The Jotun ProfiledThe Jotun Profiled

The latest profile of some of the other sentient races in Guild Wars 2 is now live on the official site. This time the giant-like beings called the jotun are the subject of the article.We have more than 5 years of experience and can easily pass that on to our customers.We provide the cheapest Guild Wars 2 gold all the servers and the first class service to our loyal and reliable customers. We have available stock of Guild Wars 2 gold on most of the servers, so that we can do a really instant way of delivery. We understand what our buyers need so we offer an instant way of delivery

The blog posts lays out the details on the jotun’s recent history, society and religion. In addition, the development team gives some “Behind the Scenes” information about the jotun, about their tragic history and making them more than “just the bad guys with big clubs”. For Guild Wars 2, they have been gifted more intelligence, more society and history than they were originally given in Guild Wars.

Check out the concept art:


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