To witness and compete Runescape premier sporting event

Players can now pair up into Slayer duos, and can join up if they’re on the same task already, or start new tasks together. Any kills you make when you’re together count towards each other’s kill counts (XP isn’t shared, though), making it quicker to get through those assignments you hate, and more fun going through the ones you like. Players who complete tasks together will earn points to spend in their local Slayer master’s shop, with awesome rewards to buy, such as shared potion effects and awesome new pets. While we celebrated our 10-year anniversary last year, we’ve only just been able to award our players with this brand new, fantastic cape.

Now, you can celebrate your own anniversary too! Much like the 5 year veteran cape, you’ll be able to buy it from Hans (outsideLumbridgeCastle), but – obviously – only if your character was created 10 years ago. After listening to the feedback on the forums, red is out and deep red is in and boy, does it look good! The themes from the veteran cape continue on with all things “X” but you’ll just have to wait and see what the 10-year celebratory emote is. This summer, the denizens of RuneScape will come together to witness and compete in RuneScape’s premier sporting event: The Gielinor Games. Humans, gnomes, werewolves, goblins, elves and monkeys will be showing off their athletic skills in a variety of suitably Runescape sports.

Before the games can begin, though, they need your help to build the stadiums, make the medals, and cook up a tasty storm to sell to the visiting dignitaries using a host of multi-cultural ingredients. With a large workshop set up in the centre of Varrock (run by a friendly gnome called Oomad Arrow), helping out will be easy and rewarding, with some generous XP for each of the areas you assist with. Even better, you’ll be able to earn points to spend when the Gielinor Games themselves begin! This pre-release event will only last for a few weeks, to be replaced with the Gielinor Games themselves. If you want to earn all you can from the games, make sure you get involved!