Wonder your departure was an act of cowardice

Velen appraised Nobundo with his crystal blue eyes. Nobundo protested, “They will not listen to me! I do not think this was a good idea.” Velen’s lip curved upward on one side. He wore that same expression that made Nobundo feel as if the Prophet was aware of so many things beyond Nobundo’s understanding. “After all you have been through, all you have overcome, are you really willing to give up now?” “I cannot get them to see me as anything more than Krokul, despite what I may have to teach.”That is what the elements said, Nobundo thought. As a result of their previous conversations, Nobundo had learned not to try and guess at what the Prophet was thinking, so he stayed silent and waited.

Velen continued, “I hear the screams in your mind: the women of Shattrath. I am aware of your heart’s burden. You have questioned whether or not your departure was an act of cowardice.” Nobundo nodded, suddenly overcome with emotion. “A part of you knew even then that it was imperative for you to survive, to embrace your greater destiny. And throughout so many trials from that day on, never once did you give up. That is why I chose you. Why the elements have chosen you. Our people call you Krokul, Broken, but I believe you may present us with our greatest hope.” Velen extended a gentle hand to Nobundo’s shoulder.

Part of him had known, but in all that had happened since then, that part of him had gotten hopelessly lost. Nobundo let out a deep sigh, and somehow he knew right then that when he lay down to sleep that evening, the nightmare would not be waiting for him. He felt a sense of joy from the elements, as if they were… proud. Velen smiled. “Now, for the good of all of us, go. Go and embrace your destiny.” Nobundo returned to the landing. The gathered draenei were conversing among themselves, paying no heed to the frail figure above. He raised his staff. Clouds gathered from a clear blue sky, casting a dark shadow onto the settlement. The draenei stopped their conversations. 

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