Five heroes to choose from in Diablo 3

Here you will find a community of Diablo 3 players ready to answer your questions, trade with you, chat with you, and participate in a clan or a guild with you. This ever expanding community is vibrant, fun, and a great source for all the latest Diablo 3 news and discoveries. We will continue to grow with the community and help Diablo 3 gamers engage in a satisfying and entertaining Diablo III fan site. With 5 heroes to choose from, it will be difficult to settle for one that fits your needs. Which will you choose? The Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Witch Doctor are all fantastic options in the universe of Diablo 3. Some, who want to tank, will choose either the Barbarian or the Monk. If you want to control a vast army of minion and help in crowd control, then the Witch Doctor is perfect for you!

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