alley of the Four Windsalley of the Four Winds

                In the golden and green fields of the Valley of the Four Winds, Pandaria sees to the hunger and thirst of its people. Sizeable corn and lotus crops are watered by ingenious agricultural advances and cared for by the Tillers, Pandaren farmers who feed a growing empire. Farms, ranches and marketplaces dot a land of rolling plains and vine-covered boughs.
                It is here that Brewmaster Chen Stormstout arrives after a life spent traveling, first on the Wandering Isle and then throughout Kalimdor. Alongside Alliance and Horde explorers, he’ll discover the ancestral home of the Stormstout for the first time, and strive to live up to his family’s name and legacy of peerless brewing. But not all is idyllic within the Valley. The ravenous appetites of long-toothed Virmen and simian Hozen endanger crops and farmers alike…and threaten the entire continent with starvation. If you can stop these animalistic pillagers, you’ll be able to grab a plow and a shovel and cultivate Pandaria’s fallow farmlands once again. Meanwhile, as farmers worry over their harvests and the hunger in their bellies, the great wall built to keep the violent Mantid race out of the Valley begins to show its first cracks… 

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