Guild Wars 2 Guide for new players

Every race has the same options for gender in step two: male or female. Aside from physical appearance and some dialogue, there are no gameplay differences between them. Step three allows you to choose one of eight professions, unrestricted by race or gender. Soldier professions wear heavy armor. Guardians specialize in protective and defensive magic. A deep sense of loyalty to their allies fuels their passion and power. They’re also skilled with a variety of weapons which they put to use against their enemies. Warriors are masters of martial skills. They rely on speed, strength, toughness and heavy armor to survive. They’re versatile in combat and benefit from offensive and defensive abilities. Warriors inspire allies and demoralize enemies.

Adventurer professions wear medium armor. Engineers are technological and alchemical masterminds. They employ turrets, grenades, elixirs, and a variety of other impressive devices and concoctions to overcome their enemies. Rangers are proficient with the bow. They rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature to slay their targets. Their loyal pets, which rangers tame and train, distract enemies while the rangers strike safely from a distance. Thieves are adept at the art of stealth. They utilize surprise and shadow to get close to their enemies, and they’re deadly in one-on-one combat. They have an affinity for setting traps and going where they were never meant to go.

Scholar professions wear light armor. Elementalists have harnessed Tyria’s natural forces. Their powers of destruction are drawn from an affinity with the four elements that make up the world. They conjure air, fire, earth, or water to assault their enemies. Mesmers are maestros of mirage. They wield mental magic that confounds, controls, or evokes emotion in their enemies. With a wave of the hand, they can shatter their own illusions to produce even greater special effects. As the leading company which has outstanding experience in selling Guild Wars 2 gold, this site is good at serving customers both gold and items. Large amount of Guild wars 2 gold for sale will satisfy you.