diablo 3 control improvementdiablo 3 control improvement


The issue of a “force movement” key came up months ago, as fans noted the difficulty of moving around on crowded screens without accidentally clicking an enemy and stopping to

shoot, rather than running to a location. At the time Bashiok said the devs liked the idea enough to implement it, and now he’s confirmed that such a feature is in the game.

Instead, or in addition to this, I think they need an alternative to putting a skill on the LMB. (Easiest fix would be to add an optional hotkey instead of LMB.) I saw numerous

complaints about the current UI in beta first reactions threads, and many fans singled out the way D3 forces you to stick a skill on the left click as a major flaw in the

controls. Left click skills are generally fine for melee attackers, but for the WD, Wiz, and DH, who almost always have a ranged skill on their LMB, it’s a terrible control

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In other control news, players have long-noted that clicking repeatedly will give you faster attacks than holding down the mouse button. This has been widely-assumed to be a

bug, though it’s been fun to make jokes that a Diablo title should always reward the player for excessive clicking. Bashiok replied to a tweet about it, confirming that it’s a

bug on the fix it list 

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