Datamined Patch Changes (Unofficial)Datamined Patch Changes (Unofficial)

Reminder: The changes on this list were datamined and written out by a D3DB administrator. They are NOT the official patch notes! They don’t include server-side changes like the Inferno difficulty retooling, repair cost increases, drop rates  or anything else that can’t be analysed from the game client.

Blizzard promised patch 1.0.3 would be landing later in the month in the design preview, but it looks like it could be landing as early as this coming week as the patch build is up on their servers. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some unofficial patch notes based on what we’ve been able to datamine. Please note that while these changes are in an official patch on the Blizzard servers, the patch has not been distributed yet so things could be delayed or changed before they’re ready to launch the patch.

We’re holding off on updating the database to patch 1.0.3 as we’re waiting on some key data that will only be available when the patch arrives. This post will be updated if/when additional information is uncovered.
Unofficial Patch Changes 

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