Introduction of Ponytail in the Final Fantasy XIV

There was a post on the FFXIV official forum about hairstyle from a player. She suggested SE add a ponytail and made a preview for what she wanted in FFXIV. Here is her post.More Final Fantasy XIV help at

To our surprise, the main character setting designer of FFXIV replied to this post, he posted and said that he was making a hairstyle according to her need which would be added in 3.0. Although there was a little difference from the one which was made by the player, it mainly matched her request.

Here is the clear preview of the new hairstyle.


For some new players they may don’t know how to change their character hairstyle in FFXIV, now I will sum it up.
Quest: Beauty is Only Scalp Deep
Location: X11, Y11 (Inside of the Mizzenmast Inn)
It allows players to change their hairstyles, facial features, tattoos and other cosmetic features. Each customization session will take 2,000 FFXIV GIL. After completing the quest, players can summon their Aesthetician by using the Summoning Bell in the Inn Room. It is free for the first time after completing the quest.

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FFXIV Patch 2.5

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