Wintersday in July RewardsWintersday in July Rewards

ArenaNet, NCsoft and the Guild Wars team take part in various industry-related events over the course of every year. But aside from industry events such as E3 and various trade shows, the Guild Wars Team is also directly involved with the fans. This section will share recent news of our fan-related events, contests, and other activities.Wintersday in July Three Week Sale Begins Today 5 July 2012
Visit the NCsoft store every week to take advantage of new sale items. Learn more about the Guild Wars Wintersday in July 2012 celebration here.
  Celebrate the Dragon Festival this Weekend 28 June 2012
Summer in Cantha brings the Dragon Festival, that annual celebration of the rebirth of the Empire of the Dragon from the devastation of the Jade Wind. Travel to Cantha and join the festivities in the Shing Jea Monastery from June 28th to July 1st. You’ll find games of chance, rollerbeetle races, holiday quests and treats, and a visit from the Emperor himself!

Explore the wonders of the Dragon Festival here!

join Our Seventh Anniversary Celebration! 23 April 2012
To celebrate the seventh anniversary of Guild Wars, we’re hosting an in-game party—and you’re invited! Two weeks full of games, sugary treats, and anniversary surprises starts at noon Pacific on April 24. Check out our anniversary page for more details!

 Experience the final chapter of Winds of Change! 9 February 2012
Battle for the fate of Cantha in the final chapter of Winds of Change, a sweeping saga that features new quests, history-making battles, and Canthan costumes! Learn more at our Winds of Change page!