FIFA 15 Manager Mode Tips Bring Your Dream into Reality

fifa tipsFIFA 15 is a refinement more of a giant leap forward, filling out and enhancing on ideas from yesteryear, instead of overhauling things totally. We have all had dreams about becoming a football manager, and FIFA 15′s new Manager mode brings us one step closer to the dream of becoming a reality. However, since the mode comes out, we should make full use of it.

Would you like to be the best manager in FIFA 15? The following are the strategies of how to play manager mode the best.

Try to build a strong squad
Based on the objectives provided by the board, you need to check your squad for trimming or strengthening. In other words, you can now view any available managerial positions through the Jobs Board, which allows you to change clubs mid season should you wish to. Owning players that are able to play in multiple positions is always beneficial, as they can shoulder sudden injuries and be kept exciting by playing regularly, even when they are out of position.

Do profitable deals
Player transfers become a lot more essential in FIFA 15. You cannot tempt every individual player nor have the ability to match them within your budget. Once you are willing to attract a star player, you will likely have to discard some player of a similar caliber, earning transfer currency and be capable of paying their ludicrous wage.

Keep up player morale
In order to do that, you need to take all your players in low fitness and morale into your reserves and then play matches. You will realize how it has gone up, back up to the 90s.

Try to avoid your players’ injuries
To become a better player, preventing injury is as important as training: you can stay on the pitch and perfect your skills. A player will be more injury prone when his fitness becomes lower. You can apply fitness cards to keep your star players topped up, and apply rotation to make your other players have a rest.

Hopefully these strategies on manager mode can help you out whether it’s picking up a decent team to start with and give it long contracts or if you would like to add some talented young players to develop into world-class stars. Follow our set of tips so that you will lift trophies while you are managing the best team and keeping good morale of your players.




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Warlords of Draenor: Effects of Skills Guards and Garrisons

In recent weeks we have been bombarded with news about the new expansion, and it would be no different with WoD almost knocking.

These days were released animations of talents Level 100 and news about mountings!

Effects of Skills

The Wowhead made screen shots to show the animations and effects of skills and talents to level 100, plus some others that received new animations. Below we show the materials provided by them (the names of skills that are in English, do not yet have official translation):

Death Knight

Breath of Sindragosa e Defile
Video with animations



Lunar InspirationBristling Fur,  Stellar Flare
Video with animations


Focusing Shot
Video with animations


New Ice , Evanesce , Supernova , Meteor , Prismatic Crystal , Arcane Orb , Comet Storm , Protection Sortílego , Fingers Glaciers , Unstable Magic
Video with animations


Breath of the Serpent,  Serenity,  Hurricane Strike
Video with animations


Empowered Seals,  Seraphim,  Final Verdict


Fonte de LuzClarity of Will,  Clarity of Purpose
Video with animations


Cracked reed , Shadow Reflection
Video with animations


Storm Elemental Totem ,   Magma Liquid ,   Ghost Wolf ,   Feral Spirit ,   Eco Element ,  Storm Elemental Totem +   Primal Elementalist
Video with animations


Cataclysm,  DemonboltGrimoire of Synergy,  Incinerar
Video with animations


Ignite Weapon,  Ravager
Video with animations

 Guards Garrisons


The linings are fortresses that players can build, govern and manage. They will be based in Warlords of Draenor and this new building there will be NPCs who make their saves.

Who has access to the beta of WoD can change the race of the NPC guard. And seems to be pretty simple: just be exalted with some faction and talk to the officer chosen faction City Centre (there will be no official factions with which you are not exalted). When you return to your Garrison, the race of the guards will be changed. The change can be made for anyone who plays in the Alliance, and the appeal has not yet been made available to the Horde.

This change was observed by players that are in Beta for WoD, so some things may change when the game comes out in the final version to the public.

Warlords of Draenor – Briefly recall the Upcoming Expansion

Warlords of Draenor is the latest installment of content coming to the World of Warcraft and release date will be in August 14, that means Mists of Pandaria of WoW finally has an ending. Having set foot in the beta and taken stock of the onslaught of changes, the design goal of the expansion appears to be a heavy revamp aimed at revitalizing interest for players new and old alike.

From the Warlords of Draenor Announcement TrailerI’ll try to cover the basic plot of the latest expansion before I continue on to a more comprehensive listing of features you can expect. Admittedly, we all know that a story in an MMORPG is basically a paper-thin justification for thrashing our way to more loot, but the direction they’re taking this time piqued my interest.

Where did the latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, leave off? With the defeat of the much hated, both lore-wise and by the players themselves, Garrosh Hellscream. Rather than take off on a new tack with this expansion, Warlords of Draenor seeks to continue the story of Garrosh and take him in a direction somewhat new and somewhat familiar to his previous ambitions.

Predictably, leaving Garrosh alive following his defeat was a mistake. To the surprise of no one, Garrosh escapes. To the surprise of most I would imagine, he does so with the aid of his time-travelling dragon friends.

Back to an Earlier Time, to Rewrite History

Okay, so that’s interesting. Garrosh travels back in time to a point in history before the original horde on Draenor had consumed demon blood and become corrupted. In doing so he re-writes history, uniting the ‘Iron Horde’ as it is now called under the leadership of his father, Grommash Hellscream, or Grom for short.

Obviously this can’t be allowed to stand, particularly when Garrosh’s ultimate goals involve returning to Azeroth and destroying basically everything, much like the last time he was around these parts.

That’s the plot in a nutshell, with the expansion’s multitude of quests, instances, and raids expanding on this chain of events to deliver us more dungeons to plunder, battlegrounds to fight over, and everything else you have come to expect by now.

Working on the Character Models

Perhaps the most striking of the changes coming with Warlords of Draenor is the visual overhaul of player character models. It’s an understatement to call this a highly demanded feature, in fact I can remember this being highly requested about the time of the second expansion, this being the fifth, for reference.

Talents, Abilities, and Toys

Along with this comes the usual level cap increase, this time to an even 100, as well as a wealth of new talents to select from on your way to, and at, the new cap. The addition of these abilities adds new options to the classes, but there will be more distinct changes to what we already have.

Warlords heavily alters the available selection of abilities, seeking to simplify, in a good way, the ability book by making a good number of them specialization specific. This means as a fire mage you’re unlikely to see a spell book filled to the brim with useless frost spells, and vice versa. Additionally, some abilities were removed outright as part of paving the way for new talents and the changing of some of the old.

I can understand why some would be reluctant to see the spells they’ve become used to either taken away from their specialization or removed altogether, but from what I can tell this is less a gutting of ability diversity and more like cleaning it up a bit while they add in new toys for us in the expansion.

Also about Toys, a new Toy Box is being added to house your vanity items, meaning pretty much anything without combat application. Another quality of life change is the Heirloom interface, making it far easier to manage the use of heirlooms across all your characters.

Yes, There Will be PvP

For those of the bloodthirsty variety, in which I include myself, Player vs. Player (PvP) is receiving sweeping changes to adopt a new Blizzard mentality, namely losing control of your character is bad.

Crowd control (CC) of all types has been either toned down or removed. Silence effects have been removed from interrupts across the board, and all disarms have been taken out. The remaining CC abilities have been placed in a smaller group of categories for the purposes of diminishing returns, making them, again, weaker in large amounts.

This is just touching the surface of the changes made, but you can start to see the approach they’re taking with this expansion as far as the PvP aspect goes.

Warlords of Draenor is also bringing with it new battlegrounds, improvements to the scoreboard, and a new contested zone for Horde and Alliance to fight over called Ashran. This is a permanent zone and is intended to include vehicles, quests, and faction bases.

A Serious Change to Stats and Some Squishing

In line with attempts to get rid of unnecessary information clutter, a few statistics are also being removed, among them hit, expertise, dodge, and parry. On the other hand, new minor stats have been added such as movement speed, versatility, and multistrike, to name a few.

Largest of the changes to statistics would be the infamous item squish. This is another attempt to bring the increasingly ridiculous numbers of previous expansions back into check so that players can feel powerful without seeing damage numbers covering the screen in the near future.

What this basically means is that while your damage might be halved (or more, it looks like,) it won’t actually make it harder to kill anything, as the monsters, too, will be adjusted accordingly. Blizzard is, however, looking to tone down burst and make combat more consistent and less instant reflex-based, so look for some future changes in that regard.

So, there you have it, a basic overview of just some of the new content, changes, and features you’ll be seeing come the release of Lords of Draenor. To my eyes it looks like Blizzard has realized some of the failings of previous releases and is trying to accomplish a great deal with this expansion in terms of reinvigorating interest in the game. Even though I’m not particularly a graphics kind of guy, the model update is just one of a few welcome and necessary changes being made in this expansion.

Super Classic Fast Leveling Guide for ArcheAge

Well, I think the top issue for players must be how to level up faster than the others. Here are a few tips for to level up faster in ArcheAge. Besides, the best place to buy archeage power leveling just in

1. Overachieve
Overachieve means that completing more quests. In the game, doing quests will give you a number of XP and rewards. Even if you have finished all the quests, do not give up any quests. Besides, if you want to finish the tasks as soon as possible, you can utilize the attack team to party players to farm XP together. Kill more monsters and collect more XP as many as possible.
Attention: Once you have finished the quest more than 50% workload, you will gain extra EXP.

2. Hidden Quests
In the game, you may find you will be rewarded with extra XP in “Hidden Quests” after killing mobs more than 15-20. But the trigger amount is not identical. The condition is determined by the systems.
Super Classic Fast Leveling Guide for ArcheAge

3. Gain XP by using labor force
Using labor points will be rewarded with XP. Therefore, no matter you are harvesting your garden or farming your crafting materials. They are all the source of XP.
Lv.1 100 labor force
Lv.5 150 labor force
Lv.10 200 labor force
Lv.20 300 labor force
Lv.30 400 labor force
Lv.40 500 labor force
Lv.50 600 labor force
Iron ore 3 labor force
Silver ore 5 labor force
Gold ore 7 labor force
Watering flowers and plants 1 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 30mins 2 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 90mins 4 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 240mins 6 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 12hrs 8 labor force
1 labor force = 25 + (Character lv * 3) EXP
For example: If your character level is 20 and you are collecting silver ore, then the EXP= 5 *[25+ (20*3)] =375 exp

4. Do events in your hostile faction
When you feel bored of your quests or your quests are all finished, gain EXP from your opponents will be a good choice. The extra EXP will let you level up faster.

Archeage 1.2 Beginner’s Guide to PvP

A basic guide to getting started in Archeage as a PvP loving gamer after the most recent (NA Beta) changes made to the game. This guide will help you through the core mechanics and some of the less intuitive features, so that you can more easily get to doing what you love to do.

Don’t forget to buy or grow a carrot before trying to raise your horse!