be familiar with the attack styles of the chaos dwarves. The dwogres use a mage-based melee attack when fighting close, and a magical attack when they are unable to reach their target. The hand cannoneers use a ranged attack, but will switch to a less damaging melee attack if you are praying against it. The lower level chaos dwarf soldiers will always use a weak and comparatively trivial melee attack. If you plan on attacking any monsters other than dwogres, you need to be able to withstand all three styles of attack.
he tactics for dwogre slaying are relatively simple. Once you enter the battlefield from Keldagrim, run all the way to the west side and attack a dwogre of your choice. To stay safe, you should follow some key guidelines. You should right click every time you plan to attack a dwogre, or do any left click action. Slightly inaccurate left clicking can sometimes cause your character to unintentionally attack a dwarf, which can lead to a quick death from multiple hand cannon shots.he tactics for dwogre slaying are relatively simple. Once you enter the battlefield from Keldagrim, run all the way to the west side and attack a dwogre of your choice. To stay safe, you should follow some key guidelines. You should right click every time you plan to attack a dwogre, or do any left click action. Slightly inaccurate left clicking can sometimes cause your character to unintentionally attack a dwarf, which can lead to a quick death from multiple hand cannon shots. 

Bandos’ Stronghold

General Graardor resides in Bandos’ Stronghold in the God Wars Dungeon, along with his bodyguards, who represent the three points of the combat triangle: Sergeant Steelwill (magic), Sergeant Grimspike (ranged) and Sergeant Strongstack (melee). You need to bash on the door of the Stronghold with a hammer to enter it (requires 70 strength). To enter the room containing General Graardor and his bodyguards, you must first kill 40 of his followers, who are found in Bandos’ Stronghold and in the central area of the God Wars Dungeon. The best spot for killcount is outside the Stronghold, near the ice bridge to Zamorak’s Fortress, on goblins and hobgoblins (red square). For this spot you will need to bring a Zamorak item to protect yourself from Zamorak’s followers’ aggression. A Zamorak arrow is most convenient. The other spot is on hobgoblins, outside the Stronghold, but just south of the Bandos boss room (yellow square). You do not need an item for this spot.
To protect yourself from Bandos’ soldiers’ aggression, you must wear a Bandos item, any of the unique items dropped by Nex or take a bath in the Bandos pool at Oo’glog. The latter is recommended if you can’t use Bandos chestplate, tassets or Torva items when they are listed in the set-ups below. The pool will protect you for one hour.

All set-ups in this guide are approximates and you should adjust them to suit your needs, especially the amount of potions you bring.
Warriors are the damage-oriented companions to a single tank. Their job is to kill Graardor as quickly as possible while the tank draws Graardor’s melee attacks away from them. Because Graardor’s ranged attack is the most dangerous to them, warriors pray protect from ranged.
Strategy – Warrior
At all times, when Graardor is alive: Pray protect from/deflect ranged and piety/turmoil.

As warrior, your main function is damaging the General. Part of this job is dealing more damage than any competition you might face. To make sure you get a kill, use your special recover potions and unleash two dragon claw special attacks every kill as long as the competition is serious. If you do not have dragon claws you can replace the special recover potions with others as you prefer. Dreadnips can be a powerful addition to your offensive power – use them if you have them. They must be directed to attack Graardor each kill.

The minions are best killed with a chaotic rapier, however due to your teammates they will probably die quickly enough that your maul will do fine. Use soul split to heal if you have it, and kill the minions in this order to minimize damage taken: Sergeant Steelwill (magic), Sergeant Grimspike (ranged), and finally Sergeant Strongstack (melee). Use the correct protect prayer if you do not have soul split.

Make sure to have one familar summoned before travelling to the God Wars Dungeon. If you bring a beast of burden, fill it with prayer potions and bring more overloads or attack/strength potions and prayer renewal potions in your inventory. If your bob is a yak, bring a spare yak pouch in its last space – you will be able to last for almost three hours, so bring potions accordingly. 

Slayer Tower: Revamped

he Slayer Tower is an imposing sight for new arrivals to Morytania, and it’s even more so after today’s graphical update. As ever, the Slayer Tower’s a great place to complete Slayer Assignments for a range of RuneScape’s more macabre monsters.

From today, you’ll also be able to complete Slayer Contracts within the tower. These work in a similar way to Slayer Assignments, as they involve killing a set number of specific creatures, although they must be completed within the Slayer Tower, and the rewards work differently.

You can take on a Slayer Contract by speaking to Markus, just outside the Slayer Tower. Markus will show you his list of normal contracts. You can then choose whichever of these you like best, take a contract scroll from Markus and head into the tower to get slaying. Be sure to keep the scroll with you, as kills won’t count towards the contract otherwise. This won’t affect any Slayer Assignment you already have; kills that count towards a normal contract will not count towards your assignment.

Once the contract is complete, bring the scroll back to Markus to claim your payment. He’ll offer you a choice between a healthy helping of coins or XP in the core combat skill of your choice (with some limitations). You’ll also get a little Slayer XP as you kill each monster: 20% of the amount you’d have received if you killed the monster for a Slayer Assignment.

If you already have a Slayer Assignment to kill suitable creatures, Markus will offer you a special contract instead of the normal list. His special contracts match the type of creature that you’ve been assigned, effectively giving you a 20% uplift to your Slayer XP, plus a choice of combat XP or coins.

There’s an Early Bird bonus available for the next two weeks, doubling the combat XP or cash that you’ll receive from the first normal contract that you complete within that time.
Our Graphics Team have done some superb work on the Slayer Tower, and its spooky Second Age look fits in well with the new lore we’ve introduced. Keep an eye out for books written by the tower’s architect – General Viggora – and by the mage responsible for populating the tower with its monstrous residents. We’ve also replaced some of the old agility shortcuts with stairs for easier access, but we’ve added a new one which grants access to a new rooftop, where more of the highest levelled enemies are available for those of you with at least 71 Agility.

Whether you’re looking to bullseye some banshees, knock out some nechryaels or take an axe to some Abyssal demons, the Slayer Tower’s the place to go. Head on over there now and start slaying!