FIFA 15 Guide:How to tackle successfully everytime

fifa 15So you’ve arrived here because you want to completely master the art of tackling players successfully on FIFA 15. With Electronic Arts introducing some rather interesting attacking and defending features this year, this title is not even similar to last years installment in terms of gameplay. Yes, it might be a football/soccer video game, but the actual dynamics and gameplay has totally changed this year.

To help you manage and adapt to these brand new changes, we thought we’d setup a guide to help gamers become pro’s at keeping a tight back-four. This page is all about tackling and after you’ve read it, you’ll be a completely transformed player afterwards.

Tip 1: Be Patient
The timing of your challenges is one of the most vital aspects of defending on FIFA 14 this year, it will simply be the death of you or it will be the making of you. You shouldn’t be silly and just lunge into every challenge left, right and centre. When running alongside the opposition player, this is the best moment you your defender to put in a challenge. You don’t need to always press the stand tackle button on the new game, as simply using the directional button and moving towards the ball usually tackles and retrieves you the ball back anyway.

The one thing you’ve got to be alert about though, is the AI or real online players will tend to turn a lot, and if you press the stand tackle button, then he’ll get five yards of space on you within a couple of seconds. That’s how hard it is to defend on FIFA 14. So try not running as much, and even jockeying can be a decent tactic to use now and again.

Tip 2: Don’t Slide Too Often
There’s quite a few gamers out there that are obsessed with performing sliding tackles all of the time! There’s absolutely no need for this and in doing so, you’ll be giving your opponent an easy way through to your shambolic defence. You shouldn’t even slide about when you get annoyed with the game which sometimes happens, because a football match can change in just a couple of minutes, and giving up is not the answer.

If you want to get possession back for your team, then you’re going to have to knock sliding tackles on the head. We will say that you should only perform them when it’s your last defender, the opposing striker is one-on-one with your goalkeeper, and you think that you may be able to wrap your legs around the attacker and retrieve the ball without getting sent-off and giving away a cheap penalty.

Tip 3: Where to Tackle
Obviously it goes without saying that you should put in a challenge all over the park, but you must be extremely careful when the opposition are in your penalty area. You must never ever tackle from behind! unless you’ve got covering defenders and it’s only the stand tackle maneuver. From the sides and front is the best from of tackling and bringing other defenders into play on the wings is a great way to shut-out other players.

Tip 4: 1V1 Or Worse
If your opponent has caught you on the break and has a successful counter-attack heading your way and you’re in a one-on-one situation or worse, son’t panic. The only thing that you can do in either situation is jockey and don’t go towards them! You must run back and hope that some of your other defenders and midfielders get back in time. Bringing out the goalie can sometimes pay-off but he’ll need to be extremely quick in his feet.

Tip 5: Sign Defenders With Strength
This is an absolute must in FIFA 15! Strength is the new trend, and if you want to get anywhere on the latest installment, then you will do this right away. Your full backs don’t have to have strength, they’re just used for pace so that they can get up and down the pitch quickly and effectively. Your centre back are the ones that will need to have a lot of upper body muscle and be a real Arial threat too. Using the new protect the ball feature is quite handy to use in defence as well, as you can keep your opponents at bay and wait for support to arrive from another teammate.

Archeage 1.2 Beginner’s Guide to PvP

A basic guide to getting started in Archeage as a PvP loving gamer after the most recent (NA Beta) changes made to the game. This guide will help you through the core mechanics and some of the less intuitive features, so that you can more easily get to doing what you love to do.

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ArcheAge Guide Time: How to Building A Boat by Yourself

Ships is an important means of transport in ArcheAge online game, like a Mount, you can travel by the sea, explore under water territories and continents. What’s more, you can fishing in own ships, very relaxing and enjoy it. So, how to building a ship or boat? Of course, you can choose purchased from vendor, but the ships just allow traveling.

1. You should know the process of ship building will require a lot of resources and labor, so first you need to ready the resources as follow: Wooden Planks, Iron, Fabric. And talk to Oskar, he will give you these Materials for the Boat by email.

ArcheAge Materials for the Boat

2. Then, go and buy Design: Adventure Clipper ship in Ship Design of Mirage Isle. There will cost you 30 Nui’s Tears. Or purchase it for ArcheAge Gold in Auction House.

ArcheAge Nui's Tears for Boat
ArcheAge Mirage Isle

3. Find a place on the water, where you can put the drydock for your ship, then use the ships design of ship from your bag. Put the drydock you need use the wooden planks and irons. Note, do not put your drydock far from the land and crafting stations, or will cost you a lot of time for this. And you can use the mouse and keyboard to adjust your view.

Building the ArcheAge boat

4. Construction your drydock, press F near the drydock, you can know what resources are needed and looking the construction status to construct the ship. Note, click G construct your ship in order after packaged archeage materials, wooden – wooden – fabric – fabric – fabric – iron – iron – iron.

ArcheAge Drydock

After you construct your ship, the ship would completed, the ship or boat will doing underwater ceremony then become a summon instruments and exist in your bag. Last, the ship ready to sail after you just click and use it in the water place. OK, the same process to build the larger ships if you want, the main difference is the amount of resources needed to craft, the bigger ships, the more packs for construction. If you are still not clear how to build your ship, would share you a great video by Force Strategy Gaming, who would teach you building a boat in ArcheAge game! Have fun!

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FIFA 15-Ultimate Team-Money making Tips

fifa 15 coin-makingFIFA Ultimate Team has come to revolve around money. Coins, rather. With a large amount of fifa 15 coins at your disposal, you can purchase fun and effective teams, but just getting enough coins can be difficult. There is a variety of different methods and tricks you can use to make money in FIFA 15 Ultimate team. Some have been effective since earlier versions of FIFA Ultimate team, so you might already be familiar with a few if you’re a veteran. Remember though, that a lot of money making in FIFA 15 Ultimate team is just luck, so don’t be discouraged if none of these methods make you rich immediately. Just persist, and eventually you’ll get lucky, I can almost guarantee it.

59th Minute Method
You veterans are probably tired of hearing about this, but it’s very helpful to new players. The most effective way of finding good bargains for resale is the 59th Minute Method. This involves going to the search page, setting your Max Buy Now Price to the amount of money you have, selecting gold players only, and scrolling up the page until you reach a page where the cards are all at around 59 minutes and 30+ seconds remaining, but less than 60 minutes. Here, you need to keep scrolling back and forth through the pages to “refresh” and be on the lookout for good bargains. It’s hard to say what price to buy which players for, as the prices are changing constantly. By just experimenting and seeing what works, you should get a pretty good idea of the market.

The reason this is so effective is that 1 hour is the default auction time, so the average player who just wants to offload a player for cheap will select a 1 hour auction, and you’re right there to pick it up. Of course there’s competition for the best deals, but all it requires is some fast clicking and a bit of luck.

Contract Card Method
Another very popular method is to quickly buy and sell contracts. This is especially useful for when you have less than 1000 coins. Just search for Gold contract cards and figure out the current going price that you can expect to sell contract cards for. Look for as cheap of cards as you can, obviously, but understand that you shouldn’t expect to profit more than 50 coins. It’s all about quantity here, work quickly and make as many transactions as you can. Once you get past around 5,000 coins, it’s probably best to start using the 59th Minute Method, although certain methods work better for different people, so experiment.

Price Fixing
Although this method is sort of looked down upon by other players (who don’t have enough money to do it) it’s an extremely effective method that can really only be done when you have a LOT of coins or have found a very good player to do this with. This method buying out the entire stock of one player and reselling all of them for the same, higher price. This effectively changes the actual market price, if you control the supply. You should also have enough after buying the player that if anyone decides to sell your selected player for less, you can buy them out too and add them to your raised price. Although only really possible by the elite, extremely rich players, it is really something to strive for as if you can do it, you can earn a ridiculous amount of coins in a very short amount of time.

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As we all know that Archeage Gold play the very important role in the game. No matter you want to buy advanced items or purchase farm field, money is the essential. Today, we are glad to share three ways to make gold fast and easy in ArcheAge.
To get Archeage Gold form Monster
Actually, to farm gold from monster almost is the usually rule in every MMORPG. About this method, you should have fortunate and huge backpack to pick up items and gold. If you can get the unique items in the game, to be a rich man is easy!
To use Archeage Labor Make Gold
In the Archeage, the setting of labor system is one of the way to get gold. with such a labor system, you can actually run a corporation. Pay people daily to work for you, and you get all your projects finished fast and rip the benefits, while the users get the money they need stably each day.
To Get Gold through Auction House
The Auction House always is a good place for the business man make great fortune overnight.To buy and sell at the right time,you can get the profits quickly. This method is good for every player, while not everyone can take profits form it. The player can find the AH NPC in main city,you can price and bid items. Of course, you should know more about the demand supply and prices tend downward.
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WildStar Elder Gem Tips

When you get level 50 in WildStar The most noticeable change will appear on your experience bar, where you stop earning experience point. But, you start earning Elder points for every task and kill that would award you with experience points. For every 75k Elder Points you get 1 Elder Gem, used to purchase various items and unlocks at the Elder Gem vendor in Illium / Thayd. Weekly cap is 140 elder gems or 10.5 million Elder Points.

wildstar guide

It will take weeks to buy everything, so you should make a priority list. The item (Genesis Key – 150 Elder gems) which starts the attunement chain for raids is usually the very first choice, followed by AMP Power Upgrade (320 Elder gems), Ability Tier Points unlocks (400 Elder gems), and Mounts but it’s really up to your preferences. One of the really important things to do is boosting your housing decor bonus XP modifiers, or you can befriend someone who has more, become neighbors, and log out at his place.

1.Use experience boosts bought at the renown vendor (you have to be in a guild with a perk that unlocks those boosts)
2.Cook or buy Special Meals
3.Don’t forget to fill your gear with runes
4.Always logout in your housing area (or your neighbour’s housing – if he has more rested XP bonus).
5.War of the Wilds and Crimelords of the Whitevale are the best adventures to run for reputation and Elder Points –they are much quicker and easier compared to rest.
6.Get social – befriend people which pursue the same goal in dungeons, raid attunements or PvP; or get into a guild that suits you
7.Items from Malgrave reputation vendor are a good start. You don’t need much more to begin with veteran adventures.

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