When kyle SARS and wow power leveling

When kyle SARS and his troops rushed into the storm fortress, the naaru fleet has arrived at the vanity storm. Force User MoDao division alastor · blood to the MuLu oath in prison. He finally found a girl earl leah DE Lin get blood knights of the force method. As they would like to think, they against it will enslave the light, but did not change their beliefs.

The creation of the blood knights are slow rest silvermoon city one of the most important part. The city has just returned to the front half of the style. Arthas takes scourge forces trace of RCC still remain, and the city is divided into two and a half. Creating blood knight is an important part of training silvermoon city. Until now, the city is only recovered half look.

3. patience and proficient

it is still that word, proficient trends to physical BOSS and patience trends to mage BOSS. If you are not the kind of player who chaning equipment after seeing BOSS or open up wasteland on purpose, it is enough that only changing ornaments. I suggest it is better not recast. Try to use gem to  adjust, otherwise it will bring some little troubles just for chaning ornaments.

4. withstand and dodging

For reducing and only to physical attack effective, so the two properties have low income comparing with the former properties. But as for recasting revenge CD will bringwith fury acquisition.

Withstand’s value is over dodging, two reasons: one reason is that dodging’s reducing is faster than withstand(only for warrior T). it is also the main reason. Another reason is that some special efficiencies such as ornaments and engineering gloves, etc, which most part of value is dodging.

All above is my personal comprehension. I must emphasize it is common ranking of mine for warrior T.