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The Builds Best For Solo PvE And Skinning In Albion Online


Considering making skinning your main gathering skill? Unlike the other ones, it requires killing quite a few mobs. Many players expect to be doing quite a bit of solo PvE as well, and thought it might be wise to optimize for both.

Which weapon gives the fastest skinning grind? Mostly Great Fire Staff and Longbow, which were nice with the AOE, didn’t help that much with single target.

It’s best to have a weapon with high mobility for gathering. Bows and daggers are both fun. Swords and axes too. For boots and head either also gathering gear for more returns or pick any cloth or leather boots and mage head if you want to level your normal armor pieces.

Bows are nice – the frost shot slows your opponent and boosts you backward 9m (away from your enemy) every 10s. Regular bow’s E pretty much ends any single animal. Warbows are popular for solo PvP and work decent in PvE too.

For skinning you must want to wear the skinning gathering chest armor. Weapon doesn’t matter too much, most dmg will come from chest buff, perferable something with escapes and decent (autoattack) damage like ironclad staff, dagger pair, spear+shield… but its surely not optimal for leather gathering.

Daggers have the dash on W and good DPS. One handed dagger and torch would probably work pretty well for skinning, and still maintain the dash on W to escape. Not great for PvP because the single dagger requires autoattacks, and any player facing you will just run for 5 seconds when you activate the ability – but animals don’t do that. That or dual dagger, stack Q and hit E and generally the animal dies shortly after. Bloodletter would be ideal because 2 dashes, but it’s an expensive artifact weapon.

Battleaxe has a self heal on E which is nice for PvE, and you could keep the adrenaline boost on W for escaping. For solo PvE melee/bruiser (sword, axe, …), build with leather armor are usually a decent choice.

Broadswords are very high single target DPS and the heroic strike gives you a move speed bonus, and on W you can get a defensive (less incoming damage) move speed boost or a snare.

DBStaff has great mobility too, but the dps is sub par and it’s not so great at pve. You can use Frost Staff to AOE skin mobs, but you will stay almost always at low health so it’s not recommended in PvP zones. For more news on Albion Online, head on over to the UpAlbion site.

Albion Online – You Are One Of These Adventurers


Sandbox Interactive has released the new introductory video of Albion Online, MMORPG sandbox fantasy coming out next week, on different days depending on the pack chosen.

How does the video’s narrator voice reveal:

  • After a thousand years the mists have finally disappeared, revealing Albion, the land of myth and magic beyond the sea.
  • But the journey along the sea is long and dangerous. And only the most daring ones do it. Those arriving on the shores of this magical land immediately begin to build, trade and conquer.
  • You are one of these adventurers. Bust and forge your destiny in Albion.

To get access between July 17 and July 19, you can buy a Starter Pack from Veteran, Epic and Legendary at the retail shop for $ 29.95, $ 49.95, and $ 99.95 respectively.

Below is the new introductory video.

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Albion Online Events During The End Of Beta

Albion Online

The last Beta of Albion Online will end on July 9th! To celebrate the July 17 open of Albion Online servers, Bethesda launches some events during the “End of Beta Weekend” from July 7 to July 9.

Rise of the Guardians on July 7

Rise of Guardian

Since Guardians are invading Albion, what you need to do is fighting them and you will harvest their bodies for Tier 6 resources after beating them. Group up and take it down! The event will start at 18:00 UTC on July 7.

Show Me the Money! (Hide and Seek) on July 8

hide and seek

The Five King’s Tax Collectors, who will be hidden somewhere throughout PvP enabled zones in the world of Albion, are seeking for adventurers who can give them the directions to Caerleon so that they can transport taxes to the King of Albion. Your mission is finding them with the precise location revealed and then rescue them.

You will have five minutes to rescue them by standing next to them. Watch around or group up with friends will be helpful. Finally, you will be rewarded with Gold! Notably, rewards differ per Tax Collector since some collectors are in dangerous regions.

  • 1st Tax Collector: 5x 300 Gold codes
  • 2nd Tax Collector: 2x 300 Gold codes
  • 3rd Tax Collector: 5x 300 Gold codes
  • 4th Tax Collector: 3x 300 Gold codes
  • 5th Tax Collector: 5x 300 Gold codes

The event will start at 16:00 UTC on July 8.

Castle Siege Sunday on July 9

castle siege

Castle Siege Sunday will be used as the ending of the Beta. The event requires Guilds and Alliances. Go to Outlands and hold the castle in Heart of the Forest or Creag Rudd at 20:00 UTC! The mission is so difficult that you need to equip the best gear the group up the powerful guilds. The winners will be rewarded with an abundance of gold codes. “20x 300 Gold codes per castle will be given to the leader of the winning guilds, and it is up to them to decide how to use and/or distribute them.” The event starts on July 9 and ends at 20:00 UTC.

Albion Online: The Guardians Represent The Natural Protectors Of Albion


Shortly before the official launch of the online game Albion Online, the Guardians of the title were presented today. These are powerful bosses.

In a few weeks the Sandbox-MMORPG will be available; Sandbox Interactive will also confront you with the Guardians from 17 July. These are boss bosses who demand precise planning, tactical skill and high concentration.


The Guardians represent the natural protectors of Albion. They have been brought to life by ancient magic, and have become more and more powerful over the centuries, they now protect the natural treasures of the world. Several different guards exist in Albion, each of which has immense strength and special abilities. Once imprisoned, they transform into sources of resources that provide you with a whopping of 2,560 Tier 6 resources. A raid against these giants can be worthwhile.

The Guardians at a glance:

Old White (Hide): The Old White is a huge white mammoth, which is spiritually linked to all mammoths in the world of Albion, who have lived in the past or will live in the future. It can be found in Steppe biome of Tier 6. He is generally considered to be the most easy to defeat guard, but players must first fight through several groups of game animals to face him.
Ancient Ent (Wood): In the Ancient Ent, it is a huge tree spirit, which can be found in Tree Groves of Tier 6. In the fight against him the coordination of the playgroup is decisive, since he carries out destructive attacks with Piercing Roots.
Rock Giant (Rock): In Rock Outcrops of the Tier 6 within the Highlands biome, the Rock Giant drives its misery. He is the only Guardian without melee skills, and attacks only from a distance, for example, with his Earthquake attack.
Enormous Dryad (Fibers): Players should not be deceived by the outside of this Guardian! The Enormous Dryad emerges in the Fiber Meadows in Tier 6 Swamps and attacks players with deadly assaults such as “Eroding Swamp” or “Pulsing Thorns”.
Ore Colossus (Ore): Players will find the Ore Colossus in Ore Veins of Tier 6. He does not use automatic attacks, but he has a devastating Punch and has a “Crystal Swarm” that allows him to extinguish a game group in seconds.

Find Eight New Mounts In Albion Online


A good news for new arrivals in the land of Albion! As we know, riding a mount is a great way to travel through the world of Albion. Since Albion Online launched Hector on June 7th, 8 new mounts has been introduced in the game.

The official site revealed a post to teach players how to get these new mounts. Here are some deatils:

Tutorial Mount – Everyone learning the new tutorial can get a mule whatever you character is.

Tier 2 Mule


The simple Tier 2 mount is a mule, can be obtained in the starter towns after you finish the tutorial quests. “The Mule gives everybody a leg up when it comes to movement, but falls a bit behind the Legendary Explorer’s Horse both in speed and carrying capacity.”

The starter towns includes Forest Cross, Highland Cross, Mountain Cross, Steppe Cross, and Swamp Cross.

Mount Hitpoints: 238
Move Speed Bonus: +30%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +70%
Maximum Load: +60kg

Special Mounts – These mounts are found as rare drops in the open world.

Tier 4 Giant Stag

Giant Stag

This kind of mount, as alternative to the regular horse, is better for solo-gatherers and couriers. You may have the chance to get a Fawn by killing Giant Stag mobs. Then grow it into a Tame4 Giant Stag in a Pasture. Finally, combine it with 20 Tier 4 Worked Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.

Giant Stag mobs can be found in the Steppes. Relatively speaking, it has fewer hitpoints and a larger load capacity.

Mount Hitpoints: 601
Move Speed Bonus: +50%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +95%
Maximum Load: +465kg

Tier 8 Transport Mammoth

Transport Mammoth

The Transport Mammoth mount is the ultimate transport mount for guild operations. Due to its big health pool and defensive bonuses, you may find the group of Transport Mammoth gathering in dangerous areas as they are able to withstand a decent amount of damage.

“Ancient Mammoths mobs have a small chance of dropping a Mammoth Calf. Place this Calf in a Kennel, grow it into a Tame Mammoth, and then combine it with 20 Tier 8 Fortified Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.”

Although the Transport Mammoth’s speed is a shortage, it has enormous carrying capacity to make up for the lacking.

Mount Hitpoints: 3,797
Armor: +415
Magical Resistance: +415
CC Resistance: +394
Maximum Load: +45,041kg

Faction Mounts – These mounts are faction-specific, and can only be obtained by slaying the faction’s bosses in the open world. The elite Tier 8 faction mounts also each boast their own skill!

Tier 5 Bonehorse


Wondering why the Bonehorse can be included here since it’s not a brand-new mount? Because the upgraded Bonehorse has more hitpoints, speed and maximum load now. The Bonehorse can be crafted with the combination of a Tier 5 Riding Horse and Necromantic Elixir, which is a rare drop from Undead bosses.

Mount Hitpoints: 845
Move Speed Bonus: +60%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +100%
Maximum Load: +314kg

Tier 8 Spectral Bonehorse

Spectral Bonehorse

“The spirit of an ancient knight’s steed has animated the cooling corpse of a sacrificial horse. Loyal and obedient, its appearance nevertheless strikes fear into its foes.” Combining a Tier 5 Bonehorse with a Spectral Mask (which is a rare drop from Undead raid boss, the Harvester), you can craft a Spectral Bonehorse.

The Spectral Bonehorse mount has a potential skill, Glimpse of the Other Side.

Mount Hitpoints: 1,006
Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +115%
Maximum Load: +543kg

Tier 5 Swiftclaw


You may find Swiftclaw mounts wondering with Keeper scouts in the wild. It’s still a fast mount though it sacrificing some speed for survivability. To craft a Swiftclaw mount, follow Keeper bosses because they have a rare chance to drop a Swiftclaw Cub. Grow it into a Tame Swiftclaw then combine it with 20 Tier 5 Cured Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.

Mount Hitpoints: 676
Move Speed Bonus: +70%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +120%

Tier 8 Rageclaw


The Rageclaw is best choice for berserker cavalry since they tolerate the fury of battle from birth. You can raise from the most aggressive Swiftclaw cubs. Combined by a Tier 5 Swiftclaw with Sacred Bone Marrow, Rageclaws are the fastest mounts. It should be noted that Sacred Bone Marrow is a rare drop from Keeper’s raid boss, the Earthmother.

The Rageclaw also has its own skill to instant speed boost in a short time, Predator Sprint.

Mount Hitpoints: 805
Move Speed Bonus: +85%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +135%

Tier 5 Warhorse


The Warhorse’s armor is too heavy to carry additional aggression, but the mount can participate in battles recklessly. The Warhorse’s crafting is releated with the Disciples of Morgana as you can get a rare drop from Morgana bosses – Warhorse Saddle. This special drop can be combined with a Tier 5 Armored Horse to craft a Warhorse mount.

Comparing with a regular Riding Horse and Armored Horse, Warhorse has better speed.

Mount Hitpoints: 845
Move Speed Bonus: +60%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +100%
Armor: +104
Magical Resistance: +104
CC Resistance: +88

Tier 8 Nightmare


Although the Nightmare doesn’t have load capacity bonus, the mount have best speed and survival like the Warhorse. A Nightmare can be crafted by the combination of a Warhorse and Infernal Horseshoes. The latter is a rare drop of killing Morgana raid boss, the Demon Prince.

The Nightmare mount has a characteristic skill that leaving behind a trail of flames, which ignites enemies and causes them to run around in fear, Flaming Trail.

Mount Hitpoints: 1,006
Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +115%
Armor: +114
Magical Resistance: +114
CC Resistance: +115

Here are just some of the tips and guides we have. Feel free to play around to find the ones that suit you best. For more Albion Online news and guides, keep it right here on UpAlbion.

The Black Market Allows Players To Craft Items In Albion Online

With the addition of the Black Market in Albion Onlilne is added the dropping of items created by players when performing PvE.

What is the Black Market?

The Black Market is the answer of Sandbox Interactive to be able to obtain items dropped by the mob but manufactured by the players.

A new NPC located in Caerleon, the center city of the Royal Continent and the only city connected to the Outlands will give us the option to sell you items and distribute them to various mobs, factions and chests of Albion. They, in turn, drop the items to the players of the world.

How Does The Black Market Buy The Items?

It is very important to know that the Black Market is not the typical merchant, since it does not have certain prices or infinite demand.

As long as a mob is killed, there is a possibility that an order will be generated on the Black Market. Once a certain number of active orders exist for an item, the Black Market will begin to increase the price of the item. This means that everything on the Black Market is directly connected with the actions of players in the open world.

If you dedicate to making equipment, you have the option to sell it directly to the Black Market, or alternatively create your own sales order. Once this is done, the Black Market will automatically buy the item when the price is the same as that of your sales order.

Where does the Black Market get the money to buy the items? The system is balancing in such a way that the orders that are generated always correspond to the percentage of silver left by the mobs. This ensures that the silver in the game remains stable. For example: If a mob normally drops 100 silver, we take 20% of the silver left to create an order in the Black Market, and the mobs will automatically leave 80 silver.

This means that, in effect, the Black Market is interacting with the players in the same way as the Markets managed by players.

How Do The Items Works?

When a mob is eliminated by a player and is supposed to drop an item, it will be searched in the Black Market deposit. If the item is not in the warehouse, a purchase order will be created on the Black Market. If the item is in the tank, the mob will leave an item.

An item can only fall if it is for sale in the Black Market. Once the item falls, the amount of its value is reduced by one.

The Black Market As An Item Sink

In Albion Online, gear does not last forever, and is lost quite often when performing PvP. In order to create a real treasure trove of low-level items, the Black Market NPC is quite corrupt. Being a dishonest guy, he tends to lose the items after having bought them from the players. It is especially corrupt when it comes to tier level items, keeping a percentage of it to itself and removing them from the game.

This basically cleans low-tier items from the game and allows for a constant demand for items.

Other Benefits Of The Black Market

One of the most important things that the Black Market brings to Albion Online is the power to increase the drop of objects in general. Previously, the fall of objects was very rare or nonexistent, since it was not wanted to interfere in the economy managed by the players. With the Black Market you can get a good amount of objects making PvE, without messing up the experience to the players who want to be craftsmen.

Secondly, the arrival of the Black Market means that the need for Refined Essences can be eliminated. Essences were originally introduced as a way to connect PvE activities and manufacturing, and it was an artificial remedy. As the Black Market now connects the PvE and the manufacture, surely the Essences of the refining will be removed for the current use. Essences will not be removed from the game, as they can be used to create Runes, but they will be given another purpose in the future.

Refined objects that drop the mobs and coffers are eliminated. Instead they will be replaced with the items created by the players.

Albion Onlince Announced The New Feature Black Market

Since the release date of Albion Online was released, there have been a lot of changes and updates in game in the past few weeks. In addition to the Revamped Hellgates and Outlands Improvements, the developers announced new feature – the Black Market.


Black Market is one of the highlights of Hector’s most prominent features. According to the official notes, Hector is the final update before the developers launch Albion Online on July 17, 2017.

The Black Market is a new merchant NPC in Caerleon, who buys items from crafters and redistributes them to the mobs and chests of Albion. The Black Market is unlike your typical NPC merchant – His demand for items is based on how many mobs are killed across the world. This new feature ensures cool drops in PvE, while not taking away from the player-driven economy.

There are several benefits in the new feature. The first one is that it allows us to add cool drops to the PvE of Albion Online, without taking away from the player-driven economy. All equipment is once again player-crafted! Then, the Black Market merchant can also be used as a proper item-sink for lower Tier items as it’s shady. Finally, we can remove Essences from refining and get rid of refined resources as a drop from Hellgates and chests.

For more news of the next upcoming Hector update, stay tuned at the Hector update page or!

Albion Online: The Hector Update Make Significant Changes To Outlands

The Hector update, scheduled for June 7, 2017, will be an opportunity to make significant changes to the GvG territories: Outlands. Robin Henkys, the Game Director of Albion Online, gives a summary of video development.

Galahad, updated last March, has made a lot of changes and the Sandbox Interactive studio is very satisfied with the results. However, there are still some minor changes to be made to Albion Online before its final release so that it is as balanced as possible in the eyes of the developers. That is why they decided to make some changes, improvements and rebalances on the Outlands. Here are the points covered in the video:

Caerleon as a central city and a unique starting point.

All cities and ports will be removed from Outlands. The latter will now be accessible via a single portal located in Caerleon. This will allow you to go into different areas of difficulty and will include a recharge time, creating a more balanced game especially for the smaller guilds.

Redistribution Of Resources

Two changes will affect resources in Outlands.

The distribution of resources will be readjusted, specifically the recurrence rate of enchanted resources will be higher in the most difficult areas and overall this rate will be higher in the black zones of Outlands than on the Royal Continent. This will encourage players to go and gather precious resources there.
To make the GvG more attractive, the watchtower territory will be the only places where you will find Tier 8 resources. Resources will not be harvestable during GvG combat.

Also if your guild does not have territory, but you still want those famous Tier 8 resources, nothing will prevent you from going to loot them in the territory of another guild.

Finally, an anti-zerg display test in the Outlands is being carried out and is not yet validated definitively. This is to indicate groups of more than 10 players who are moving.

Attention: Evacuate All Your Belongings!

That said deletion of all harbors and black zone cities, also said deletion of all banks and cityplots, so be sure to recover all your property stored there before the Hector update of June 07 2017!

Albion Online Preview On PC

Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a free to play medieval MMO. It’s a classless cross platform MMORPG that allows for endless possibilities. Across 800 different territories guilds can engage in PvP for control of the world. FEATURES Cross Platform | Everyone can play together whether they’re on an iPad, Android tablet, on Windows, Mac, or even Linux. Player Driven Economy / All items and buildings are player crafted. Fight Across 800 Territories / Guilds are able to fight around the world and conquer territories for resource advantages.

Firstly, Albion Online does not use any level or class system. You are simply what you wear! The game offers more than 100 skills that can be combined. This allows you to offer a very large number of possible combinations between your offensive and defensive abilities.


Hours And Hours Of Grinding

The freedom of class choice does not necessarily mean that you will have the ability to move quickly from one character type to another. You will have to unlock all the previous improvements before you can carry the weapons and armor of the rank you aim at. If it sounds quick at the start, it takes a lot of time at levels 5 or higher. Every improvement and every change can take tens of hours to unlock.

Crop professions are at the heart of the gaming economy, so you will have to quickly specialize in a particular class to remain competitive.

To give you an idea, without premium subscription, I spent about 80% of my time doing the harvest. I had to get out of town, pick up wood and skin to climb my equipment from first to third row. The prerequisites become exponential as you progress.

There is no specific quest or goal in the game. Like an ultimate sandbox, the game leaves you free to act as you see fit. Whether it is to kill other players, different enemies or become the greatest lumberjack in Albion, anything is possible.

Pay To Play With Premium Subscription

The game will be sold in a “Pay to Play” subscription mode. You buy the game and it is theoretically everything you will have to shell out in order to enjoy the title. That is true in part, but the reality is still very different. Indeed, the game offers a premium subscription that can be bought either with real money or with the money coming from the game and driven by the economy of the players.

Subscription gives excessively great benefits to players. The benefits include the possibility of having its own island to be able to build a mount, grow food or alchemy. It also allows you to have your own stores to create or repair your items without having to go through those that are available in the cities and that include user fees.

The most important remains the major bonus of almost 50% in progress to unlock your attributes. Same thing for the money retrieved on enemies as well as bonuses for your professions.

Are we talking about the famous “Pay to Win” that is increasingly being criticized for MMORPGs and which, in my opinion, have killed the genre? I do not think so, but if the bonuses remain so, the premium subscription, which should cost about $ 12 (8 €) per month, is likely to be an obligation. Anyone who really wants to be competitive in the game without playing 18 hours a day is going to have to spend money.

A MMORPG That Looks Like A MOBA

The high view combined with very simple graphics, which have a certain charm, reminds me of League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. In fact, the title very oriented “Player vs. Player” makes me think a lot about a hybrid between a MMORPG and a MOBA.

Fighting in Albion Online is not without consequence. Depending on the type of card you are in, it is possible for an opposing player to completely rob your character. If necessary, you will need to re-equip yourself from scratch.

The game also offers a “players against environment” aspect quite advanced. This also allows those who are less interested in war to find some interest in it.

The Impression

The MMORPG genre is in great need of renewal. The team at Sandbox Interactive may well have found a way to distinguish themselves among the MMORPGs on the market. The point that worries me the most is the excessively high bonuses of the premium version and the “grinding” interminable.

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Revamp Of The Hellgate Is Coming To Albion Online

As you know, Albion Online will come out once and for all next summer. In view of the launch of July, Sandbox Interactive team is continuing to improve and optimize various systems and features of its MMORPG sandbox.

Today is the turn of the Hellgate, which will undergo a total revamp coming in with the upcoming update. The Hellgate are unlimited PvP zones full of infernal monsters that drop Hell Fragment, pieces that can then be used to build Hell Artifact, extremely rare and powerful artifacts. The Hellgate therefore mixes PvE and PvP content.


“Although Hellgate is generally well received by the community and is a good source of intense PvP clashes, we believe we can improve them further,” said the team. “The main issue currently posed by Hellgate is that many teams avoid battles or attract mobs to gain an unfair advantage during the clashes.”

For this, the studio will update the Hellgate with a new layout of the map, three different variants (called Ashen Hellgate, Ignited Hellgates and Infernal Hellgates) and various improvements to the mechanics. In fact from now on the mobs will not interfere in the PvP clashes between players’ teams.

There are still many reasons to do PvE in the Hellgate:

There are three incentives to attack the miniboss. First of all they dropped a significant amount of loot, as well as silver and fame. Secondly, killing a miniboss will guarantee a buff to the harm and regeneration of life. Finally, killing all the minibosses will trigger the spawn of the main boss and will close the entrance to the Hautgate. This means no other team can enter, making it a great value for the first team to enter the Hellgate. Once all the miniboss are defeated, the main boss will not turn on immediately, giving everyone time to move to the center of the map. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Albion Online news and cheap albion online gold with instant delivery.