The Reshaping of WorldsThe Reshaping of Worlds

In his latest column, Bill Murphy begins a discussion of Blizzard’s overhaul of World of Warcraft with the Cataclysm expansion. They didn’t -have- to do it, but they did. Using WoW as an example that all MMOs should follow, Bill dreams of the day when things in our MMO haunts don’t always remain the same. Check out his thoughts and then add some of your own below.our prestigious company will fullfill any diablo 3 gold transaction with fast delivery,any fraudulent misrepresensation or fake statement will exterminated from our company,any customer who purchase D3 gold will obtain extra 5%-10% gold as the remuneration for frequently purchase

I’ve been checking in on the changes to World of Warcraft made by the 4.0.3 patch. I’m still not one hundred percent sold on Cataclysm being worth my personal purchase, but I know I’ll cave and try it eventually. What’s good enough for now however is this entire re-shaping of the world that’s happened. Azeroth in MMO form is now six years old. I know there was really no reason Blizzard should have felt pressured to change anything about their virtual world. When you’ve got so many millions of subscribing players, it’s probably a risky move to pull the rug out from under them and change a lot of what they’ve come to know and love. But as far as virtual worlds go, isn’t it more feasible that they should change?



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