Though it was said in cheap wow gold

The chief game designer Tom Chilton of WOW accpeted ArenaJunkies website’s interview and talked some problems of PVP. The following is digest of the interview:

We are taking steps to balance the PvP treatment profession, especially shaman. This is to avoid players unthinkingly to walk to one direction further and further. reclassifing totem reclassified back to magic is also in one of the changes to adjust shaman to the general level.
Precepts priests and monks will gain some buff to make them up to normal level. Players will see these changes in 5.2 public test server.

In the future, players maybe allowed to mark the arena maps they don’t want to choose. It is likely to random battle scenes.
Adding tewell arena’s partial reason is for imporving random to nagrand type of map chance. At the same time it is also to change the views but not always see nagrand
Burst damage is still too high, so treatment is also too high. As long as descending the burst damage, treatment value will also follow down.
One of the goals of WOW as electronic competition is to improve the appreciation. In order to achieve this goal, blizzard tries hard to provide convenience for the plugin author, so that they can more easily produce good game user interface.
Dota types of battlefield is temporarily retained, which is waiting for the useage of new technology.

In matching players, MMR is very successful. But it is diffulcut to prevent systems’ hole, while keeping the system for all levels of players balance. Blizzard will continue to pay attention to leak and take appropriate measures.
At first, WOW didn’t want to become a strong appreciation and balance the fine electronic athletics project, so the improvements are limited. Though it was said in this way, blizzard still wants to make continuous improvement.
When Tom was asked about arena balance, he replied, burst damage is too high, not burst damage is too low, different treatment, there are certain differences. Shaman and paladins are good, druids are fine, priests and monks are a little low. In addition offensive prompt group control skills also need to be adjusted.

Blizzard likes the players who like to join matches and they are assessing what channels and ways players can get throught to 勇士队的照顾和喂养其他型号的坦克rovide support to game development.