Choosing the color-scheme of your avatar

Like any sandbox worth its beach-based resource, RuneScape is a game without classes and to follow this, character creation is nothing more than choosing the color-scheme of your avatar and deciding which beard would best suite your features. Only when in the game do players begin to sculpt and mould exactly what their path will be and this is done in the form of the 25 skills that are on offer, of which some are excluded to the members-only side of things. Of course I have already mentioned my love of the cooking skill, but within this browser-based title are a dozen or so choices that will sap your attention for some time.

One of the more interesting elements is that players can mine for ore, and further craft themselves a set of armor fit for early exploits in the wilds; and this can all be done before even thinking about being involved in any kind of combat. It is this kind of approach that really endears RuneScape in that you do not have to be the all conquering warrior/mage but instead an industrious civilian. And to further the aforementioned role of the pacifist crafter, trading also plays a big part in proceedings while not essentially being a skill onto itself. A broker house is available in the game by the name of the “Grand Exchange” and interestingly rather than being more WoW-like it shares similar traits with Eve Online’s system of supply and demand.

Being a lowly miner, players can offer their copper ore for a guided price and then put their goods on the market; and this is either bought by those with buy orders in place already or by waiting a few hours until someone comes along to purchase. While we have seen trading in games before such as this, there is a real sense of player-driven commodities that never falls behind to a top-heavy community or players underselling each other. And the Grand Exchange isn’t the only place where  bartering occurs, as it is not uncommon to find a crowd of players in the centre of any town pimping their wares to anyone not wanting to take the trip to the bigger cities.


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