10 Years of RVR10 Years of RVR


it’s hard to believe but Dark Age of Camelot is celebrating its tenth anniversary. MMORPG.com’s Lori May is taking a look at the recent anniversary events going on and all the changes that have been implemented over the years in DAoC. See what Lori has to say and then leave us your thoughts and memories about DAoC in the comments.

While I wish I could report that DAoC no longer suffers from some pretty obscene class imbalances, bug issues and latency problems, that simply isn’t the case—though it does seem like the game team is still at least somewhat dedicated to keeping updates moving forward. Still, it’s obvious DAoC isn’t likely to see another expansion, so progress towards fixing such problems has been slow going at best over the last few years. Patch 1.110 from late October offered class balance changes for all three realms, and an alteration of some sort for almost every class. These changes ranged from minor tweaks to combat styles and recast timers, to the new edition of debuffs, self-buffs, pulsing charms and group heals to various classes. 

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