The combat level calculator is complicated

Make it easier to access: Several combat options are tucked away, hard to access, or on various different interfaces, so we’re planning to bring all those options together. Give rangers and mages a fighting chance. The combat triangle can be less of a triangle and more of a pancake flat and a little out of shape – with melee dominant in training and PvP situations. Let’s put rangers and mages firmly back on that triangle. Fill the gaps in existing equipment tiers. We’ve got an opportunity with the Evolution of Combat to plug holes in the tiers of combat equipment. Magic ‘armour’ is rare, and generally caters for a small level bracket, while melee and ranger sets are missing gloves, boots, etc.

Encourage challenging fights. We’d like the most challenging, rewarding and fun creatures to also be the most efficient creatures to fight. At the moment, it can seem more efficient to train on creatures that deal little damage and go down without a fight.  Fix the relationship between Defense, life points and damage outputs. Your ability to heal damage, through food or similar mechanics, should be comparable to how much damage you receive. That’s not quite true at the moment, and we’d like to address that. Allow players’ combat levels to truly represent their ability. The combat level calculator is complicated and encourages players to not train certain skills in an attempt to create a false impression of their damage potential (pures).

Simplify the code and balancing. The game developers want to add more high-level (85+) equipment to the game, but the existing system can make this extremely difficult. Flexibility would allow us to even add more combat styles in the future. Be brave, but be traditional where possible. Game developers are a game with a proud heritage and a player base with clear expectations of the game they want to play. They don’t want to make a game that we can’t even recognise anymore. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to hear full details of what they have in store for you combat fans. I know there are several big pieces of news that will excite you all!