The players will also be the first

Q. Can you give us three points from this map which are your personal favorite, or that you think the players should not miss.I mean they are of the same importance just as the wow gold to the wow players.

A. Pandaria has many places to visit, and it is not like in the real world it is all free without spending wow gold to visit.but the heart of the Dragon is absolutely one of the most spectacular sights. This giant statue is located in the center of the map,which is built by Panda stonemason in nearly a century of diligent work. Recently, however, their jade have been run out and the mines of the north are occupied by the monsters. They are obviously in trouble now.

On the eastern coastline ,it’s Seiryuji. Here is one of the Panda Leah’s patron saint, the Qinglong Yulong’s homes. She is the spirit of wisdom, and also the symbol of spring, youth, growth and breeding. Players will have the opportunity to get her personal interview.You must be very excited to hear this news just like you suddenly hear you have got a lot of wow gold without any effort.

The emerald forest is also where the Alliance and Horde foot on the Panda Leah’s place for the first time. The Union will land in the south-west, and Search where Anduin Wrynn prince is. His present whereabouts is unknown because of the recent naval battle. But Tribes will reach the northern coast. In any case, the conflicts of the outside world has also affected the Pandaria.From the moment they land on this land, war has broke out. Except the fierce fighting they have to explore the New World.This tense situation makes the emerald forest’s status worse.

Q. Well, from the story perspective, is emerald forest a very important place?

Absolutely correct! This deep-seated tensions and hatred erupted in a relatively peaceful land for many years. Emerald forest of war will eventually affect the entire continent.

Pandaria’s first underground city – that is, I’ve mentioned before, Seiryuji, is also located here. If you have completed the task of the entire region, and you can visit this place when the situation calm down and you can interact with local residents. If the situation is toward bad direction, you have to go back and try to make up for the trauma caused by the war of the Horde and Alliance. You will learn more about Panda, and may even get some wisdom from Qinglong herself.

Emerald forest (2)

Q. What camp or racial will we interact with?

The Pandaria is inhabited by some tribes and alliances which have never seen before, including forest monkey which is of half wisdom and capable of violence. This race is not that mature, and is very noisy and rude.They will eventually form an alliance with the tribes. (Other regions also exist other tribe of apes, but they are very friendly, and will not form an alliance with anyone.)

Completely opposite with apes, Kam fish is a wise conceited amphibious creature. They are very gentle and have their own culture.Water Whisperer of them can predict the future by listening to the whisper of water, but the success rate is very low. Kam fish among the population will eventually be an alliance with the Alliance.Of course ,it’s you who to make a decision just like it’s you yourself to decide how to spend your wow gold in a game.

The players will also be the first time to meet the ancient family. This terrible, violent race looted and destroyed many areas of the emerald forest, hinted to us their nature. Emerald forest of the ancient family is actually just a small foreshadowing – they ocuppy a lot in the history of pandamen, and will also play an important role in this expansion.

Of course, we will be here to experience Pandamen. Imagine how surprised they will be when the Horde and Alliance suddenly appeared then make here in a mess.

The clouds Xianglong Knights is a Alignment and also a daily task that when players get to a level of 90 will meet.Knighthood will be sent into the wilderness to find Xianglong eggs, and then raise their whelp until they grow up.Knighthood also need to train and cultivate their clouds Xianglong, and then ride them to combat.During all this procedure you may need enough wow gold to spend for what you need. Players can also choose the dragon egg, then domesticated them, watching it grow up and eventually make them their own flying mount. When they get to exalted status in this camp they can also learn equestrian skill.Only when the players learned this flight equestrian skill can they be able to ride various clouds Xianglong.

In this area there are many things which worth looking(“MaErTai weak-minded is also in the emerald forests). I hope this article will prepare everyone for their own adventure.And I hope everyone will have enough wow gold to do what they want to do.