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RuneScape 3 goes live

This ain’t your slightly-older-brother’s RuneScape, folks; RuneScape 3 is hip, happening, and live right now. The latest iteration of Jagex’s browser behemoth is now available to play, and it looks better than ever.

RuneScape 3 isn’t just about a graphical overhaul, although it would be sad to dismiss its visual improvements. The new version includes a customizable interface, six hours of new music, and lots of technical improvements.

Jagex is kicking off RuneScape 3 with the Battle of Lumbridge and the Sixth Age, so get in and start kicking butt from minute one! This event will take place over the span of two months, during which players can ally with a faction and collect divine tears to contribute to their side’s ranking. The studio recommends that players experience it with the Java client and not the still-in-testing HTML5 version.

The team’s also posted a comprehensive FAQ if you have any specific questions about the changes.


Honestly, I think RS3 (or at least the Battle of Lumbridge event) is just what I needed and was waiting for. I got so tired of procrastinating on finishing quests, grinding skills, and blowing all my spins on the Promotion of the Week that I finally crashed and moved on to other games. Now, I may be hooked all over again.


Well, looks like I might give the game another try.

…I’ve lost count of how many times I poke back into the game here and there, lol.  Though my old account is basically unplayable due to his bank being stuffed with Members items which forces me to subscribe if I want to continue on with him…  :/

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League of Legends create of The little stories

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The Summoner's Guidebook The little stories League of Legends creates

Recently, one of you guys asked to see more personal stories showcasing my experiences in League of Legends. Normally I’m not as fond of doing that sort of thing unless there’s a moral in the story somewhere. I like teaching, so that is what the Guidebook does a lot of. The column’s name is the Summoner’s Guidebook for that reason, after all!

However, I was thinking about it when I was playing last week, and I ended up playing a really great unranked, blind pick game. The outcome was very close, and the overall dynamics of the game were a firm reminder of why I play League of Legends. There was no “mid or feed.” It began with good communication by our team and good sportsmanship by both teams at the end. In my mind, that makes this story one worth sharing with you.

Please select your character!

Champion selection is frequently one of the more frustrating parts of the game. There’s nothing worse than knowing that your team is going to lose because two guys decided to fight over mid or ADC or jungle.

Right at the start, one of our team said, “I’d like top,” and soft-locked Riven, a reasonable top lane choice. She continued, though, with, “I can play anything but jungle if we need it.” The team was already to a good start.

I continued the trend. “Pref adc but can jungle,” I said. I finished with, “Really anything but mid is OK.” I didn’t soft-lock anyone, but my plan was to play Graves. Shortly thereafter, one player picked Katarina, while another picked a carry. I want to say she picked Caitlyn, but I actually don’t remember, and Caity was free at the time. The final player said, “I’ll support, guys,” and picked Leona. I soft-locked Udyr with Smite.

“I have a good feeling about this team,” said Riven. I replied, “Always nice to talk before the game starts.” We locked in and readied ourselves for the battlefield.

The enemy team was Shen, Olaf (with Smite), Lux, Quinn, and Lulu.

The Summoner's Guidebook The little stories League of Legends creates

Beginning the laning phase

We spawned on the blue team side, and Leona and Caitlyn headed off to their side of the map. We weren’t really expecting or going for any sort of early game invasion, which was probably a bad idea in hindsight. I positioned myself at the wolves spawn, letting my team know my plan was to go wolves and then blue golems. I didn’t telegraph any intent to do an early red steal; I was unfamiliar with the new jungle and wasn’t sure how my health would look while going for Olaf’s red. Additionally, Olaf clears the jungle fairly quickly, and unless Kat or Riven came up to help me invade, it would be likely that stealing his red would end in a fight I couldn’t win.

Kat and Riven both came to assist a bit with my clearing efforts. I did wolves and blue very quickly thanks to their help and ran off to do the rest of my route. As I cleared my double golems and hit level 3, I noticed Lux pushed up way into Kat’s lane. I decided to level Bear Stance and skip going for my red buff in order to help Kat out. As Lux pushed past the center of mid lane, I Flashed out of the brush with the spirit of the Bear to boost my speed. We cornered Lux and she ran up the river and Flashed over a wall to escape my gank. While I hadn’t scored a kill, I’d at least traded my Flash for hers. I returned to my jungle and continued clearing.

I cleared my red lizard and based, having been a bit beaten up by the lizard elder, minion aggro from the Lux gank attempt, and just the general wear and tear from the jungle. I moved out to clear more, and I noticed some slight push going on by Quinn and Lulu. I stormed across the map to bottom lane, hoping to get there in time to make something happen.

My flash was down, but Quinn made the mistake of being too aggressive from the blue-side bottom lane bush. Sprinting out of the river without any Flash, I made my presence known. However, I would not make it to Quinn in time. Fortunately, Leona responded perfectly, landing a Zenith Blade and rooting Quinn in place. Even with Whimsy stopping Caitlyn from dealing damage, Leona and I locked down Quinn for so long that a kill was assured. Caitlyn picked up the killing blow and the first blood of the game.

And the early game winners are…

I continued through my jungle rotation after the first blood, wondering aloud, “Has anyone even seen Olaf?” Almost as I had pressed the enter key to ask, Olaf showed up for Riven’s blood. Fortunately, Riven escaped with a small fraction of health left. Knowing that it was about seven minutes into the game and Olaf was in top lane, I took the opportunity to steal his blue golems. I was in a bit of a conundrum, since I had taken Olaf’s blue, mine was respawning, and neither Kat nor Riven needed the blue buff. I ended up just munching it myself later, since Olaf didn’t think to counter-jungle. I realize I should have fed his blue to Leona, but she was deep in her lane. Mistakes happen, I suppose.

More fighting occurred; Riven fed two kills to Shen in top lane. Kat traded with Lux once, and I pulled off three more successful ganks. Two were in bottom lane, feeding another to Caitlyn and getting one myself (oops!). Olaf had one assist on Riven, but had otherwise done nothing, and I had stolen a lot of his jungle camps. We were pretty decisively ahead in the laning phase.

During a bout of aggression, we had a 4-man push (me, Kat, and the two bottoms) in bottom lane, looking to take their tower. In the meantime, Riven died to Shen and Olaf, and we lost our first top tower. With only Lux there to defend, we breached the tower easily and feasted on Lux’s gold. As I walked up the river to ward, I noticed that the dragon was gone: Quinn, Lulu, and possibly Shen had killed it while we were pushing. Not good.

Even though we were up a few kills, the presence of the dragon gold led me to believe that the game was close to even. I was frustrated at myself, since I had not warded dilligently enough.

The enemy team grouped up at our mid turret, and because of a somewhat sloppy initiation by myself, we were cleaned up and lost our first mid turret. It was a pretty decisive loss, and our early lead had evaporated. Now behind a turret, a dragon, and even on kills, we were definitely on the back foot. Shen took this moment to talk trash in all-chat. I won’t repeat what he said.

The Summoner's Guidebook The little stories League of Legends creates

Turning the tables?

Our game was going along in true storybook fashion. By that, I mean that after our early demonstration of strength, the enemy was taking a commanding lead and we were caught licking our wounds. Two more lost teamfights occurred, and while we did manage to split push down some towers and take the second dragon of the game, we were still pretty far behind. I vocalized my feelings. “It’s not over, but it’s mostly over.”

Still, we were not totally out of the fight. We had lost a lot of minor engagements and asymmetric fights, but we had won all but one of the fights where everyone was together. Our composition was well-suited to it; with two CC-ing tanks (plus Riven too), Katarina’s AoE damage, and Caitlyn to clean up, we had a more cohesive team comp. It was just a matter of making things happen.

After a won teamfight on the other side of the map, both sides were down five turrets. We pushed down their turrets, and I expressed a desire to go for Baron. We were about level 16, so we were going to need the whole team. Caity displayed some disinterest in this plan. “We need to win a teamfight,” she said.

Of course, she was right. However, as I had predicted, positioning our team at Baron had not gone unnoticed. We didn’t have an Oracle, and I was sure there were wards. I saw a ward get dropped in the Baron pit, and as Riven and Caitlyn hesitantly went up to Baron, they spotted enemies. The enemy team was split up, with someone near Baron and the others in our jungle.

Our whole team dived on the people in our jungle. A Leona combo held them in place while Kat spun to win, and the entire team melted away. Even Riven got a kill. Humorously, I ran around the top of the Baron pit to see whether whoever placed the ward was there, and sure enough, there was Olaf. My entire team jumped over the wall to assist me (except for Riven). Olaf died in an instant.

“There, we just won a teamfight,” I retorted.

The Summoner's Guidebook The little stories League of Legends creates

Finish the fight

Baron went down quickly and cleanly, and our team stormed down the enemy’s lanes, breaking towers and inhibitors. It felt almost like a bot match; we still had a bit of Baron buff time left when we were breaking the opposing nexus turrets, and the only thing deterring us was Lux’s respawn. Anyone who left the summoner platform was CCed and killed in moments, and we won handily.

“GG WP” came the enemy messages in all-chat.

After the game, the enemy Lulu and Lux congratulated us. Shen continued his badmouthing, and we encouraged reporting him. Likewise, we also gave props to the enemy for proving to be dangerous foes. It was a heart-pounding game for the 35 minutes or so it took, and it was a great reminder of how fun League can be.

WOW senior players backstory

WOW senior players backstory
On the other hand, since the very early outgoing World of Warcraft developer news, domestic fans but also the creation of relevant forums and websites, is known for NGA (NGA webmaster Ediart I also  loyal players in the year 2003,  the title of his better known eSports practitioners to write Warcraft III updated version of commentary, analysis and the war battlefield known).
Not always the king of senior players on the decline of WOW
As the game gradually development, more and more people to join them, in 2004, the domestic honor to participate in the United States serving Beta testing NGA players who often discussed, among them the gaming industry and a high proportion of practitioners, many of whom work in the media, which further makes the game-related information in the most effective way to present to the domestic players as I know, the game was more well known mass media.

It must be noted that even at the time, read all the Warcraft series backstory not many people the old players do not, as some imagine, as to know everything, in fact, a lot of things they do not know, because at that time channel is quite limited, many foreign famous sites such as today Wowhead, MMO-Champion, had not yet built up on the other hand.

Blizzard did not provide a sound version of the story, did not publish the relevant novels, no website for details. then battle online is more information information.  although we think MMORPG would be a good direction, but apparently underestimated the potential in it A view is that Blizzard will create RTS / ARPG / MMORPG three types of product lines to keep pace of the game (the subsequent dissolution of Blizzard North makes ARPG lines stranded for nearly a decade), but who would have thought wow will be hot to such a degree, sustained for so long a time? Blizzard themselves are not fully estimated, so their preparation is also inadequate, such as the background story.

WOW glorious past

WOW glorious past
As wow culture, some say plagiarism ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, some people say plagiarism ‘Lord of the Rings’, some people say plagiarism ‘Warhammer’ These claims are nonsense deepest you can judge for yourself, I would just point out that, RTS games through three generations of foreshadowing in the background is definitely not non-existent, at the time, and now, from crows to become a prophet Medivh humanoid, covered with red eyes shining sword Shengge luomu, nicknamed Demon Hunter Illidan himself have turned the devil is a well-known original characters, of course, can not be forgotten forever shrouded in a blue icy breath of death knight Arthas (later to become the Lich King) in setting wow thousands of other games could learn or with the same elements, this is normal, it is impossible to say Command & Conquer RTS where there have been other tanks tanks do not do it. evaluation of plagiarism, the key is to give people the most impressive game of the Department are also and other games similar? wow what gave us the answer, all the players are very clear mind.
Not always the king of senior players on the decline of WOW
These are glorious past. Yes, it has to make now the envy of the pre-promotion carriers and spontaneous spread of the virus, it has a non-replicable cultural background pave the way, but we must also see that today’s mainstream players, and these the past is almost isolated.

Represented by 90 players who had almost no contact with, they are very difficult to understand the Dark Portal five heroes,  even with Deathwing do not understand who is more worse, 95 years or epigenetic players have not played. right after 80 players have strong appeal for the contents of no value to them, this is not a game player’s problem is not the issue, because time has passed, ‘No one can become everlasting king.’

WOW Naga race

WOW Naga race
A rumor is wow 6.0 (no one doubts it will appear) will appear Naga race, or whatever. Rumors that 6.0 will be the final Boss Sargeras, the version called ‘Return of the Burning Legion.’ We just Simply think this is the biggest villain in the history of World of Warcraft, the Burning Legion’s total Boss, unrivaled power, indeed, able to stand up to him very heart yearning. however, we need to see before him who faced ?
Not always the king of senior players on the decline of WOW
Archimonde early as ten thousand years ago, has died at the Sunwell Kil’jaeden destruction (there are claims that he is only a temporary retreat, but I’m afraid of TBC players psychologically difficult to accept this argument, after all, they During that time he kills too many times), the Burning Legion will there be unheard of with a group of men, or is simply alone with the 10/25 Warriors wrestle? these two models and sounds uninteresting.

More intensified is, MOP in the Raid Boss has nobody knows you do not know who you are playing, they are some of the magic of ancient tribe, or insect, is the king of lightning, was ‘evil.’ But they are doing? how he appeared? Why should we fight them? Everything is at a loss, reminiscent of the fog of Brasilia Panda Chinese version of the opening CG in the rhetorical question, so full of wisdom: for us the why of war? do not understand. the. Indeed, the final Boss 5.4 is well-known small Grom Hellscream (nicknamed ‘brain damage roar’), a series of story-related (such as planning attacks Sai Lamo, killing Ronin, etc.), but from 5.0 to 5.4 months between the time you spend at this time are some – perhaps very ferocious maybe fall is also good – no culture, no background, no sense of substitution of the enemy. often wow players ridicule other games users, we educated, you have what? till today, a similar problem also placed in front of the player wow, they really know 5.0/5.1/5.2 those Boss of the story?

WOW hackers and gold farmers

WOW hackers and gold farmers
A quick PSA for World of Warcraft players. Mobile access to the auction house has been shut down after an “increase in unauthorized World of Warcraft account-logins” according to a tweet and a post on For those affected Blizzard customer support promises to “restore in-game items and gold for any accounts impacted.”

It sounds like hackers and gold farmers have been getting into the mobile armoury and laundering their gold through stolen accounts. As is traditional in these instances, Blizzard point players towards their account security tips page. They’re currently “in the process of notifying any account holders who were not using an authenticator and whose account showed signs of unauthorized access.” For unaffected players, or those who don’t play WoW, enjoy the above chicken’s shock at the brazen actions of WoW gold farmers, or maybe it’s just the mention of farms that’s put the eggs up him. 

WOW Second Quarter Results

WOW Second Quarter Results
Activision Blizzard Reports Preliminary Second Quarter Results
SANTA MONICA, Calif. –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) (the “Company”), a global leader in interactive entertainment, announced today that it reached an agreement under which it will acquire from Vivendi ( Euronext Paris : VIV) approximately 429 million Company shares and certain tax attributes, in exchange for approximately $5.83 billion in cash, or $13.60 per share acquired before taking into account the future benefit from these tax attributes. In a simultaneous transaction, ASAC II LP , an investment vehicle led by Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick and Co-Chairman Brian Kelly , to which they have personally committed $100 million combined, separately will purchase approximately 172 million Company shares from Vivendi for approximately $2.34 billion in cash, or $13.60 per share.

Following the completion of the transaction, Activision Blizzard will be an independent company with the majority of its shares owned by the public. The Company will be led by Bobby Kotick as Chief Executive Officer and Brian Kelly as Chairman. Vivendi will no longer be the majority shareholder, but will retain a stake of 83 million shares or approximately 12%. ASAC II LP—the investor group which, in addition to Kotick and Kelly, includes Davis Advisors, Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. , Tencent, as well as one of the largest global institutional investors—will own a stake of approximately 24.9%.

Activision Blizzard expects that its new outstanding share count and capital structure (which will include approximately $1.4 billion of net debt) will result in expected pro forma 2013 earnings-per-share (EPS) accretion of between 18% and 29% on a GAAP basis and between 23% and 33% on a non-GAAP basis.

Bobby Kotick , CEO of Activision Blizzard , said, “These transactions together represent a tremendous opportunity for Activision Blizzard and all its shareholders, including Vivendi . We should emerge even stronger—an independent company with a best-in-class franchise portfolio and the focus and flexibility to drive long-term shareholder value and expand our leadership position as one of the world’s most important entertainment companies. The transactions announced today will allow us to take advantage of attractive financing markets while still retaining more than $3 billion cash on hand to preserve financial stability.”

Mr. Kotick continued, “Our successful combination with Blizzard Entertainment five years ago brought together some of the best creative and business talent in the industry and some of the most beloved entertainment franchises in the world, including Call of Duty® and World of Warcraft®. Since that time, we have generated over $5.4 billion in operating cash flow and returned more than $4 billion of that to shareholders via buybacks and dividends. We are grateful for Vivendi’s partnership through this period, and we look forward to their continued support.”

Activision Blizzard will fund the acquisition with the combination of approximately $1.2 billion of domestic cash on hand and approximately $4.6 billion of debt proceeds, net of fees and upfront interest, accessed through the capital markets and bank financing. The Company has received committed financing for the transaction from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and J.P. Morgan . The transaction is expected to close by the end of September 2013 , subject to customary closing conditions. 

WOW Vivendi and New Capital Structure

WOW Vivendi and New Capital Structure
Activision Blizzard Announces Transformative Purchase of Shares from Vivendi and New Capital Structure Company to Buy Back Approximately 429 Million Shares from Vivendi for $5.83 Billion. Investor Group Led By CEO Bobby Kotick and Co-Chairman Brian Kelly to Separately Purchase Approximately 172 Million Activision Blizzard Shares from Vivendi for $2.34 Billion New Capital Structure Expected to Drive Meaningful Earnings-Per-Share Accretion.

A special committee of independent directors was formed to represent the Company in negotiating and evaluating the transactions.

Please see the Company’s Current Report on Form 8-K being filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the exhibits thereto for further information about the terms of the transactions.

Activision Blizzard’s financial advisor on the transaction is J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and its legal counsel is Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP . The Special Committee’s financial advisor is Centerview Partners and its legal counsel is Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz . ASAC II LP’s financial advisor is Allen & Company LLC and its legal counsel is Sullivan & Cromwell LLP . 

WOW BioShock

BioShock‘s Levine, who played WoW‘s beta version more than five years ago, says he still devotes several hours to the game every week.
Pardo aimed for the sky: 1 million subscribers, which would have made his game far and away the most popular MMO of all time.

WoW passed that milestone in a matter of months. “We were off by about an order of magnitude,” he said.

Pardo, now an executive VP at Blizzard, said he never thought that Warcraft‘s world could go on for five years. “When you look historically at what other MMOs have done, by the time you hit the five-year mark, you’ve already hit your peak,” he said. “With World of Warcraft, people are like, ‘I’ve been playing this game for five years, and I still love it.’”

“I just love being in that world,” he said. “When you go into [the city] Stormwind, you go across the bridge and see all those giant statues of the heroes, that sells the space. It’s over the top, it’s huge and you know what you’re getting into.”

The fastidiously detailed underwater dystopia of BioShock was influenced by WoW‘s grandeur, Levine said: “Any project where you need to sell people on a space in a videogame, you can learn something from World of Warcraft.” 

WOW Players create characters

Players create characters and develop them over time, forging relationships with other gamers and going on quests to gain experience or loot. Whether they play with strangers, friends or alone, Warcraft‘s polished virtual world proves easy to get into and hard to get out of.
More than 11.5 million players from around the world, from all walks of life, spend hours a day in the world of Azeroth. They embark on epic adventures, battle other players or just hang out. And each of them pays developer Blizzard Entertainment $15 per month for the privilege.

Though the game’s success has spawned dozens of imitators, not one has posed a serious threat to Blizzard’s dominance. But perhaps the best praise for WoW is that other game designers love to play it. Among its devotees are Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov and BioShock creative director Ken Levine.

“It’s the game I’ve played more than any other,” Levine told “It’s an aesthetic masterpiece…. So much of the world tells a story when you look at it.”

Most videogames wear out their welcome after a few months. But Blizzard’s stewardship of its persistent world — filled with orcs and trolls, humans and dwarves — has been so successful that the game shows no signs of slowing, even a half-decade on.

Amazingly, World of Warcraft almost didn’t happen. The world’s most popular MMORPG has its roots in real-time strategy games Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. In 1998, while half of a Blizzard development team was assigned to work on Warcraft III, the other half ended up working on a game that was canceled.

With nothing to do, the team members looked at the games they were playing the most at the time — massively multiplayer online games like Sony’s EverQuest and Electronic Arts’ Ultima Online. At the time, both games topped out at around 200,000 subscribers each, and Blizzard thought it could do better by making a virtual world that was more accessible to newbies.

“We felt there was such an opportunity in that genre, and that Warcraft was such a great universe for a game like that,” said Blizzard’s Rob Pardo, the first lead designer on WoW. “We started talking about it, getting excited about it, and we decided to make it.”