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During a recent visit to EA’s Redwood Shores studio for Star Wars: The Old Republic “Immersion Day”, Community Manager Mike Bitton had the opportunity to sit down with Lead Writer Daniel Erickson to chat about the Imperial Agent. It’s a great interview that delves into the “meat and potatoes” of the Imperial Agent. Be sure to leave us a comment or two.Our team provide professional swtror gold, Power Leveling service and services for many other online games .It’s not wrong to choose us to buy wow gold. we would do our best to help you enjoy your game,our company  is the professional and efficient which leading MMORPG service company. We has been engaged in online game virtual items exchange for 6 years and has gained a lot of experiences Without too many spoilers, can you give us a basic overview of what the Imperial Agent’s story is about?


Daniel Erickson: The Imperial Agent really plays a sort of combination of CIA/KGB role. Spends a lot of time undercover, spends a lot of time trying to hunt down internal enemies and external enemies. Really is the jack-of-all-trades, goes where the job brings him. The Imperial Agent is probably the person who learns the most truth throughout the game story about what’s actually happening in the galaxy, what the Sith are actually trying to do, what the conflicts are about, etc. And ends up very often having to choose between the will of the government and what he thinks might be the best thing for The Empire or its people.




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