This is kind of a side combat skill.

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I outright dismissed this class when Diablo III was announced. I’m not into the whole Ace Ventura voodoo motif, so I was mostly turned off by the outward appearance of the class. However, having played alongside a friend of mine who mains a Witch Doctor, I’ve come to appreciate the serious variety in spell effects and functionality that the Witch Doctor brings. It’s a visually interesting class to behold and there are simply tons of options to choose from.  I’m definitely going to have to give this class a closer look.  Also, you can create a tower of zombies as a Witch Doctor. SOLD!

For those new to the PvP scene in ArenaNet’s game, Guild Wars 2 features five different sPvP maps, including Battle of Kyhlo, Forest of Niflhel, Legacy of the Foefire, Raid on the Capricorn, and Temple of the Silent Storm.  All of the scenarios are conquest-based, meaning that in addition to earning points for taking out players on the opposing team, your team will find its success by capturing, controlling and defending particular objectives on the map.  The scenarios are all also informed by Guild Wars 2′s larger fiction and narrative, and each of them incorporates secondary mechanics that mix up the action by adding new gameplay dynamics.

The newest scenario, Temple of the Silent Storm, for example, adds the ability for players to commune with different “meditation” points around the map, earning buffs like Meditation of Ferocity, Meditation of Stillness, and Meditation of Tranquility.  Meditation of Ferocity gives a +3 bonus to team points when a player earns a kill, while Meditation of Stillness makes captured objectives grant double points, and Mediation of Tranquility, only appearing once per scenario, captures all objectives simultaneously.  Like the other sPvP scenarios, Temple of the Silent Storm offers fast-paced combat with an incentive to work with your teammates to capture objectives, and the map provides for a lot of vertical spaces and nooks and crannies from which to attack or hide from opponents.

Prayer: This is kind of a side combat skill. Some people train prayer a lot, but some people out to kill in the wilderness (more about that later) will leave this level alone. Prayers such as keep one extra item if you die, and increases strength by 15% and many more can help you out when in combat. Hitpoints (HP) – Hitpoints, possible the most important of them all! You gain this through any damage dealt to your enemies through melee, magic or range. When you level up, that is one more level of health added to your stats. It is not the hardest of skills, as it only requires you to cut a tree. When you get higher levels, you can cut more trees of which their logs are worth more and are of greater value in the game.

Firemaking – This is one skill that really is a bit pointless. Mining – This is one skill that can get you a lot of money as i mentioned before. You can mine different ores, and then use these ores in smithing, or sell them. Gain levels, and you can mine better ores, and also weild better pickaxes to mine with. Smithing – This is where the ores come into use. You use this skill to smelt them into bars. Certain levels are required to smelt into certain things such as bronze, iron, steel, and all the others. Smithing is also used in making the weapons. A hammer is required though. You can make a wide range of weapons and equipment with this skill, rather than buying them. A good way to make money is your smithing level is high.

Fishing – This is one skill you should get up. You can catch a variety of fish and gain experience and levels by catching them. Cooking – This is where you cook the fish. You need a high enough cooking level to do so. Say you needed level 20 cooking to cook a salmon, you may still burn some if you try to cook a full inventory even at level 40. The good thing is, you can also cook things such as pizzas! Cakes! Pies! Stews! And many more! Maybe you’re worried about the scam thing when you buy RS Gold online. Buying from our website, the safety is guaranteed.