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Mu Legend Is Different From Current Action RPG Games

Mu Legend empowers its gamers with an fast-paced as well as action-driven gameplay experience. Based on the best hack-and-slash tradition. Mu Legend is different from most current action RPG games. Originally, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area-of-effect skills. It dedicated to providing a truly satisfying and thrilling experience for gamers of all levels.


Compared to Mu Online, Mu Legend has widely successful, which is a stylish hack-and-slash MMO. As a prequel in the Mu universe, if you have attempt to thwart the Lord of Darkness, and the world will be likely into chaos. Currenty, overall the four classes can be choosen from in the beta, and the fifth class is in preparation.

Mu Legend was a very polished action RPG. MU Legend offers spectacular visuals that will run on lower-end systems as well as offer detailed art design with stunning effects. In addition, Mu Legend incorporates three separate levelling systems that enhance play in different ways.

Account Level: This is the sum of the Soul Levels of all the characters on the account. This offers permanent boosts for all characters.

EXP Level: Obtained by completing quests, dungeons, and defeating enemies, this levelling system automatically improves the character’s stats.

Soul Level: The Soul Level acts similarly to EXP Level, except the Soul Level has its very own tree to improve stats and passive abilities.

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Everything In-Game Is Created By Albion Players

For Albion Online, a massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game from Sandbox Interactive, It will bring players to a medieval world gaming experience. At the same time, all items and equipments are created by gamers, including explore lands, find foods, and create your own houses.04222You can be whatever you want provided that you are proficient with the given type of equipment. This leads to endless combinations and different gameplay possibilities since your skills and abilities are defined by your given armor or/and weapon set. Instead of stats and experience points, fame is the crucial factor here; the higher your fame, the better gear you can use.

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The Elder Scrolls Online takes place 700 years before The Elder Scrolls 3, but that’s not stopped the developers from including locations made famous in Elder Scrolls games, including the imperial city of Cyrodiil from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. The Morrowind expansion will include Vivec City which is still under construction in the MMO’s timeline.


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Gold: The In-Game Currency In Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world. Designed as a free-to-play cross-platform experience, the game focuses on a fully open world experience in which players are key. Game features include a player-driven economy that includes item and building crafting, village building, and transportation; full-loot rights world PvP; a territory control system; and a rock-paper-scissors combat system.


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Sandbox Gives Insight Into The Statistics Surrounding Albion Online

With a series of new numbers, Sandbox Interactive gives an interesting insight into the statistics surrounding Albion Online. The published figures are extremely up-to-date, because they are based on data collected since the Galahad update implemented four weeks ago. Galahad was the most comprehensive update of the Sandbox MMORPG so far and brought many changes and innovations. Therefore, the data collected and evaluated between March 13 and April 9, 2017 should be interesting and impressive for the developers as well as the players.

For instance, the current 212,815 Founders from 164 countries played over 2.8 million hours, almost 512 million resources were mined, 178,477 buildings were built and 13.1 million carrots were harvested. Tragically: 124,179 killed player characters in PvP mode are opposed to 850,811 hunters killed. The players, it seems, are prepared for the official launch of the game on 17 July 2017.


What is Albion Online?

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, located in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. Thanks to the classless “You’re What You Wear” system, turning a skillful archer will turn a powerful magician into a powerful archer, and the players determine their role in the world itself. No matter if hard-fought fighters, farmers, traders or master craftsmen Every weapon, every building made by players. Whether PvE, PvP or in the guild guild against guild, any action in the game has a meaning – and consequences. PvP battles take place in the more dangerous zones of the game world according to the “Winner takes all” principle. Albion Online is the first PC game, which allows full player experience without compromising on tablets.

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