Blade & Soul: Thoughts about The Content Release Pace

I know what I said will not change anything. Either NCSoft doesn’t listen to players, or the top-notch of their company has set everything in stone, it doesn’t really matter.

I’m one of, well, ‘lucky’ players, who manage to get my weapon to True Pirate, and is in progress of upgrading other things. The only two things that I feel needed to complete my character are upgrading my necklace to True Siren, and get a new shiny purple gem. Maybe some extra blade & soul gold too.

Am I ready for the new lv50 content? I guess so, but I don’t really that I’m that prepared. It’s the feeling of ‘I’m nearly finish my work here, so that I can take a break and enjoy other things. Then my boss just shoves me with more work, not letting me have any break, just because he thinks I’m capable for that’.

Yeah, after a grinding cycle, I want to have a short break to enjoy things, like doing achievements, running stuffs with my friends and clanmate, or leveling up a new character to experience the game in a different way. I have fun with leveling my Warlock for the challenge, and intend to spend some times to practice dungeon runs with her.

Suddenly, everything I’m going to enjoy goes off schedule, thanks to NCSoft’s too fast content release. Everything feels like a rush, and I don’t know what to do now, because none of what I want to do can be done in time of the update. I feel lost, really lost, and I’m scared that such a thing will repeat in the future. The grind continues.

I love the game, a lot, and it’s the second game that I’m serious about purchasing premiumship and cashshop item (the first is LOTRO, which is also near a new big update). The game has its flaws (bots, afkers…), but I have not yet see an MMO without problems, and what I like about the game overweight any flaws.

I won’t suggest NCSoft to do slower content release, because a lot of people have done that. But, I feel that rushing players to play at their pace for the e-sport reason (which I know I and some players don’t even care about) or to catch up content in Korea hurts more then helps.

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The Skills of Blade and Soul New Class Soul Fighter

Blade and Soul new class Soul Fighter is coming. The class is already available for playing in several countries and is expected to be released in Europe and North America a few months later. It is an almost perfect Blade and Soul class. If you want to play this class, you should know it a lot.Maybe, you need to buy blade & soul gold as well. So let’s talk about it.

Ice Skills and Earth Skills
The Ice Skills have more output than the Earth Skills. The Ice Skills are simple with stable frequency. On the Korean servers, in the latest version, the Ice Skills surpass the Earth Skills. However, it is all in the ideal case. Let’s talk about other aspects.

It takes lots of focus to use the Ice Skills, which is why a skill book is needed. There is originally only 1 stack Advancing Energy Right Blue Palm on Right Blue Palm, but after the use of the skill book, there will be 2 stacks Advancing Energy. Thus, the rate of Iron Shoulder is improved. As an important skill to restore focus, the Iron Shoulder means a lot to Ice Soul Fighter. There will be a shortage of focus without the help of the skill book.

Skills Guide
When it comes to the Earth Skills, Straight Jab is the most difficult, followed by Explosive Power and Azure Fist. It requires more practices for you to play smoothly. It is easy to make mistakes. In conclusion, it requires utmost carefulness and focus. It’s more mental work for the Ice Skills. For smooth output, players need to pay attention to Focus and Advancing Energy. It is also important to find the best moment to use skills to restore focus. There are more details to watch out. Players should decide if the location is safe and figure out when the boss is about to turn around. The overflow of focus is a loss for the Ice Soul Fighter.

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