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NHL 18 Focuses On Three Key Points: Speed, Skill And Action

NHL 18

NHL 18, this game focuses on three key points: Speed, Skill and Action, that’s what NHL 18 is all about. What’s more, so many players especially for the top players are younger, stronger, and faster than years past. It’s safe to say that NHL THREES will easily be a highlight of this game. NHL 18 news would continue to update at U4GM, pay attention us and you will get more discount for buying Cheap NHL 18 Coins.

NHL 18

A mode new to the NHL series that turns the hockey simulator into something more closely resembling an NBA Jam-style experience. The game was presented as a representation of a new NHL. In general, the development team looked to what’s happening in hockey in real life. NHL 18 offers more ways to play multiplayer with your friends or against your rivals than any other sports video game.

NHL THREES is a breakout mode for sure, that should add easy, casual appeal to a game that may have otherwise turned outsiders away from the experience. The six-on-six option in NHL 18’s EASHL is the same hockey players know and love. The game mode forces players to use real hockey strategy such as the dump-and-chase tactic. More tricks and guides of NHL 18, click for source.

NHL 18 seems like a loaded game, and even a few hours wasn’t enough to explore all it had to offer. EA stressed that a create a mascot function will be in NHL 18, this is where things get really fun. Six mascots bumbling and tripping over each other on the ice is a spectacle in and of itself. The core mechanics are the same, but the experience, flow, and structure are meant to make picking up and playing the game a friendlier proposition.

The Elder Scrolls Online Fans Build Models With LEGO


LEGO is just great. With imagination and skill, interesting buildings and scenes can be created – for example from The Elder Scrolls Online.

Thorsten is a passionate LEGO fan from Paderborn and likes to play the MMORPG ESO. He has linked both of these and recreated interesting places and scenes from the play with the colorful building blocks.

eso scene

He explains that ESO was his first MMO and that he was with heart blood. He especially likes the depth of detail that has created the world. It is immediately apparent whether a chair is in play of Orc chair or a Breton stable.

Details And Photos Are Important

If he wants to build a place out of the game with Lego, he explores the area exactly in the game. So he gets a feeling for the architecture and the atmosphere. When rebuilding, he looks for details, such as a skeleton that lies around.

Because of his large collection of LEGO it is not difficult for him to reproduce even big scenes. For some of his works he needed weeks or even months. This is followed by photography, which is of great importance to Thorsten, because he wants to put his work in the right place.

eso scene1

Morrowind Is Next

In an interview on the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online, Thorsten explains many other things, including how to approach each scene, how he chooses the appropriate stones, and which structures are not so easy to replicate. He is currently working on something Morrowind, but he does not want to reveal what exactly.

Thorsten has been doing this for a long time, October 2015 we have reported about him for the first time – since he has pursued a battle for a dolmen. It is nice that he now also receives official recognition.

Albion Online Players Faced Small DDoS Attacks


In the first two weeks after the release, MMORPG Albion Online servers were struggling with performance issues. Because of this, there were frequent reboots of the world, and some locations were unavailable.

DDoS Attacks

And then, on August 5, Sandbox Interactive employees faced a small DDOS attack, followed by extortion attempts. And, of course, the team immediately reported to law enforcement organizations about such actions.

Then more serious and long DDOS attacks followed. In close cooperation with leading experts in this field, developers have made significant progress. And although the defense is constantly optimized and configured, but while the team is not ready to say “everything is ready.”

To compensate for the troubles created by DDOS attacks, developers will give an additional seven days of premium status to all people who activated this type of subscription between July 17 and August 11. Heroes affected by the problems associated with the first weeks of release Albion Online, will receive fourteen days of premium status. More Albion Online news we will post here in, you can keep eyes close in our site.

The New NBA 2K18 Video Also Emphasizes Special Details


As every year, next September fans of basketball and the NBA have an appointment with NBA 2K18, the new delivery of the sports simulator developed by Visual Concepts and 2K, which promises to raise the bar once again with respect to the edition of last year.

In recent times, we have been learning new details related to NBA 2K18, unfortunately, we still had not seen the game in motion until today, when we have found a video blog that shows us the excellent work done by the developer In its artistic section.


Throughout the trailer, we can see how well recreated are some of the main stars of the NBA, such as Kyrie Irving. In addition, the video also emphasizes special details such as the tattoos worn by players or, of course, new equipment for this season.

But that is not all, and is that we have also presented as is the capture process they use to recreate the newcomers to the competition. For example, we have faithfully recreated Lonzo Ball, number 2 of the draft and new addition of Los Angeles Lakers.

In addition, it has also been officially announced that a few days before the official launch, specifically on September 8, will be available to download “The Prelude”, the start of race mode that can enjoy the users of Xbox One and PS4.

‘NBA 2K18’ will hit stores next September 15 for Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Players Have High Expectations For The Upcoming NHL 18

NHL 18

Before NHL 18 release, fans have the last chance to experience a taste of the forthcoming release. Do you missed? NHL 18 will support the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One. The game will be released on September 15, 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

NHL 18

EA SPORTS NHL THREES is inspired by arcade sports games, with the addition of a new 3-to-3 hockey experience with a tougher check, faster action and more space for grandiose moves, spectacular dribbling and even more goals EA Sports NHL Threes has a complete singleplayer campaign. U4GM is the most popular NHL 18 Coins online service store which aims to provide the cheapest coins with 5 minutes delivery.

Anyone who pre-orders the game as a “Young Stars Deluxe Edition” or as a “Young Stars Edition” may play from 12 September 2017 onwards. NHL series games bring us NHL fanatics too much mirth and happiness those years. We travel through the in-depth simulation game and find a different way to play ice hockey with friends around the world.

With NHL 18 set to be released next, expectations run high. Fans of the game have their own wish list that they hope would be fulfilled by this edition. For instance, Brand- New Celebration Mode, Coach System, Game Engine – Frostbite, Customization of Jerseys and NHL 18 Career Mode. If you have any ideas, you can put forth your ideas at any time, or you can make your comment for this article, here is the best place:

NHL 18: Three Videos Shows Off A Stanley Cup Match And Threes Mode

NHL 18

If you are a hockey fan like me, the next month will be an exhilarating moment. NHL 18 is scheduled to release on September 15. The game the addition of new Threes Mode, this new mode look awesome, you will be enjoy three videos in this article, also introduced a Stanley Cup match. More and more information about NHL 18 is being revealed by EA. We have been discussed a lot at U4GM, read more at here.

NHL 18

Today, Let’s Watch Three Videos About Threes Mode And A Stanley Cup Match

This following video shows off the Threes Circuit Mode. This functions more as a single player campaign, with players being able to play through five circuits. Players are rated on their performance each match, and can earn new team logos, team uniforms, mascots, and more by getting a good rating.

NHL 18 – Threes Circuit Gameplay

The secondly video reveals a 30 minute traditional Stanley Cup match between and Nashville Predators and the Penguins. Not too much has changed from last year’s entry, though you can see some of the new attack dekes and smarter AI in action.

NHL 18 – Stanley Cup: Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins Gameplay

The finally video shows off a traditional Threes Now match, which is the basic quick play option for the mode. The game will also feature online play, allowing one to share this quite hectic mode with their friends.

NHL 18 – Threes Now Match Gameplay

More videos can be found more at U4GM. A wealth of news and guides, tips and screenshots, and plentiful coins such as NHL 18 Coins For Sale, all is what you are looking for.

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Player Ratings For NBA 2K18: Kyrie Irving Wasn’t Happy

NBA 2K18

Recently, NBA 2K18 player ratings are always continually updating, Kyrie Irving is rated a 90 overall in the upcoming game. As the cover athlete for the game, he wasn’t happy when he was told that he was given a 90 rating. 90 is also Kyrie Irving’s overall rating for NBA 2K18. Nike unveiled the Cleveland Cavaliers’ new jerseys for the 2017-18 season. It should be emphasized that cheap NBA 2K18 MT for sale at U4NBA.

NBA 2K18

As you anticipated, NBA 2K18 is a full with competitive gameplay. According to the ESPN’s recent prediction, the Cavs and Celtics will be in a dead heat for first place in the Eastern Conference. Of course, that’s the Cavs with Kyrie Irving. Gamers have been creating simulations of what NBA 2K18 might look like with current NBA rosters using NBA 2K17 game play. One of the latest videos making the rounds features the new-look Celtics taking on the Cavs.

Owing to the game will be released in mid-September, hence, in NBA 2K18, its unique and core features can not be ignored. Now, let’s list some main features of NBA 2K18.

MyGM: The Next Chapter
New Loose Ball Physics
System Proficiency for Coaches
More Realistic Player Movement
Defensive Chatter & Coordination
Improved Shooting and Passing Controls
Improved Colors & Better-Looking Players

NBA 2K18 gameplay director Mike Wang says that players can expect this year’s title to have a lot less animation in it. The new physics system takes height, weight, acceleration and speed of each player into account before it renders any animation. More improvements and changes for the upcoming NBA 2K18, see more at here.

PvP Fans In The Elder Scrolls Online Should Be Happy


When Update 15 and DLC Horns of the Reach debuts in The Elder Scrolls Online, PvP fans should jump for joy. For the players prepared several attractions, which will definitely diversify the standard fight.


First, Chaosball mode will enter the Grab Bag in the Battlegrounds. The rules are simple – you have to catch and keep the ball as long as possible. This way your team gets points. It is the team that will collect 500 points or have the most points when the time runs out.

What would make the game more fun, the developers decided to improve the ball. The person who will hold her will be debuffed for treatment and shields. As if this was not enough, our item (ball) would begin to inflict with increased damage over time to us and our allies. To make matters worse, once we catch the ball we can not pass it to a colleague or throw away – only death can disconnect us. Of course, at this time you can use your skills, so it does not mean that we are completely defenseless!

In addition to the new mode, Battlegrounds will receive a new map, Arcane University. This is a bit bigger battleground than the one that was available on Battlegrounds so far. It features narrow corridors where there is no room for avoiding the opponent. So get ready for a melee battle. There are also portals moving to the upper floors of the building.

However, I am of the opinion that using such an object can cause unwanted effects – change us in a ticking bomb. So look at the color of the passage, because these reds will provide you with an explosive surprise. What clever players will use it to their advantage, blasting themselves and their opponents.

It is worth adding that the above news will be free and not part of the DLC Horns of the Reach. However, if you want to play in Battlegrounds you must have the Morrowind (Elder Scrolls Online) add-on. Whenever you are in need of gold to make the journey of getting new items smoothly, ESO-GOLD must be your best choice. We offer cheap ESO gold for sale with reasonable price, fast delivery and best services!

Albion Online: It’s Real New Territory


The new online game “Albion Online” offers its players a lot of playful possibilities – but you also ask for a lot.

The great time of the online roll-up games seems to pass. Only the industry giant “World of Warcraft” still shows so much paying clientele that it continues to run successfully. Most of the other games have now largely disappeared in insignificance. Now the Berlin studio Sandbox Interactive is launching a new copy of this dying genre – a good idea?


“Albion Online” is trying very hard to break new ground in the dying business of online roulette games. And the Berlin developers do the same without any doubt. It’s only a pity that the new ideas are often so fun, because they are often associated with hours of rather monotonous farms and monster plots. For prudent players with a PvP focus, “Albion Online” is likely to be an exciting thing after a painstaking start. Who likes to mess with other monsters is wrong here.


Fresh, new approaches
Pay only once
Great playful freedom


Hardly background story
No known content such as dungeons or raids
Long preparations for PvP game
Moderate optics
Great grounds and farms

Albion Online: Real New Territory

When it comes to new approaches. For “Albion Online” breaks clearly with the most unwritten laws of the genre and goes completely new ways in many areas. The most important: There are no classes in Albion. The player decides on his way of playing alone by the equipment he uses. Whether he enters the warriors, magicians, or hunters depends largely on the weapon he uses. Almost every piece of equipment has magic spells or other abilities that are selected when you land and then land in the very manageable magic bar. Much more than half a dozen sayings do not exist at the beginning. This is nice for newcomers in the world of the world of rolling games, but it should be easy for experienced players.


Hunters and Gatherers

And then the player comes to something very well-known, if he has been occupied with MMOs for a long time and especially at the Asian variants was home: Grindeng and farms is announced. Because changes happen in “Albion Online” only if one uses his abilities abundantly. So you have to cut down some trees and saw boards to work up from the ax of the novice to the ax of the journeyman. It takes hours or even days to penetrate higher spheres of the game. Until the player has released almost all the important points on his destiny, it looks more like a week, if not months. But this is the only way to get Albion’s heroes to new or stronger abilities. These are just stuck in the equipment, the adventurers so painstakingly.

In addition to this, there are also other popular MMOs, which are also missing here. The focus is clearly on PvP (Player vs Player), so there is hardly any way to interact with other players – except after many hours of playing time against other players.

Optic Does Not Tear Out Trees

A top view as from “Diablo 3”, graphically but clearly weaker. Pretty “Albion Online” is not exactly – compared to modern MMOs like “Elder Scrolls Online”. Even the “WoW” visibly even more charm than the simple yet simple graphics. Clearly – this was on the agenda of the developers apparently not high in the course, but a little more could have been.

And also the Destiny Board not only shows similarities to the skill tree of “Path of Exile”, it is likewise similarly confusing and confused. There is no overall view, the board is simply too large and finding the right place takes its time. It is more sensible to display the most important skill advancements in the game screen.

Since “Albion Online” has only one server, players from all over the world can be found here. The communication is mainly in English, but there is also much to read in French or Russian. If you can only communicate in German, you can put the game languages in German, but you will hardly get in touch with other players.

No matter what language – there is hardly any background to the game world, rich stories do not at all. The players are supposed to write their own story, bring life to the world of Albion with their own epic battles and built buildings. But you have to like it – if you prefer to tell storytelling, you will not find it at “Albion Online”.

Albion Online: Start date July 17, 2017 on PC. When you need silver in game, feel free to UpAlbion to buy what you need. We always have plenty of cheapest albion online silver for sale. What’s more, we provide currency with fastest delivery and best service.

NBA 2K18: MyGM Mode Will Offer A More Narrative Perspective


NBA 2K18 will be available next September 15 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Switch.

Erick Boenisch, senior producer of NBA 2K18, has shared some of the news that users will find in this sport delivery, as well as new images of the title.


In this sense, the MyGM mode will offer a more narrative perspective. Like GM, decisions made by players will decide the fate of the franchise. In this way, they will have to manage the morale and ambitions of the owner, as well as the directive, technical and, of course, the players.

On the other hand, the MyLeague mode will allow players to customize and complete control over the League. In the MyLeague mode of NBA 2K18 will be added the most popular suggestions of the community.

For more information on these two game modes, we invite you to visit the following link.

Among the players that can be enjoyed in NBA 2K18, we find names like Paul George, DeMar DeRozan, Isaiah Thomas, Steph Curry, Lonzo Ball or Dwight Howard, among others.

NBA 2K18 is the new delivery of the renowned 2K Sports basketball simulator. In this sequel has been enhanced realism and improved graphics, control and game modes. Continuing its tradition of offering the best and greatest basketball players of all time, NBA 2K18 will present Shaquille O’Neal and Kyrie Irving as stars of their different editions and versions on the most varied platforms.