BAG Entertainment and Bungalo Interactive PartnerBAG Entertainment and Bungalo Interactive Partner



BAG Entertainment Co., Ltd. announced that they recently concluded the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bungalo Interactive Inc. at COEX in Samsung-dong, southern Seoul.  The two companies have merged and are now sharing strategies to enter the global market in developing and publishing SNG games for Facebook.
James Ryu / Sean Lee, CEO of BAG Entertainment Co., Ltd. shared his vision to develop a competitive and high quality SNG within the global market.  He also said that he will use this opportunity to show the strength of the Korean Game Developing enterprise.
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Erik Stroman, CEO of Bungalo Interactive was introduced and made a speech on “How to Succeed from Facebook with SNG?”.  His speech revealed that Bungalo has secured around 10 Million Dollars in funds to support their partner BAG Entertainment Co., Ltd. in developing and publishing games which are planned for 2011.  With stable funds and a pool of professionals with extensive experience in game marketing will lead to global success for both Bungalo Interactive and BAG Entertainment Co., Ltd.
James/ Sean have revealed that the “MMORPG Web Game Carian” developed by Jay Soft is planned to be launched in October.  Other games developed by BAG Entertainment like “Driven” a Racing Game and “Mongni Land” an RTS are lined up to launch at the latter part of 2011 and the first half of 2012.  He also claimed 6-10 games will be launched per year, an opportunity he wanted to share with other web-game developers.