The strategy to Rescue Prince Ali in Runescape

Start: in the Al Kharid and Hassan conversation with Runescape Gold
Need: seven wool ball, two Onions, ash, flour, water, red berries and a pink skirt, a piece of soft clay, a

Copper brick, three bottles of beer and about fifty gp.

In the Warrior Castle and Hassan conversation, Warrior Castle is located in Al Kharid. He said he need help, hope you can talk and Osman, he will tell you the details. Osman usually near the castle. When you talk with Osman, you will know that prince Ali was Keli lady captured, he said need to make a plan to save him.

Osman think you must stop Keli lady and she bound up, so that you can put the prince dressed up as her way out. If you want to complete the project words need: a pink skirt, a top blonde wig, and her skin of the paste. He said his daughter Leela may be able to help you, she usually located in Draynor Village near the Village, next to the wheat. Leela will tell you where to get with the props in disguise. She also says you have to get open up key to the door, and you must try to stop the guard, so that he will not stop you save the prince.


Ned and conversation, in the near Market (from Leela very nearly) an old man. Tell him you need a rope, he said sell you a 15 gp, or he can use four wool ball for you to do a.


In the dialogue asked he can also do other anything, and then tell him you need a wig. Ned can use three wool ball for you to do a. You’d better direct take seven wool ball, this rope and a wig time very well.

Wig dye

In Draynor Village Village, you can find a witch Aggie name. She knows how to do a wig dye and skin paste, asked her for the wig do some yellow dye it. She said need 2 onion and 5 gp. Rimmington north can find onion, or in the northwest Lumbridge near the windmill, also can find. After find witch can use these materials for you to do a yellow dye the.

Skin paste

Aggie request for you to do some skin paste, to change the color of the skin. She said need ash, flour, water and red berries. Red berries in the southeast of Varrock nearby. Or in the Food shop also can buy. Flour can also in Food shop to buy. Grey is burned out after the fire left. The water is kegs with water.

Tip: when you collect red berries, the way to Varrock Clothes Shop to buy a pink dress

The price of 2 gp, avoid later on a run.

Prison key

First of all, need a piece of clay, the use of water and clay make clay into soft clay. Clay in Varrock southwest, southeast has (is dig Tin and Copper place). With the soft clay to prison, the prison Draynor Village Village, located in the east side of the Market bank, and speak to Mrs. Keli.

Choose any other than that Katrine about. Ask her plan, test of she asked her whether she was sure they could not make the prince escape from prison. Ask her about the key things, then ask her can let you take a look at. You will be automatically with soft clay make a key mold.

Take this key mold and a copper brick to Osman he will do for you you a copper key, again with Leela conversation. She told you that there is a prison guard Joe is a trouble. After talking with Joe, we have learned that he likes to drink. Leela again and conversation, she thinks three bottles of beer should be drunk he. You can be in Port Sarim buy beer, or in the Barbarian Village table take.

Save the prince

Back to prison, and Joe conversation and asked him if he wanted to drink a cup of wine. 3 earthquake gave him drink down, drunk he. Then use your rope and Keli lady, and bound her, finally use keys to open the door. And ali talk that he pretended to be Keli lady escape. Go back to Hassan Al Kharid and conversation, mission accomplished.

You will get reward:

700 gp

Free by Al Kharid to Lumbridge gate (originally need 30 gp)

Three task point 

Two kinds of current tasks become RuneScape game play signs

Once they plan the task, we hope for power gamers design some stimulating and interesting story, Ogilvie said, they also put riddles mixed into tasks, encourage players to take the time to learn about the background of the task, dialogue, role and story behind the knowledge. We strongly aware people don’t want to spend time through the RuneScape form obtain RuneScape Gold, Osborne said, we encourage simplified, and readability of the dialogue, especially we have switched to do audio version of the time.

He puts out by the editors who is responsible for the control, and the panel test dialogue. Design team will be dedicated to providing players with the environment and speech. Ogilvie said, through the implementation of this strategy can improve the player’s participation, we often in the website RuneScape on the player’s feedback information, players said in their missions, quest rewards is their first concern, then I found was the role attracted. Two kinds of current tasks become MMO game play signs: kill A certain number of strange or from A to B in the transport of STH.

The limits of the activity itself to have the risk of excessive repetition, but Osborne says he believes RuneScape completely avoid this problem. We are very lucky, he said, we ten years ago made a stop this’ kill X strange to get Y awards’ task mode decision, our goal is to the rich experience and need several hours to complete the RuneScape. We ask each task have can cause we design team the characteristics of interest. Such as our new task, subversion of the traditional pattern and the player character as task publishers, not task participants. 

Grand Exchange trading center to players Runescpae

In some instances, small game and random event will break the monotony of the play, the cycle of events enrich your routine tasks and upgrade. These random event is Yes, random. They will be in your journey always appear, give you send a interesting also or difficult task, and may you have to finish it to continue your Runescpae. Thank goodness this feature is the use of plugins cheating players sweep the floor. For some people, complete these tasks and not they are interested in, especially these random event a mandatory. So maybe little game will show them that this game the game interesting sex. Most of RuneScape Gold is fun, you’ll find yourself will slowly coming unstuck. When is the next choice is to do the task or play a little game, you may be very balanced selection, which makes the game become an impressive mixture, the serious players and casual gamers are attractive.

Grand Exchange trading center to players Runescpae shows another remarkable aspects. Trading center for Runescape world created a strict monitoring market feasible stable economic environment. It is not that kind of typical auction house, you in the Grand Exchange trading center in buying and selling goods is based on market supply and demand of fair pricing. Grand Exchange trading center and other personal in view of market operation of efforts, the limit and prevent the suspicious real currency trading players to objects in use. A good example is, when the player from trading center bought an item, he had a long time to sell the goods. Although there has been much debate about before the Grand Ex.

When you are in this world adventure, you will experience a rich open world, also can experience to perfect single RPG elements, these elements can also draw the friends to enjoy. The Runescpae line will be very rich and diverse, you will be in the zombie infested the swamp chase mysterious creature, a pirate undercover, participate in the drinking contest, in order to deal with the invasion of the ghost, try a small tower prevent battle, in the darkness into the city, or lead the army against the tide of the enemy, these are players in personal story to experience the wonderful adventure. 

The Guideline of Canifis Butchers to farm money in RuneScape

The butcher shop to buy shares RuneScape players can make money in Canifis. The Canifis the Butchers shares 100 raw beef, raw chicken 30,10 raw mosue meat and 10 raw bear meat. RuneScape players can purchase, Bank of raw meat in five stroke in rats, which is very close to, or use the sixth line buy Lao Shurou plus purchase RuneScape Gold.

RuneScape players will eventually pay about 10K of meat for each range of raw chicken and raw beef at 60-70 coins. Because the demand exceeds the supply of the raw meat the way, the project is usually at or near the upper limit of the price. Therefore, RuneScape players can easily so that each member 100 or 200 coins.

Runescape players who bought the butcher’s shop of Canifis, 10K coins, you can make an extra 15K profit. Such a way to make money is most useful when you have been in the region, such as the purchase Canifis gloves shop. RuneScape players can rib of beef and other meats or hoarding sell a large amount of bulk. RuneScape players are willing to pay the extra meat, just to get more money. 

RuneScape players in the game to achieve the purpose of making money

It is a pity that the rest of the game screen game disproportionate. Role model and environment too law-abiding, very similar to gain RuneScape Gold. The online game is really there are a lot of limitations, and this is a good example. For Runescape, the quality of the game, though not so good, but the music sound really good. Map different places have different music, with echoes your mood and the culture of the place where you are. Sound with the emergence of environmental noise is very logical, for example, the sound of water near the water when, when the deciduous forest deciduous sound.

Although the game play with some delay, the screen style is somewhat outdated, but it is nonetheless a good game, the story is typical and interesting character development brilliant, and there are a lot of tasks to do. This indeed is a content-rich MMORPG game, to tell us it is how will the player in the first place. And all of these are in the confusion between your web browser. RuneScape is only a web games to squeeze into the top three, strength can be described as not underestimate the players in the game can make money is not a lie Oh, although not encouraged props trading, but it still has some the circulation of the value.

According to materials, RuneScape jagex LTD has developed a real web JAVA online game for the English version of the game, a small number of players in China, there is no Chinese version, the game client do not have to be downloaded separately, if the computer is not installed java controls, first log in to the game, will be prompted to install the java control. It is distributed in the global server 159, most of them located in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and other countries, so their biological clock is the opposite with us Oh, it claims to be the average 50W online at the same time, now Online 123,017 people, it released the figures still have some credibility. 

RuneScape ranked number seven in Yahoo top ten keywords

A Chinese large web game called Wild World is popular in North America, the name of the game RuneScape is ranked in the top ten keywords in Yahoo 07 7 Do not underestimate this fact, many times to highlight the detailsthe close game designers and players sticky stronger. Interface character design may not be optimistic, but it’s 3D design effect is very good, by the up and down arrow keys to control interested can try it, I feel very similar to the same Warcraft.

The background music has always been the players praised, the RuneScape map real-time display let that mislead you into thinking you’re playing online games, and not just a page game. RuneScape ancient medieval times, in addition to the sword fighting, and bows and arrows ranged, magic magic and with the assistance of God prayer. Players in Runescape mainly by fighting, the other as a secondary.

Runescape In addition to fighting, there are other skills, mainly used to manufacture objects, such as smithing mainly used to manufacture metal products, crafting manufacturing clothes, things of clay, jewelry, paying members version More about this side of things, mining mining and smithing close relationship, cooking cooking, used to make the food, the higher the level, the more types of food that can be manufactured. Injured in Runescape food to pay back hit point. fishing is the main source of food and cooking fish to buy RuneScape Gold before you eat, so closely related. of woodcutting logging and fire making fire is not important skills. Paying members edition woodcutting more important, because there are a lot of special tree, which is useless in the free game. 

Canadian hacker kid busted for creating Runescape malware

It’s science fair time in Canada, but one elven-year-old’s ambitious little project won’t be landing him any blue ribbons. No, his computer programming project has instead landed him in hot water with law enforcement officials. The minor — whose name can’t be released — decided to create and distribute malware that masquerades as a gold harvesting hack for the popular MMORPG Runescape.
Unsuspecting users fired up the app expecting to deposit piles of ill-gotten gold in their accounts, but that’s not what actually happened, of course. The username and password blanks never connected to the Runescape server. Instead, they forwarded the credentials to the malware’s pre-teen creator.
While his creation might have shown a bit of malicious moxie, this Canadian cyber criminal child didn’t devote enough time to covering his tracks. Authorities were able to track him down with fairly minimal effort thanks to the fact that he’d included an easily traceable email address in the application’s code. Investigators quickly pinpointed his home town and were even able to link the boy to an iPhone that had been recently purchased by his parents. He won’t be using it too much after the court hands down his probation.
It’s probably not fair to refer to this particular chap as a hacker, really, since it appears that the Runescape gold tool was little more than a hastily thrown-together .NET application that emailed data to an address that wasn’t even obfuscated. No, this is more clearly the work of an opportunist who either knew just enough to be dangerous or learned that something like this was possible on Google and figured he’d see how many greedy little Runescape fish took the bait. 

Runescape Column: Wrapping up Christmas

Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean the holiday celebration has ended… at least, not in the video game world. One thing I’ve always enjoyed about games is the effort some of them put into celebrating the holidays through events, dungeons, quests, items, etc. So, without further ado, I’d like to talk about some of the games that I feel really went out of their way to bring the holiday cheer to their community.
Once again Aion brought the holiday cheer with their Solorius event that started December 12 and goes into January 2, 2013. They’ve added in many quests that reward coins. The coins reward gear, dyes, housing items, and more. Not to mention their Black Cloud Marketplace has plenty of cool skins, weapons, home decorations, and more. Their Wheel of Fortunerk has a lot of awesome prices, including the chance to win a palance, something that seems only available through the wheel. Granted to spin the wheel and buy from the Marketplace you’ll have to spend real money in order to obtain the NCoin. Kind of the downside to this event.
Runescape’s 2012 Christmas event, “A Stray in a Manger,” took off. Players talk to the snow imp that has been put in charge of bringing holiday cheer to all the stray dogs in the world. Your task will be to find the dogs, clean them, and then find a home for them. Once you do so the rewards are plentiful. Not only do you get a stray dog of your own, but you get a Santa beard and the Gift of the Giving.
SW:TOR celebrated Life Day, a Wookiee holiday, by adding some items to their Cartel market for purchase. With this, many items were added, including a Life Day Orb that allows you to generate health and energy pool while the orb is displayed. Naturally, there are holiday decorations of sorts, a new mount, and more. There was no actual event planned, however. Something Bioware admitted to, though also stated that doesn’t mean they won’t do events in the future.
The Secret World isn’t necessarily doing a “holiday event” at the moment, but they are enjoying a mini apoc of their own with the End of Days event. All you have to do is go to the mission room to get started. Basically players complete various tasks and build points. Players in the top 1000 of points will get a special title, while the top 100 will receive a mini pet.
I’d say, at least in my own opinion, one of the games that has yet to really cease to amaze, especially in regards to events, is Guild Wars 2. Their Wintersday event has changed the world of Tyria, at least for now. They’ve added quests, dungeons, discoveries, a new jumping puzzle, and new items on the Black Lion Trading company. All of these will be available up until January 3rd of the new year. Though it didn’t seem possible to do, they’ve really outdone their Halloween event and, in my opinion at least, outdone the events of a lot of other games.I could go on and on with a list of games that have holiday events and special items available, but we know that’d take forever and would basically be an essay.
I know this is the day after Christmas and you’re likely reading this like, “Why does this matter now?” But, you see… it does matter. Many of us have been busy leading up to this holiday and have about one more week left to enjoy some of these awesomely fun events and temporarily added features. I know that I will be going back and logging into some of the games to finally see what they have to offer.
Hopefully next year other games will be stepping up to the plate to compete with the likes of GW2. 

Tutorial Island

Tutorial Island is non-optional for new accounts – every player must follow the training trail. You’ll be taught to chop down trees, prepare a fire from the logs, fish for shrimp, cook the shrimp, make dough from flour, and bread from dough. You’ll mine tin and copper, and smelt them into bronze. You’ll stab a giant rat to death, then pepper his mate with arrows. You’ll pray, and be introduced to the friend and ban menus. I tried to befriend someone called “worldeater12”. Not because I’d met him – more because anyone called World Eater 12 sounds like the kind of bloke you’d want to have on your side.

Virtually everything you do gives you experience. RuneScape’s XP and levelling system is divided into 24 boxes (with a couple, as mentioned, only available to paying members). Cut down a tree, get 25 Woodcutting XP. Cut down just under 100 trees, and you’ll be able to… cut down new kinds of tree. Fire-making is another skill, which gives you something to do with all the trees you’ve cut down. And on the fires, you can level your cooking skill by toasting the prawns you got from grinding your fishing skill. Eat cooked meats to top up your energy during combat, which boosts your Defence, Strength, HP and Attack experience. Do your enemy the dignity of burying his bones, and you’ll get prayer experience.

There are no character stats, only bonuses to your levels acquired from items, and your overall level is calculated from all your others. With nothing that’s not unlockable to any paying member, the only limitation is how much of your life you’re honestly capable of spending in this world. No classes means one character per account – it makes no sense to have more than one when it would be a needless duplication of effort. This has its own drawbacks, as I’ll discover later.

With a network of level prerequisites and codependencies between the ability and crafting skills, there’s always something that needs to catch up. This trail of tantalisingly close numbers is pure brain-filling time-sponge. It’s one thing RuneScape gets right – progress may not always be meaningful, but it’s constant. 

Runesacpe:Back in Session

You may have proven yourself in arguing your case, be that for the Prosecution or the Defence, but now you have to do some real legwork. Interviewing witnesses in the field is now a key part of building a case;for instance,how do you prove that Evil Dave is evil?Or how about finding crucial evidence at a crime scene, which could make or break your case? Would finding chicken feathers in Professor Oddenstein’s lab prove he performed illegal transmogrification tests on Ernest? In addition,we are still supply runesacpe money to player.
Not all cases are so black and white either. Do the wizards of RuneScape deserve compensation from the barbarians for an invasion that happened over a century ago? Is the sawmill operator running an illegal monopoly or is he just protecting his intellectual property rights? Cases like these have no easy answers.If you are looking for cheap Runesacpe gold or rs money,our site is your best choice.
With more challenging cases come bigger rewards, including larger amounts of Attack and Defence XP and more items from grateful clients.Also,the Court House likes to reward you for your hard work too, so, once you’ve completed 10 and all 16 cases respectively, you’ll receive a barrister’s top and a gavel to match your barrister’s wig.