The Most Exciting Aspect Of Longshot In Madden 18

With the release date of Madden 18 is getting closer, many madden 18 fans expectations are getting higher and higher, want to be able to experience the fun of Madden 18 as soon as possible, compare Madden 18 with Madden 17 and see which is more fun, Especially recently released a new story mode, it is attracting a lot of players. So today we come to introduce the new story mode.

18madden2One of the actors brought their 12-year-old son into the office. He is a huge Madden NFL fan. We let him play the first act and several of the dev team gathered around to watch. It was so much fun to see him become completely wrapped up in the story. Every day, we pick relentlessly at what we are doing, and that moment really spoke to why we do what we do. It was pretty fulfilling.

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What You Will Get in This Summer From Madden NFL 18

With the released date of Madden NFL 18 is approaching, have you prepared bread and burger on the grill and enjoy Madden NFL 18 in this summer? Through the efforts of EA Developers, Madden is in a step by step improvement, I heard that they added a new gameplay in Madden 18, it sounds very attractive, then let us according to recent days of Madden NFL 18 news, to sum up about upcoming Madden 18.



Madden 18 has shown great hope and is potentially moving from good to bad. I still think that we have not been the football fans hope and dream of everything for the next few years, but as long as the game is moving in the right direction, we can begin to feel where it is. The story pattern will be part of our annual excitement, or it can simply be “remember when Madden tried this” joke. In any case, I can not wait to know. In the next few weeks, we will get more official news on Madden 18, hoping that the game will be one of the better iterations over the past decade.

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