Mass Effect: The MMORPG?Mass Effect: The MMORPG? writer Bill Murphy muses about the idea of a Bioware MMO built off of one of the studio’s own unique franchises, Mass Effect.

BioWare has been a company known for its role-playing fare for nearly two decades now. There are precious few developers more revered for their ability to craft a rich and compelling game-world that players love to visit time and time again. From the Baldur’s Gate series on, BioWare has become so well known for their role-playing experiences that in recent times players have been wondering when they’re going to do something different than their usual epic tales in the choose your own adventure vein.

With the exception of their first foray into handheld gaming (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood), BioWare has made nothing but single-player console and PC role-playing experiences since 2000. The critically acclaimed MDK2 was the last time the Canadian powerhouse delved into a different genre. Surely they’ve combined several types of gameplay in some of their offerings. The recently released Mass Effect 2 is more a third-person shooter with role-playing trappings than its prequel was, playing very much like Gears of War with its heavy reliance on cover mechanics.



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