Guild Wars 2 : Colin Johanson Talks 2013Guild Wars 2 : Colin Johanson Talks 2013


ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson gives a video preview about the team’s plans for Guild Wars 2 in the first several months of 2013. The video goes along with Johanson’s new blog post on the official GW2 site where he lays out in much more detail the plans for the entire year including improvements to the persistent events system, PvP, WvW and much more. 

Wizardry Online : Open Beta Servers Closing January 14thWizardry Online : Open Beta Servers Closing January 14th


This weekend is the final weekend for Wizardry Online open beta players to check out the game and assist with bug squashing. Servers will be closing on Monday, January 14th in preparation for the Wizardry Online retail launch on Wednesday, January 16th.
To prepare for the launch, SOE will begin shutting down the Wizardry Online open beta servers on Monday, January 14. During the downtime, current and future Wizardry Online players can visit the official Wizardry Online Wiki to read up on tips, tricks and other important information.




we don’t have to penalizewe don’t have to penalize

The cherry on top of all of this: Guild Wars 2 will have a much milder death penalty.Players who have recently been downed several times will take longer to revive each time. If no one revives you, you can spend a small amount of gold to come back at a waypoint. It’s as simple as that, and why not? Why should we debuff you, take away experience, or make you run around for five minutes as a ghost instead of letting you actually play the game? We couldn’t think of a reason. Well, we did actually think of a reason–it just wasn’t a good one. Death penalties make death in-game a more tense experience. It just isn’t fun. We want to get you back into the action (fun) as quickly as possible. Defeat is the penalty; 

End of Nations : Petroglyph’s Official StatementEnd of Nations : Petroglyph’s Official Statement


Trion Worlds announced on Wednesday that development for the upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations, would be continued in-house and that Petroglyph’s work on the game had concluded. Today, Petroglyph released its official statement about the change.
Here is the statement in its entirety:

“Petroglyph Games Inc., an innovative studio that has created and launched multiple successful games over the years, has concluded its work as developer on End of Nationsâ„¢ for publisher Trion Worlds. As a result, Petroglyph has reduced its workforce by 19 employees.

The team at Petroglyph is very excited about End of Nations, a title which earned more than 50 nominations and awards while in development, and looks forward to its upcoming release.

Additionally, Petroglyph recently moved into a larger facility in Las Vegas to house its current headcount of over 90 employees. Development work continues on multiple projects across different genres and platforms, both internally and externally funded, with releases planned through 2014.”

Thank you,

Chuck Kroegel, CEO/General Manager

Petroglyph Games, Inc.



Guild Wars 2 : Review in Progress – Part ThreeGuild Wars 2 : Review in Progress – Part Three


This week, fresh off vacation, Bill brings us the third part in his Review in Progress for Guild Wars 2. He dives into the crafting, the UI, the Trading Post, and other general bits and pieces. Take a look!
I did an event this week that had me do math. And I loved it. It’s in Brisban Highlands, and I think it’s called “Utla Metamagicals”.  Basically, there are Asurans doing what they do best: messing with the space-time continuum and as Asura Gates let through tons of monstrous beasts through to our world, you’re running about helping them get the experiment running and preparing the test.  There are panels around the lab that ask you basic mathematical problems and give you multiple choices for the answer. Correctly respond = progress.



Guild Wars 2 : TMORBG: Recounting the Asura in Guild Wars 2 BWE #3Guild Wars 2 : TMORBG: Recounting the Asura in Guild Wars 2 BWE #3



TemperHoof is back with his latest entry to his “Temper’s Massively Overblown Ranting Blog [about] Gaming” blog here at His latest entry, as you might imagine, focuses on his play of the asura during this past weekend’s beta event in Guild Wars 2.

Once upon a time there was a race of short, stubby little Care Bear-like creatures. The magical geniuses of their world, they perfected the lost art of summoning and created golems with silly names. Their city was complex and difficult to navigate yet a true splendor to behold with a unique appearance and a nifty implementation. They often considered themselves the most brilliant of all the races, and despite their small size they made up for it with massive amounts of magical power and attitude. That’s right I’m talking about the Tarutaru; Final Fantasy XI’s premier short-but-powerful playable race.
Anyone who has played Final Fantasy XI can easily find the similarities between the two races, and since I was a resident of the Federation of Windurst for 9-years — it’s very difficult for me to ignore them. When I first hopped into Guild Wars 2 this weekend, the first thing I did was attempt to make a classic Tarutaru character known as Shantotto. For Final Fantasy XI fans she is best known for her manic magical exploits and her signature condescending laugh. Making a Tarutaru just felt right for me, and when I got into the game there was a similar feeling and handling.


Playable Next YearPlayable Next Year

 Fans expecting new information on ‘EverQuest Next’ during this year’s SOELive came away tonight with a bittersweet announcement from SOE president John Smedley.

During tonight’s SOELive keynote address, Smedley explained that everything we’ve seen on EverQuest Next thus far has been scrapped and the game is in the process of being reworked. Given the turn of events, SOE will not be showing off EverQuest Next during this year’s SOELive. However, Mr. Smedley did promise attendees that not only would EverQuest Next make an appearance at SOELive next year, it will also be playable.

Why’d SOE scrap the work done up to this point? Smedley noted that the team ultimately wasn’t happy with the game. EQ Next felt too ‘evolutionary’, more like an EverQuest 3 than what SOE was going for. According to Smed, SOE ‘changed the world’ with the launch of the original EverQuest, and they want the launch of EverQuest Next to be an equally monumental moment in the MMO genre.

To that end, Smedley promised that EverQuest Next would be the “world’s largest sandbox”, with content delivered to players in an entirely new way. The team is being lead by EverQuest staples such as Terry Michaels and Dave Georgeson and fans were assured that they are intending on remaking Norrath into something unlike anything players have seen before.


Guild Sores: The Art Nerd Is MeGuild Sores: The Art Nerd Is Me

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Disappointingly though, in reality no one can really use the power of their mind to murder Patrick Stewart, there is a distinct lack of mutated lizard men roaming around, and there aren’t too many billionaire geniuses that have a fetish for winged rodents, no, for such antics we have to look to the world of the MMORPG. Currently the genre boasts three such games, City of Heroes, Champions Online, and DC Universe Online, each with there are own merits and failures – but I’ve been thinking, just which one is better? Which title grapples and brawls its way to the front, while the rest slink behind like faithful sidekicks? There is only one way to find out, fight 

Wintersday in July RewardsWintersday in July Rewards

ArenaNet, NCsoft and the Guild Wars team take part in various industry-related events over the course of every year. But aside from industry events such as E3 and various trade shows, the Guild Wars Team is also directly involved with the fans. This section will share recent news of our fan-related events, contests, and other activities.Wintersday in July Three Week Sale Begins Today 5 July 2012
Visit the NCsoft store every week to take advantage of new sale items. Learn more about the Guild Wars Wintersday in July 2012 celebration here.
  Celebrate the Dragon Festival this Weekend 28 June 2012
Summer in Cantha brings the Dragon Festival, that annual celebration of the rebirth of the Empire of the Dragon from the devastation of the Jade Wind. Travel to Cantha and join the festivities in the Shing Jea Monastery from June 28th to July 1st. You’ll find games of chance, rollerbeetle races, holiday quests and treats, and a visit from the Emperor himself!

Explore the wonders of the Dragon Festival here!

join Our Seventh Anniversary Celebration! 23 April 2012
To celebrate the seventh anniversary of Guild Wars, we’re hosting an in-game party—and you’re invited! Two weeks full of games, sugary treats, and anniversary surprises starts at noon Pacific on April 24. Check out our anniversary page for more details!

 Experience the final chapter of Winds of Change! 9 February 2012
Battle for the fate of Cantha in the final chapter of Winds of Change, a sweeping saga that features new quests, history-making battles, and Canthan costumes! Learn more at our Winds of Change page!