skilling competition made up of different challenges

We’ve put together a skilling competition made up of different challenges to find the best skillers out there and we would like to invite you to take part! It was really hard to pick one winner, so this month, 1st place is shared by Doqtor Who for “Another Kill for Thunderous” and Syb2 (who won for the second time in a row!) for “Dungeoneering”. If we cant deliver or just you dont want the order anymore before we start the delivery , you can contact our live help or email us to ask the runescape gold refund.

Exposure – For so many of us Runescapers we dream of being as well known as Zezima, but unfortunately we have time constraints that restrict us from achieving the dream of 99 in every skill. In RuneScape, Zamorak’s Fortress is a place you need to pass, and there you can get runescape gold through killing monsters. Let’s know more about it. Sometimes our departments can get full and it may take longer for your order to start. You can be assured that once free workers are available, we will start on your runescape gold order.

There comes a time where you get better at cooking and are less likely to burn them, depending on what the food is and what level is required to cook them in the first place. Varrock: This has to be the main place, as it has the most shops and also the castle. There is a lot to do here, especially if you have runescape gold money to spend. A pure is generally someone who has a player that is high in a level like attack strength range or mage, and is based around the idea of being about surely one skill thus the name pures.



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