The Crucible is riddled with eerily glowing fissures

Members with a combat level of 60 or higher can now enter the Crucible and enjoy RuneScape’s most brutal, gut-wrenchingly tense and potentially rewarding PvP combat, just north-east of Edgeville. Come ready to fight and prepared to die, and only bring items you can afford to have stripped from your ruined corpse! After paying a bounty fee based on your combat level and the value of your armaments, you’ll enter the arena. This fee is paid to your opponent if you turn tail and flee from the Crucible, so be sure you’re ready to rumble before you set foot inside. Once within the instanced arena, which will be filled with players from across the many RuneScape worlds, you and another player, with equivalent combat skill levels, will be assigned to one another as targets.

From then on, you’ll need to seek out your target and engage in combat against them, until one of you is dead or leaves the arena. It’s only possible to fight your designated target; succeed, and you’ll be able to loot any equipment and inventory contents borne by your defeated foe (protect prayers and curses cannot be used within the Crucible), so your hard-fought victories will always be well rewarded! The Crucible is riddled with eerily glowing fissures that can transport you around the arena, and also grant invulnerability for a few seconds after you move between them. Use these to set up an ambush, or to beat a tactical retreat.

You’ll earn points for every target slain and, periodically, the highest ranked players may be named supreme champions of the Crucible. For two and a half minutes, targets will be unassigned, no-one will lose their items upon death, and a special brand of blood-soaked mayhem will ensue. It’s the time of the supreme champions! nyone with the supreme champion title gets two minutes of invincibility and three unique, powerful weapons – one for each combat type, and each with its own special attack and function. After those two minutes, the invincibility will wear off and the other players in the arena will have 30 seconds to wreak vengeance and to loot the supreme champions’ special weapons and make use of them before they disappear.


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