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Diablo 3 items are generated randomly from dozens of attributes. This makes nearly every single item unique, and it means that no item is absolutely perfect, and thus you are never done perfecting your hero’s weaponry and armor. Many players stick to the basics (Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, and Dexterity) and continue to build those attributes higher and higher with every improvement to their weapons and armor. Although this is certainly a viable method to strengthen your Diablo 3 powerleveling character, there are a few commonly-overlooked item attributes that can benefit any Diablo 3 class more than just a few more hit points or a little more hitting power.

This attribute is found almost exclusively on boots (although it’s present on several legendary and set item rings and necklaces). While it doesn’t boost your health, enhance your damage, or affect your spells directly, it can make a big difference for casual and hardcore players alike. Running up to 12% faster can help you level a character more quickly, escape a dangerous foe, or dodge Diablo’s lightning breath much more easily. The entire game is movement based, which makes it surprising that many players will trade away 12% extra running speed for a few more points in attributes that they already have in large amounts. You might even want to make some sacrifices to get it; once you put on pair of fleet-footed shoes, it’s very hard to take them off.

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