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WildStar Elder Gem Tips

When you get level 50 in WildStar The most noticeable change will appear on your experience bar, where you stop earning experience point. But, you start earning Elder points for every task and kill that would award you with experience points. For every 75k Elder Points you get 1 Elder Gem, used to purchase various items and unlocks at the Elder Gem vendor in Illium / Thayd. Weekly cap is 140 elder gems or 10.5 million Elder Points.

wildstar guide

It will take weeks to buy everything, so you should make a priority list. The item (Genesis Key – 150 Elder gems) which starts the attunement chain for raids is usually the very first choice, followed by AMP Power Upgrade (320 Elder gems), Ability Tier Points unlocks (400 Elder gems), and Mounts but it’s really up to your preferences. One of the really important things to do is boosting your housing decor bonus XP modifiers, or you can befriend someone who has more, become neighbors, and log out at his place.

1.Use experience boosts bought at the renown vendor (you have to be in a guild with a perk that unlocks those boosts)
2.Cook or buy Special Meals
3.Don’t forget to fill your gear with runes
4.Always logout in your housing area (or your neighbour’s housing – if he has more rested XP bonus).
5.War of the Wilds and Crimelords of the Whitevale are the best adventures to run for reputation and Elder Points –they are much quicker and easier compared to rest.
6.Get social – befriend people which pursue the same goal in dungeons, raid attunements or PvP; or get into a guild that suits you
7.Items from Malgrave reputation vendor are a good start. You don’t need much more to begin with veteran adventures.

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RS3 Death of Chivalry Quest

Fights are indispensable for completing the quest and there are tough choices to make when you are proceeding in the quest. Assure you made wise choices as they must have influences on far and wide in the path of the quest.

The Death of Chivalry – Storyline
The Death of Chivalry quest line features one of RuneScape’s crucial figures, Sir Owen. Sent on a mission to track down and recover a powerful artifact, Sir Owen will team up you guys to accomplish the tough task. You will disguise yourselves as Captain Dulcin and collaborate Owen posing as you prisoner in order for the sake of infiltrating the very heart of the Kinshra organization where you and Owen to finish the quest.

Take Part in The Death of Chivalry
To start The Death of Chivalry quest, the primary thing you need to do is to come up to Sir Owen. You are able to find him in the back garden of Edgeville Monastery where is a major focal point for the worship of the Saradomin. Comprising of a large two-storey stone building and associated grounds, the monastery is the home of a chapter of monks dedicated to the Saradominist principles.
Speak to Owen; he will be your lead to get in The Death of Chivalry quest.

The Death of Chivalry – Tips
There is no limitation of levels of gamers who are able to participate in the quest, which means no matter you are free player or a member of Runescape you can enjoy the quest. But combat will scale to your level, so you must equip your best combat gear when you get the chance to do so. Well, take it easy. You are allowed to access your bank before you start combating. So you don’t need to worry you get no chance to change a better gear for the battle.

Rich Loot of The Death of Chivalry
You absolutely will gain fabulous rewards for working with Sir Owen to complete the quest, such as Owen’s shield, a set of Kinshra ceremonial armour, a selection of chivalrous titles, and some excellent post-quest rewards.

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Jagex wasted no time to unleash the first quest named The Death of Chivalry for RuneScape 3 as well as a celebration for the 6th age of Gielinor having dawned.

RS Heavy Magic Rocket

These slim Purple Runes are excellent for Druids and Sorcerers that do not want to waste any mana. You could purchase them rather cheap, about 1,500 gold for 20 runes and each has 5 fees. This implies that you obtain one hundred tries each knapsack and it’s really worth it. You can educate your magic degree up by using spells to make runes while hunting with these Heavy Magic Missiles getting you experience and increasing your degree.

The power of these runes relies on the individuals magic degree. This implies that you could easily do a lot of damages with these standard runes with a higher magic degree. Knights are not suggested to utilize these due to the fact that their magic degrees normally do not surpass 5 or 6 if they are privileged. Paladins might benefit greatly from utilize these runes as will Sorcerers and Druids.

These gray runes depict a head and go across bones showing just how dangerous they absolutely are. Abrupt Death runes are the most deadly rune ever made on Tibia and are generally just utilized to get rid of bigger creatures and other players.

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Knights don’t make use of these runes due to the fact that they need level 15 miracle in order to cast, and no Knight has ever gotten to that degree of magic ability prior to. Sorcerers and Druids both are the ones who reward the most from these runes, because their regular attacks are far weak then that of a Knight or Paladin.

RS Golden Joystick Awards

Golden Joystick Awards are the only players in the game industry awards , which is why we are so honored to be able to get them in the past entirely by vote. Volume hard constituents server can not be wrong. Spots look, we are here to provide cheap Runescape Powerleveling

For the UK Developer of the Year ,, Jagex has won two awards , has now been nominated for Best Online Game category RUNESCAPE. This past year has seen the release RUNESCAPE 3: the biggest update the game has ever seen , your feedback throughout its development at the forefront . Players led community events such as Lumbridge , voting tasks, such as innate dwarves battle of Gielinor future is in your hands , it’s your vote, will decide the coveted Golden Joystick Award.

There has never been a more exciting time in Runescape, we hope you like so far in 2013 fantastic update. Many of our future – including the epic new world events and new skills – we can not wait to share with you.

World of Warcraft Frenzied Crystal of Rage

FCR is the “Cleave” trinket, which makes it great for fights with multiple targets close to together, but it doesn’t rank well on simulations or theory with one target.

Due to loot competition in my raid as well as loot RNG, this is the only trinket I’ve personally acquired so far of the tier 16 trinkets. I tried it out on Spoils of Pandaria as destruction, which is a fight so rich in multiple targets that you can spend a good majority of it with Fire and Brimstone turned on. However, the Cleave part of the trinket only did about 5% of my total damage, which settles a little lower than halfway down my damage sources on World of Logs.

Drops off: Malkorok, first boss of third wing
Proc 1: attacks can Cleave, aka same damage done up to 5 nearby targets
Proc 2: attacks grant intellect for 15 sec; 15% chance with 85 sec ICD
Proc (#2) buff name: Extravagant Visions

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On the other hand, I love this trinket when I go out to farm reputation or coins on the Timeless Isle. If you can, click the shrines for a Celestial’s buff — while Yu’lon’s or Xuen’s buff makes sense for damage dealers (Niuzao’s is good for undergeared alts), I’ve found Chi-Ji’s buff is actually the most fun to have. Pair this with the Cleave trinket and go to town rounding up reputation on the Isle.

Runecrafting highly useful skill

Runecrafting is also a highly useful skill, especially if you cast tons of spells and as runes are expensive in large amounts I highly recommend you train for this skill. Before you can start you will have to complete the Rune Mysteries Quest. After you finish the quest the head wizard in the wizard’s tower will give you an air talisman which is required to start runecrafting.

I highly recommend you to train magic. This skill allows you to cast fiery powerful combat spells at your enemies, teleport quickly to the main cities and towns of Runescape, turn other items that you have into gold, charge obelisks to make battlestaffes etc. But doing all this costs money because you need to buy lots of runes to cast the spells.

At the same time, you also need to get as more runescape gold as you can, but how to get it at a low level? Several good ways to make money for low levels is to kill cows for cowhides and sell them at the Grand Exchange for around 200 coins each. Another way is to kill chickens for feathers and sell them for 14-16 coins each. Chickens drop up to 15 feathers per kill.

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When you come out of Explorer Jack’s house you should be able to see a building with dummies in it which you can hit for combat training. Talk to the melee instructor and get a free training sword and shield. Go to the nearby general store and get all the free stuff there including the bronze dagger.

RS The Bond Delusion

Bonds are under fire from many players because they feel this will hurt the playerbase and ruin the economy, as well as offer easy access to ingame currency and render any profits to Jagex obsolete. This is wrong for a majority of reasons:
Bonds cost real money to exist in the game world. In order for a player to get ‘free’ membership time and other services, someone else has to PAY Jagex for the Bond to exist. Therefore, everyone benefits from the purchase of Bonds, even those who bought the Bonds for coins.

Bonds are NOT real-world trading, but rather a secondary payment option. Jagex does NOT force the player to sell the Bonds, but rather allows the player that option if they wish to, and at a penalty if they wish to do so due to the tax rate. Jagex does NOT give you Runescape Powerleveling, another PLAYER gives you the gold, therefore not creating any new gold. This is not the same thing as Jagex selling a Barrows Set for actual money, which would generate content and cause the value of gold to lessen.

Bonds are ARE ACTUALLY MORE EXPENSIVE compared to traditional payment models. One Bond valued at $5 gives you less value of game time at approximately 36 cents a day compared to a month valued at approximately 27 cents a day. Plus, it would take at least $10 in Bonds to pay for almost a month of membership time. 200 RuneCoins are valued at $4.99 (a little over 2 cents a coin) and 160 RuneCoins from a Bond purchase is a little over 3 cents a coin (You can see the better deal here, not to mention the bonus Coins you get from directly buying them). Spins, which are valued at 10 for $4.99, are about 49 cents a Spin, where 8 Spins from a Bond of the same price is about 62 cents a Spin.

Bonds offer an alternative to hardcore players or players who have no use for their coins. If someone is indeed sitting on a gold pile of say, 500 million coins, and were to spend all of that money on Bonds, the player could then buy 44 Bonds and get 616 days of membership, 352 Spins, or 7040 RuneCoins (Hit me up buddy, I’d love some). Remember, 44 Bonds is also valued at $220 USD, so it’s not likely someone is going to make a huge profit off of those (They still lose around 55.44 million gold from the tax they are penalized with, causing less gold to be in the economy)
Bonds WILL fluctuate in price, causing higher or lower amounts of gold to be needed for Bonds.

RS new business model

Despite those “signifcant blows, gold farming continues to survive,” Gerhard explains. He also says that 40 to 50 percent of the game’s active playerbase buys gold “on any given month!” The solution to what is clearly a thorn in Jagex’s side is something called RuneScape bonds. Bonds are a tradeable membership item that can freely gifted or traded for any other tradeable in-game item. As a result, players will be able to pay for their game memberships via in-game wealth and gold farmers will theoretically have no customers. The bonds update will also include a gold-sink designed to help the economy recover from extreme inflation. Full details are available via the video after the cut and the links below.

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has posted a new video to the Runescape Powerleveling website detailing the fantasy MMO’s new business model. The clip, which runs a bit over three minutes in length, focuses on Jagex’s efforts to eradicate goldfarmers from the long-running browser-based title. Gerhard mentions that the firm has removed over 3,700,000,000,000 GP from goldfarmer accounts and banned more than 1.1 million bot accounts this year alone.

Stars citizens reach $ 20 million , LOL semifinals, “Diablo III” hat Statistics

Stars citizens fight crowdfunding 2000万dollar mark this week announced that its worth 220,000 goal will be to purchase equipment to capture the actor ‘s face, and put them in the game. ” Diablo III site Diablofans juicy tips upcoming Soul Reaper data mining in its latest attempt to expand, developers have opened a discussion of the problems caused by the low character health pools. Exile released 0.11.6 adding a new patch this week lightning traps and smoke mine gems and balance skills of existing traps and mines of the path. lay off 10 % of employees after , Firefall developer Red 5 studios has released a new optional subscription package awarded bonus Crystite, manufacturing slots, and market slot.We here to supply buy  FFXIV Gil

The third quarter of Legends League World Championship semi-finals took place this weekend , like most of South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 and China Royal Club team to advance to the end of the grand final to compete million dollar top prize . Butcher’s meat hook ability to learn to use the difficulty of frustration , DOTA 2 player has developed an independent small game , designed to allow players to train targeting capabilities. As a playable avatar classic DC Comics character Catwoman added to Infinite Crisis , this week, and award-winning Russian Prime Minister MOBA world is now on Steam , despite the lack of its expected release date of steam in mid-September .