Diablo 3 Monk Leveling Guide

This Monk in Diablo 3 powerleveling Guide is dedicated to beginners who want to improve their leveling speed. If you are feeling why you are doing less damage, or why are you having hard time killing monsters this Diablo 3 Monk leveling guide has some tips for you. The first and basic tip is how to use Combos. You don’t really have to do anything as every third hit with a Primary skill is a combo attack by default. If you are in battle with three or more enemies, switch enemies at every hit. The third will be a combo hit dealing additional damage to all enemies. Overall this gives you much better DPS compared to killing enemies one by one.

Monk Leveling Guide – Mantras: Mantras are easy to use and they are more like passive once you activate them. But a lot of players do not keep a check on their Mantras and fail to activate them on time. So always keep an eye on your Mantras. Also depending on what Mantra you are using you would be able to take more risks and engage in more difficult battles. Monk Leveling Guide – Tanking: Monk is a very good tank, especially with Mantras like Healing, Retribution and Evasion and few defensive skills like Inner Sanctuary and Serenity.

Monk Leveling Guide – Mobs and Crowd Control: Using skills in order is extremely important. For example when you see an average size mob of let’s say 5-8 monsters, start with tough/big monsters first. They explode and deal damage to all other monsters around them. Next aim for ranged enemies as you will be taking a lot of damage from them. More over moving around helps you dodge melee damage as well. Use Dashing Strike or other class gap skills to take out ranged enemies. Finally if the mob of is rather bigger one then engage with Blinding Flash (but only when they are in melee range so that you deal combo damage every third hit). 

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