The orc stand silently among the Aspects

The four Dragon Aspects and Thrall had gathered at the druidic haven at the foot of Nordrassil. An ethereal representation of the Dragon Soul hovered in the air among them. It gave Alexstrasza a chill to stand there. In a way, it reminded her of the ceremony that had been conducted millennia ago to empower the artifact. Despite being an arcane facsimile summoned by Kalecgos, the weapon held power. Bathed in the pale violet light emitted by the Dragon Soul’s image, the Aspects noticed that their shadows were flickering between their current mortal forms and their true draconic bodies.

“If we are to acquire the Dragon Soul, we mussst first journey to the future I have foreseen: the end of time itself,” Nozdormu said. “By destroying the infinite dragonflight and its leader, who lord over the apocalypse, the timeways will be reopened, allowing to slip into the past and retrieve the Dragon Soul.” “How can history proceed if the artifact is suddenly plucked from the timeways?” Thrall asked. The orc had been standing silently among the Aspects. He had already done so much to help them. The Life-Binder wanted to grant him peace, but she needed him to risk his life once again for the safety of Azeroth.

“Time isss not as linear as some might think. My flight will halt the flow of history to negate the impact we make on the past. But we can hold together the integrity of the timewaysss only for so long. When our work isss done, we will return the Dragon Soul to its rightful place…” “As to the matter of its rightful place,” Kalecgos said, “there are many points in time when we could obtain the artifact. Its properties, however, were altered over the course of history. If our plan is to succeed, we must use the weapon in its purest form. Once Nozdormu has opened the timeways, we will take the Dragon Soul from the era in which it was created: the War of the Ancients.” “That leaves the wielder,” Alexstrasza said, then beckoned toward Thrall.