A brief but complete leveling guide

Quality time with your less geeky acquaintances will mitigate the impact of a long absence, and it may help smooth over those mid-May or late-May invitations that you know you are going to turn down for completely fabricated reasons. The best part about hanging out with your non-nerdy counterparts is that you can’t really go off on a long tangent about Diablo 3 class imbalances, itemization, favorite spells, or any other facet of Diablo 3; nobody will have the slightest clue what you’re talking about. This can help get the game off your brain for the next seven days. Instead of trying to sell you a largely speculative leveling guide (without having ever ventured past level 13), here’s a brief but complete leveling guide that’s free, succinct, and applicable to all classes.

To give you full discretion, I’ve played every class, I’ve played none of them past level 13, and I haven’t played the absolute final release of the game. I bet most of you have about the same experience level after playing the Diablo 3 beta. I won’t waste your money, and I don’t want to waste your time either, so my leveling guide is trimmed down to less than 900 words. I hope you like it, and I’d love to add some of your own ideas. Doubling back for a few scattered, half-dead enemies or un-busted barrels are likely not worth the time if leveling is your main purpose. Similarly, ignoring entire wings of dungeons isn’t a good idea for fast levelers either.

Another commonly underestimated item statistic is the attribute that awards bonus experience to each monster kill. Again, this isn’t as flashy as enhanced damage, but it might meet the same long-term goal (leveling up) much more efficiently. These items may not be worth wearing on difficult boss fights (where you may get the experience bonus as little as once), but for the majority of game play — where you are mowing through countless crowds of enemies — this stat can serve you cheap Diablo 3 gold very well. 

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