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Craft of Gods, developed by the independent studio Cyberdemons and published by the Italian company Kalicanthus Entertainment, has the distinction of being the world’s first Slavic mythology-themed MMORPG. Now, that right there can probably set the tone for the rest of the article. CoG is not a game looking to burn down the successful juggernauts already commanding the market, but instead it is a game that hopes to provide a unique take on some of the genre’s standards and provide an engrossing PvE and PvP experience on a smaller budget than that of the industry’s larger titans. And while there are certainly some kinks that need to be worked out, and some archaic systems that could use updating, Craft of Gods seems to be offering quite a few things that today’s players are asking for. The problem is that Craft of Gods may have trouble convincing many of today’s players to fork over their cash unless a healthy dose of polish is added in the coming weeks.

Let’s get the least important factor out of the way first. Craft of Gods suffers from some seriously dated-looking visuals. The animations on characters seem to be well done enough, but the models and textures themselves are little more than a tribute or representation of a slightly more advanced Asheron’s Call. I know it’s a small quibble compared to the gameplay for many folks, but as a matter of taste I prefer that my 2010 games look like 2010 games. This was the first hurdle I had to get over during my initial play-through of the game’s beginning stages. But it wouldn’t be the last.



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