Today’s Extended MaintenanceToday’s Extended Maintenance


In preparation for TERA‘s launch tomorrow, we scheduled maintenance from midnight Sunday until 7:00 AM Pacific on Monday morning. This maintenance was needed so we could move from running the service as a beta to the official release for new retail users and all the avid TERA fans who pre-ordered. Unfortunately, we ran into unforeseen issues with rolling out subscription management and were forced to extend the maintenance window much, much longer than any of us wanted.If you are still finding a legit tera Gold Seller which can offer you Cheap tera Gold. You really need to check our company. Buy tera Gold from here can save your money a big time, as well as give you a chance to win Free tera Gold.

The number one priority for En Masse Entertainment is to provide great service and a great gaming experience for everyone who purchases TERA. The most important objective is to get TERA up and running for everyone who purchased the game and to return you to enjoying the TERA gaming experience. We worked on this and you should be able to play the game now. This will include new support for server transfers to address the long queues for some of the more popular PvP servers.

While we continue to work on the remaining maintenance issues, we decided that what’s most important is getting the TERA community back into TERA. Please excuse the construction delay and enjoy playing TERA. 

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