Blade & Soul: Thoughts about The Content Release Pace

I know what I said will not change anything. Either NCSoft doesn’t listen to players, or the top-notch of their company has set everything in stone, it doesn’t really matter.

I’m one of, well, ‘lucky’ players, who manage to get my weapon to True Pirate, and is in progress of upgrading other things. The only two things that I feel needed to complete my character are upgrading my necklace to True Siren, and get a new shiny purple gem. Maybe some extra blade & soul gold too.

Am I ready for the new lv50 content? I guess so, but I don’t really that I’m that prepared. It’s the feeling of ‘I’m nearly finish my work here, so that I can take a break and enjoy other things. Then my boss just shoves me with more work, not letting me have any break, just because he thinks I’m capable for that’.

Yeah, after a grinding cycle, I want to have a short break to enjoy things, like doing achievements, running stuffs with my friends and clanmate, or leveling up a new character to experience the game in a different way. I have fun with leveling my Warlock for the challenge, and intend to spend some times to practice dungeon runs with her.

Suddenly, everything I’m going to enjoy goes off schedule, thanks to NCSoft’s too fast content release. Everything feels like a rush, and I don’t know what to do now, because none of what I want to do can be done in time of the update. I feel lost, really lost, and I’m scared that such a thing will repeat in the future. The grind continues.

I love the game, a lot, and it’s the second game that I’m serious about purchasing premiumship and cashshop item (the first is LOTRO, which is also near a new big update). The game has its flaws (bots, afkers…), but I have not yet see an MMO without problems, and what I like about the game overweight any flaws.

I won’t suggest NCSoft to do slower content release, because a lot of people have done that. But, I feel that rushing players to play at their pace for the e-sport reason (which I know I and some players don’t even care about) or to catch up content in Korea hurts more then helps.

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Tips of Farming Blade & Soul Gold

Blade & Soul is a popular game in 2016, we play it for fun and enjoy our life with it. But when we play Blade & Soul, we find that we need bns gold as much as possible. We can use bns gold to level up weapons, buy valuable materials and save much more time in pleasure. As a beginner, you need to have a good way to farm gold firstly. Because you need Blade and Soul gold to upgrade items and soul shield. There are several methods I want to share with you to farm gold as soon as possible.

1. Farming BNS Gold through Professions
There are lots of crafting professions that you can choose in Blade and Soul, but none of them are enough to give you all the time you need. Because the materials created by crafting guilds are valuable to players in different stages. In the early game, players need pottery materials for their big Windstride quest. Later on, the refiners and bowls are important for people crafting evolution stones. The best end-game profession is the evolution stone guild. These are highly in demand for top-level players that have done through blade and soul leveling, and the Blade & Soul Shield crafts are also very popular because players use them for fusing. The best combination is the pottery guild and the evolution stone guild.

That lets you craft your own materials and ensures that both guilds will have very high-demand items for you to sell at all phases of the game. As for gathering guilds, they both use the tree guild, while the pottery guild needs crops and the evolution stone guild needs meat. So there is some synergy in terms of the materials they use. Not only will these items fetch some money on the marketplace, but you can also use them yourself. This is very important, because it is not a good idea to pick a profession based only on how much money it brings in. They are just not profitable enough to devote that much time and effort unless there are additional rewards. In this case, you will be able to make your own evolution stones and soul shields for fusing.

2. Farming BNS Gold through Dungeon
Much of your income will come from running dungeons. It is unlikely that you will need to spend much time running dungeons for gold before you reach level 45. It is not very difficult to reach 45 with the right progression. Depending on your class and your knowledge about the game, you can get to 45 in a few days, and you do not need a huge amount of blade and soul gold to do so. Simply work your way up and upgrade your gear along the way as you need to– there is no need to try to max out your weapon or accessories, because you are likely to get new ones later. Once you start to plateau at the higher levels, then you will need to devote time to farming for gold. The main source for gold is the daily quests.

As we all know that much of income in MMORPG come from running dungeons. Well, you need to spend much time running dungeons for gold before you reach level 45. There are six major high-level dungeons that you can repeat every day for gold and materials, which you can sell. You need materials for Crafting Evolution stones so you still need to do some effort, either farm dungeons for what you need and mine.

If you have a class that has good AoE skills and damage, then this process can go more quickly. You pull the mobs in the dungeon into a big group and then take them all out at once. If you are a class that has weaker defenses and is worse at AoE like the Assassin, then you will need to pull fewer monsters at the same time. This process will provide you with experience as well as gold, so you can move towards the level cap. It is generally better to try to solo dungeons instead of doing them as a group, but this is not always possible.

3. Farming BNS Gold through Auction House
The auction house plays an important role in this process for all classes in Blade and Soul. You will use it to sell the crafts and found materials you acquire in dungeons. Blade and Soul has a very rapid early game up to 45 and then a long, slow grind afterward. So as you start off, you will not need the auction house very much, aside from buying some important materials if you cannot find them yourself. But as you get further in, you will need to use the auction house to buy more and more materials and sell things of your own.

Before lvl 45, we don’t recommend this method to earn BNS Gold. To be a great buyer we need pay more attention on Auction House price to make prediction when a given kind of item will fetch a high price.

The auction house is cross-server, so you will be able to buy from and sell to people across your region. Demand for various items will change over time, and it is sometimes difficult to predict when a given kind of item will fetch a high price. Remember to pay attention to new patches and other changes, because they can have a big effect on the items people want.

Gold grows in importance in the endgame because there are so many materials and items you need to acquire. This progression stops from leveling up and starts from evolving your weapon and accessories. You need a lot of blade & soul gold to fuel that growth.

Blade & Soul: Moonwater Tear’s Price Drop on Fast

It was 78s+ 2 days ago each for tear, last night I checked it was ~71s each and its 62s~ average now. Anybody knows why it dropped so hard like this? or am I missing something here? If you have the same question, read the article. Of course, If you want to buy bns gold, click it.

People figured out that Pigsty is faster farming for them, and since the recipe from Brightstone started going down it likely became more profitable to just hard farm tears.

The number of threads talking about how to earn money with a response of “farm pigsty” last week made it obvious this would happen. I am one of those people who missed the gravy train, but there was no chance I would have managed to reach the point where it was as fast as it was.

The only positive is it is becoming much, much cheaper to upgrade now. Between soulstones nearing 10s each and MTS possibly hitting sub 4g as of today it is remarkably cheaper to get your shit done. I think the raw cost of getting the siren upgrade on jewelery is now only ~40G? Not counting the leveling of it afterwards.
Oh and 25 AP gems are 15 gold too. That is a HUGE upgrade for what is essentially 2 days of a small number of dailies.

That second point, while 100% true, is also usually the only way I personally find out about things
OF course there is always a brief time where it is still profitable if you can jump on it hard. I just don’t have the time to jump on anything hard.

For me currently the most reliable way to make money seems to be putting in the time to clear as many Mushin Tower quests as I can on two characters. It is basically 5g a day for under an hour of effort. The rest I am still not sure of yet, but I have had to use 1 hourish per night doing E fleet for siren emblems to upgrade my weapon.

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The Skills of Blade and Soul New Class Soul Fighter

Blade and Soul new class Soul Fighter is coming. The class is already available for playing in several countries and is expected to be released in Europe and North America a few months later. It is an almost perfect Blade and Soul class. If you want to play this class, you should know it a lot.Maybe, you need to buy blade & soul gold as well. So let’s talk about it.

Ice Skills and Earth Skills
The Ice Skills have more output than the Earth Skills. The Ice Skills are simple with stable frequency. On the Korean servers, in the latest version, the Ice Skills surpass the Earth Skills. However, it is all in the ideal case. Let’s talk about other aspects.

It takes lots of focus to use the Ice Skills, which is why a skill book is needed. There is originally only 1 stack Advancing Energy Right Blue Palm on Right Blue Palm, but after the use of the skill book, there will be 2 stacks Advancing Energy. Thus, the rate of Iron Shoulder is improved. As an important skill to restore focus, the Iron Shoulder means a lot to Ice Soul Fighter. There will be a shortage of focus without the help of the skill book.

Skills Guide
When it comes to the Earth Skills, Straight Jab is the most difficult, followed by Explosive Power and Azure Fist. It requires more practices for you to play smoothly. It is easy to make mistakes. In conclusion, it requires utmost carefulness and focus. It’s more mental work for the Ice Skills. For smooth output, players need to pay attention to Focus and Advancing Energy. It is also important to find the best moment to use skills to restore focus. There are more details to watch out. Players should decide if the location is safe and figure out when the boss is about to turn around. The overflow of focus is a loss for the Ice Soul Fighter.

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Soul Fighter:The Ninth Class in Blade & Soul

The ninth class in Blade & Soul Soul Fighter is still a new class in Korea. The release date of Soul Fighter in EU and NA remains unknown, but it is most likely to come out in 3-4 months. Here you can find things you need to know about this upcoming new class.By a way,if you need to buy BNS gold for this class,our wabsite is the best choice.

Weapon: Fist
Specializing in: Force, Martial
Combat Style: Long and Short Ranged Fighter

The Soul Fighter can be a long-ranged or short-ranged fighter. This hybrid Force Master Kung Fu Master is the class with the most movement skills among all class in Blade and Soul. In addition, the class also has group resilience ability and instantaneous resurrection skill. The upcoming Soul Fighter is a flawless class in Blade and Sou.

Core Skills of Soul Fighter
Playing as a Soul Fighter, you can use Stance Shift to switch between Martial Stance and Force Stance so that you can perfectly release maximum DPS at any time.

Under Martial Stance, the Earth skills can cause substantial damage to the opponent.

Under Force Stance, the Ice Skills can beat the opponent with devastating damage.

Strong Viability
The Soul Fighter’s Q, E and SS are two times more than other classes. The escape TAB can stil lbe released once, but there are different patterns of animation.

Although the Soul Fighter has a lot of flexible resistance skills, the player should still be familiar with the opponent in the in order to survive in the battle. The class is able to familiar with the opponent’s order of moves and come up with coping skills. The increase in DPS grows faster than that of the other classes.

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Blade & Soul New player Guide

Do you have any questions about which class is best for PvE or PvP? Do you have any questions about what you should focus on early levels?If you have,Read the following guidelines, it will help you a lot.

All classes are fit for both PVE and PVP, some may have better tools in certain situations, some may have more aoe abilities, some may have more multi or single target dps cycles and some may be more flashy than others. But when it comes down to it, you should find a class that’s best for you on your own. I’d suggest looking at class videos as making/deleting character is a pain right now if you don’t like a certain class.

Focus on leveling for now, do all the quests you come across and any dailies in the area for fast leveling. You will find that you’ll be very short on inventory space in the beginning and it won’t get much better without spending some $$$ for Dragon Pouches in the cash shop. Only advice I can give you is don’t dwell on the loose soul shields you get, sell/disenchant them as soon as you get them to save space. Also use the abundance of weapons you get while leveling to enchant your hongmoon weapon once you get it. When in town find the vaultkeeper and use the secondary tab to keep stackable items in there and everything else in the primary tab.

The first wheel of fortune you come across will have some goodies in there, namely your temporary solid soul shield and weapon breakthrough fodder from the weapon chest. I can’t remember if the weapons are tradable or not but if they aren’t you will have to spend some keys to try and RNG your way through it. And after you get it hold on to it until you can use it for breakthrough for your hongmoon weapon. Don’t bother enchanting soul shield until you get the final ones in end-game, it’s a waste of Blade & Soul Gold and time. Although some lesser soul shields will cost nothing to enchant then by all means go for it.

Surveys, they will give you these gems that you can use to enchant your equipment. Do NOT use them right away as it is wasted potential. Once you upgraded your weapon the first time or second time check and see if using the gem gives near 100% exp so you know you’re getting the most out of it. And always always pay attention to the cost of enchanting as certain weapons/accessories you use to enchant with will cost more than others later on.

Your first heroic dungeon: Blackram Narrows will be around lv 20 ish, here you will find the next breakthrough fodder for your weapon and your accessories. Do NOT bid over 15 copper for these as you have a good chance to get them from the daily box from beating the dungeon. Even though they make good enchant fodder early on. Same goes for blight fangs you won’t need more than you’ll get from the quests until later on when you have more Blade And Soul Gold to bid with.

The game is good even for F2P peeps. The only real benefits of getting a subscription is if you don’t want to wait in queue for a long time; varies by time of day and what day. There are no items in the NCoin store that gives you stat boosts that puts you in an advantage against another player, especially in PvP. It’s almost all cosmetic and how you want your character to look.

It’s ok to go with a newer server. It will give you better queue times and whenever you want to PvP or do dungeons, there are cross-server matching options which let you play with people from other servers.

Follow these steps and you should have a very easy time early game, after that you’ll know what to do.