Independency : Why Not an Indie MMO?Independency : Why Not an Indie MMO?



In our Independency column debut, we discuss the possibilities of an indie developed MMO as well as the realistic challenges that would face anyone looking to create one.

The idea of an indie MMO is, in some ways, one of the most exciting things to ponder in this industry. Free from the constraints set by mainstream expectations, an indie MMO has the potential to be just about anything within reason. A side-scrolling venture into outer space. A browser-based survival horror. A system-less, free-form sandbox filled with enemies that will stalk you like real predators. A resurrection of an old, beloved franchise. However, glorious as the concept of an indie MMO might be, it is one that is seldom explored — a dream as impossible and as alluring as the age-gold quest to turn lead into gold.