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Are You Interested In PoE Talent Competition

Path of Exile

Recently, in Path of Exile official website, GGG announced that they will hold a talent competition. Any eligible person can participate in the competition. Your talent could be anything from fan art, videos, music, fan fiction, cosplay, baking, crafts, gifs or anything else you can think of.

However, what’s the conditions of competition? Any work that is submitted must be your own and must be created after the launch of this competition. If you want to create a montage or mash-up of other artists’ work or videos, this is permitted as long as it follows all legal guidelines of fair use standards.

Path of Exile

You can post your entry to thread to be entered into the competition. It’s ideal if your content is easy to consume. A general guide for this is that your submission should take no longer than five minutes to read, listen to or view. It’s permitted to post content that is longer than five minutes but in some cases it may put your submission at a disadvantage if it’s significantly difficult to engage in your content.

The winning submissions will be selected based the following criteria:
How skillfully your talent has been executed.
How true it remains to the theme of Path of Exile.
How compelling or entertaining the submission is.

The top three submissions will receive the opportunity to design a Rogue Exile that will be immortalised in Path of Exile. You’ll get to choose the look and direct the name of the exile. The top there winners will get rich rewards.

Bear in mind that the competition will end on February 6 at 5pm. Submissions made after this time will not be counted. For more information, you can visit the official website. In the meantime, you can visit our website to choose some poe items that you like. Good luck!

Path Of Exile Is An Action RPG Very Similar To The Blizzard Game Style

Path Of Exile

If you like Diablo, and you are one of those who have dedicated a handful of hours to Diablo III, I’m sure you will be attracted to the Path of Exile gameplay, since it’s an action RPG very similar to the Blizzard game style, although with its own peculiarities. Unlike most free to play games, in Path of Exile there is no type of limitation for players who have not paid. That is to say, the speed at which we can develop our character does not change, nor does the content to which we have access for free.

Path Of Exile

The control is important here, since the work done by Grinding Gear Games has been very good, and quite intuitively we can access up to 8 skills assigned to our character and some more actions. Exploration and looting are the fundamental elements of the gameplay while, with our character, we are destroying any enemy that puts us ahead. Some guys just buy a new Xbox One to play Path of Exile, it’s amazing and I think he may need to too when he has some trouble in the game.

What’s more, you can also change the entire build of your characters by having them use another piece of armor or a new weapon. For example, you can theoretically transform a burly melee bruiser-type into a more magic-oriented character simply by changing his armor, specifically to pieces of socketed armor that may have some gems in them. Whatever verison of Path of Exile you are playing now, you will find that you will need more path of exile currency and path of exile orbs in game.

Not so long ago that Path of Exile has reached Xbox One, but the game already has a long journey in PC that has also been accompanied by success in terms of the support of a community that has been quite faithful. This has also helped in Grinding Gear Games have been concerned to keep the game updated and up to date in terms of new content. You can check out more the hottest articles, see more at here.

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Path Of Exile Is Based On Both Physical And Magical Power

Path Of Exile

Welcome to Path of Exile, your first goal is to actually figure out how you’ll spend your hundred some odd points. The best tool for that is the skill calculator on the website. Everyone gamer loves a good MMO, War For The Atlas is this game’s new update, with the new expansion, one new rather immense act is coming to the game. The past four acts will get a little bit of a makeover, revamping the experience for many.

Path Of Exile

The gameplay is based on both physical and magical power. He’ll have less magical power than the witch and he’ll be less tough than the Marauder but he’ll have massive elemental bonuses. His staff will serve as a two-handed melee weapon while spells will work as a long-distance weapon. In this build, the templar will develop both attributes, however intelligence will get a bit more attention. The passive skills you’ll unlock will be related mainly to elements, specifically their efficiency with spells and weapons.

Path of Exile is an amazing gameplay, Path of Exile is a game with limited re-spec options, a bewildering skill tree, and boss monsters that hit like a dump truck even on normal difficulty. Anyone who leaps to it from Diablo 3, a game that practically plays itself in normal mode, may be frustrated in short order. Beginners may feel that Path of Exile is too complicated to play at the start, don’t worry, here are some detailed tips and update, see more at here.

Path of Exile is a game that takes a good bit of thinking and tactical consideration, so a bit of reading certainly wouldn’t hurt your game. There are some keyboard-mouse combination shortcuts to make routine stuff easier. There are also a lot of things on gems that most players fail to grasp at first, so these few tidbits should clear things up. A few things about currency items such as U4gm PoE currency and and trading can help you be more savvy with your in-game wealth.

Path Of Exile Is Expanding Once Game With An Extension

Path of Exile 1

Path of Exile, Hack ‘n’ Slash recognized as the true successor of Diablo 2 by the fans, offers a new extension. This one is called War for the Atlas, and it focuses mainly on the end game content of the game.

In the Free2Play MMORPG Path of Exile, it’s up to you to fight the evil in a dark fantasy world in the role of one of six character classes. Banished from your home to the dark land of Wraeclast, your job is to survive alone or with other exiles in a post-apocalyptic world. Even PvP battles are possible.


To do this, from the isometric point of view, you’ll be hordes of cruel monsters, bag ever-better gear, and upgrade your heroes to take on even more powerful creatures.

The developers pay special attention to a sophisticated skill system that works on gems that you can build into your equipment. The game will feature an in-game shop where you can buy new animations for your heroes, additional spell effects or social pets.

This Hack ‘n’ Slash from Grinding Gear Games is expanding once again with an extension. Since its release in 2013, Path of Exile has improved with these regular additions of content. The latest one is called War for the Atlas and focuses on the mechanics of map generation. The game already offered a random map generation system when you finished the adventure. And now the principle of the Atlas is grafted on. To put it simply, a new big bad guy is coming in, the Elder. This one has the power to distort the world and to model it. The player will have to navigate in a world of randomly generated maps, to beat the four big bosses, who offer the opportunity to face the final boss. The Atlas therefore comes a little more structured procedural content and make the experience more meaningful.

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Buffs & debuffs In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile

The War for the Atlas a few days ago has been released, we are happy for the majority of players. But for the vast majority of game beginners, they may not understand the game too much. Therefore, we will explain the buffs & debuffs in Path of Exile.



  • Charges grant stackable bonuses. By default, a character can have three of each charge, but the maximum number of charges can be increased. There are also certain skills that consume charges and skills that gain additional bonuses to charges.
  • Endurance charge – Grants 4% Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge, 4% to all Elemental Resistances per Endurance Charge.
  • Frenzy charge – Grants 4% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge, 4% increased Cast Speed per Frenzy Charge, 4% more Damage per Frenzy Charge.
  • Power charge – Grants 40% increased Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge.


  • Ailments are a secondary effect that is applied on hit and has its effect scales with the type of damage associated with it. Damaging ailments have a separate damage modifier and critical strike multiplier and scale off the base damage of the hit.
  • Fire, cold, and lightning damage each have an element ailment associated with them. The non-damaging ailments have their effect proportional to the percentage of life the elemental damage did. There are passives and items that grant a chance to apply these efects, and will always be applied on critical strike.
  • Ignite – Deals a damage over time that deals 160% of Fire damage dealt from the hit that applied it over 4 seconds. Comes from Fire damage.
  • Chill – Slows down animation speed. Chill is always applied with Cold damage.
  • Frozen – Effectively a stun. Frozen enemies shatter when they die, leaving no corpse behind. Comes from Cold damage.
  • Shock – Target takes increased damage. Comes from Lightning damage.

These ailments aren’t automatically applies on critical strike, only certain skills and item bonuses will apply these.

  • Bleed – Deals damage over time equal to 70% of the Physical damage dealt from the attack that applied it per second for 5 seconds. While moving, bleed deals triple the damage per second.
  • Poison – Deals 40% of the damage dealt from Physical and Chaos damage that applied it over 2 seconds in Chaos Damage. Poison can stack multiple times, and each stack has a separate 2 second timer.


  • Curses are powerful debuffs with varying effects, such as reduced elemental resistances, granting the attacker life and mana leech, and so on. However, only one Curse can be applied at a time, but this can be increased through a notable passive and some unique items.


  • Stuns are handled differently from other ARPGs. Instead of applying it for a set time, its length depends on the stun duration modifier.
  • When you play you’ll notice that your attacks interrupt enemies (or vice versa), which is actually considered a stun; the default duration is 350 ms.

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