Is There a Place for Pay to Win?Is There a Place for Pay to Win?

Revenue generation in free to play games is a critical component of a game’s overall success. But what is the best way to achieve that? Find out in The Free Zone and then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

In reality, what we have is a situation where F2P designers have to decide on another aspect of game balance. What degree of advantage will they provide through how much spending in the item shop? This is a question without a universal answer. Do they want to focus on achieving a higher percentage of paying users or on attracting whales? These two things aren’t mutually exclusive, but when we look at the bottom line, 100,000 users spending an average of $5 per month generate the same revenue as 10,000 paying $50.Doing buiness with illegal site might get your account banned. Now you can skip all these hazards and place your order from here. A ton of Safe WoW Gold is ready for you.
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