His name in wow is “steel calf”.

His name in wow is “steel calf”. He goes in to Azeroth under the leading of his father. His father has warrior spirit and hopes he will be a courage warrior in the future. When steel calf was very small, his small taught his how to use mouse to gallop on Azeroth. He regards monsters as friends and drags trains to travel on the map; he changes several times a day. The following is the interview of the young father.

Q: please introduce your wow family.
A: we are in spirestone tribe. My father begun to play wow when wow opened the public test. It was the year when I studied in research institution. Time goes fast. Now I have my own family, too. Until now, game is one of happy sources in my family.
Q: how long does xiaohe(steel calf) know wow?
A: about half a year. He begun to touch mouse in 3 years old. At first, he was enchanted by the beautiful girls’ long legs on TV. He often cried for watching long legs sisters’ MV, so his mother found for him on YOUTUBE. Slowly he learnt how to use mouse. As for the beginning of playing wow, there are 2 computers in my home. His mother likes it better than me. I have to lie to my son and asked him to use one computer with me. As first, I thought he was happy after watching the beautiful scenes, while he caught mouse with me and pressed space, so he begun to touch wow.
Q: what carrer is he? How many levels at present?
A: warrior, 22 level. Actually, his mother created a priest for him, because his mother doesn’t want to relevel the pandaria. But priest is very weak, so I choose warrior for him.
Q: which part does he like most?
A: Goblins tricycle. In real life, his favoriate toys are also all kinds of cars, so he likes to watch the tricycle runs in the game. But out of my expected, he also likes to watch female orc and often says “watch monsters”!
Q: does he join guild in the game?
A: he doesn’t join guild at present. A lot of people invite him in the game, while he is just a kid and can’t communicate and typewriting, so they refuse at last. But on the way, he meets a lot of nice people. One time, he met a druid which becomes a deer. He was very surprised and followed him always, but he didn’t talk to the deer. The druid made fun for him.
Q: are there any words xiao he want to say sisters and brothers in wow?
A: “I like playing wow”, said by xiao he.
I just want to express my feeling to play wow with my son, so I wrote an article. But I don’t think a lot of parents response me. Actually, he was very happy after seeing alliance last time, as his mother said there was a little sister. But when he got closer to her, she became black. Deer friends in alliance, please show mercy to my son, as xiao he hopes to see you often.

Love exists in wow. Opening my mobile HD and recalling the days in blue sea, after raid several times, I climb up the gate of Grim Batol quietly. It has its own charm and I know the feeling can’t be expressed by any words.

In a day of 2006, my 20 level gnome warlock came to wetland first time. Just out of curiosity, I came to wetland alone to search, as a result, I went astray dragonmaw gate, and then OVER, but I always want to know what are at the east of wetland. Later, I finally did black dragon MM open task and came to wetland kill the dragon. At killing the last part, i witnessed the grim batol’s appearance. I am very disappointed, as there was only one unopened gate and sheer cliff. The only speciies was those red dragons. At that time, I was a druid, so I didn’t control myself and looked up the history. Dwarf tribe’s 3 hammer war was shrouded in here. Cunning black iron tribe forced the red dragon queen for their operations, but ultimately resulted in their own destruction. Maybe it was at that moment, here left a red dragon figure. In this fertile wetland, the red calm breeding for generations, until today.

Several years later, everything has changed. Deathwing returned and brought tremendous changes. Today’s grim batol has been conquered by nye surrey, evil stage would come back. With accompanied by justice is against. Maybe players who had done twilight highland are familiar with, there is not only bite forces and twilight forces of war, also scarlet dragons and twilight dragons battlefield. The road to the grim batol is a hail of bullets, fire smoke. Look at behind it is a way of dismembered.

I didn’t quit the team and came out copy after finishing the task. 6 years later, I stand on the top of Grim Batol’s gate. The change is big. Twlight clouds ripples in the sky slowly. A crowd of red dragons open wings to fly over the sky. Seeing the road lower, trees at the two sides of road have nearly lost all leaves. When I see to far direction and find the road is slowly extending without end.

Despair again and again, strong and again, fall down again and againl and then climb up. Wow tells us. In recent years, the reality let me lost to the bone. Occasionally, however, pen a little, it is a happy. Sometimes, I just a prodigal, even can’t solve my clothing and food problems. Above the door, the beautiful scenery let me happy, love, azeroth, step by step, shuttle, only more beautiful! And landscape have inherent pursuit, the pursuit of, is always beautiful.