Declaration of Freedom CommencesDeclaration of Freedom Commences

With City of Heroes Freedom coming later this year, we’ve got some exciting news from NCsoft and Paragon Studios. Later this week we will be bringing players a very special Declaration of Freedom sale. This limited time offer will bring the base price of City of Heroes to $1.99 on the official NCsoft online store. If the price drop weren’t enough, the purchase will give all active subscribers access to 400 Paragon Points per month, which can be redeemed when City of Heroes Freedom launches
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Paragon Studios and NCSoft have announced that a new “Declaration of Freedom” promotion is now live. The City of Heroes game client is on sale for $1.99 from now through August 29th. In addition, the team announced that all new subscribers will be given 400 Paragon Points per month between now and when the CoH Freedom, the free-to-play version of the game, goes live in late 2011. Players can use points to purchase items in the shop.